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    I'm a guitar guy, but I also like to run.
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    I'm from City of Westminster to South London from Soho to the back streets of Thornton Heath. Off Brigstock Road.

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    The Staircase Implementation

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  1. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Ties

    structure of
  2. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The Never Ending Story

    "all." "Now do"
  3. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  4. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  5. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

    I don't want to be an enabler I don't want to be an oppressor Do what you feel is right (temptation on the table). You're your own person I'd just do whatever you'd do Because I couldn't give a '' Right now But it's not about me It's about you Do you want to do it? Post 43, 241
  6. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The In My Pants Game

    Got my P2K in my pants.
  7. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Yuck or Yum?

    Yuck Rita's Water Ice
  8. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Yuck or Yum?

    Yum Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia (the real one).
  9. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Yuck or Yum?

    Yum Fish (battered fried cod fish) & Chips served wrapped in paper.
  10. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  11. ShelledInCoopedUp

    A-Z: Household Items

    vacuum cleaner
  12. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  13. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Last Letter Game

    Ed, Edd n Eddy
  14. ShelledInCoopedUp

    A-Z: TV Shows

    Fresh Off The Boat
  15. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution


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