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  1. I just binged watched this in 2 days. From Chapter One (s1e1) to The Final Chapter (s4e13) I watched this in order too, and kept on watching. I randomly caught an episode from season 2 on TV one night, and... I didn't even catch it from the beginning. I thought 'Cool!' 'That's Becker!' (I didn't even watch Cheers or know that Becker like Fraiser was another spin off, to me, Becker was just Becker, and I recognised him from that, so I was like 'that's Becker' from Becker). ... I then went to Wikipedia to try and find what I just watched, and turns out, I got it all wrong, and it wasn't even remotely what I thought it was; It wasn't some future show; but I still made a note to watch this, because despite missing the point and the plot, I still liked what I saw. Then a year later, I saw it being promoted on TV, knew more what it really was meant to be 'instead of some future show' so I set TiVo to record it /this week, I saw it recorded an episode s3e1; I liked it; thought the main characters outside of 'Becker' were just a story line for that episode; then I went to YouTube, saw a trailer for Season 1, recognised all the characters from s3e1, and was like 'hmmm, I didn't realise they were main characters'... So I binged watched this. I didn't see any of the twists and turns and coming and was like 'whaat???' when they happened and I recognised a lot of cast members all the way from other films and TV shows I've enjoyed too. Anyone else watch this show? It's well written and good.
  2. Madagascar by Guns N' Roses
  3. Oregon's on my bucket list. I want to see Oregon one day. Tbh, I was thinking Springfield near Eugene (get that The Simpsons need out of my system, maybe go camping on a Big Foot hunt)... But I'd see Portland too if I spent time in Oregon, check out Portland and everything.
  4. I'm from England, but I've been to New Jersey once or twice (maybe 3 or 4 times), lost count. What part of NJ are you?
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