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  1. blanket cover
  2. sideboard
  3. cinnamon's doggy cake
  4. This just made my day... It's not even 9 am yet.
  5. In my country, coming in second in the Summer Olympics medal table was like coming first, in 2016.
  6. Leonard
  7. ceiling panel
  8. Ninja costume
  9. I'm skipping J and going straight to K why should I have to wait for someone to say Jumper or Jacket or something. Kilt
  10. J. C. Penney; US department store often seen in American malls.
  11. give
  12. Indeed, this popular show is still aired on Comedy Central in England even to this day. Classic, this show was really big and I do like this show.
  13. My Hero... My Hero was a British sitcom about an alien superhero and his Earth wife.
  14. Denmark Street, London Borough of Camden, borders The City of Westminster & Soho off Charing Cross Road; It's also UK's Tin Pan Alley where neat guitars are found.
  15. blaze