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    I'm a guitar guy, but I also like to run.
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    I'm from City of Westminster to South London from Soho to the back streets of Thornton Heath. Off Brigstock Road.

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    The Staircase Implementation

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  1. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The Never Ending Story

    looks cool anymore.
  2. ShelledInCoopedUp

    A-Z Of Sports

  3. ShelledInCoopedUp

    A-Z Of Sports

    Zero G Football (some fictional sport from Red Dwarf).
  4. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  5. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The Never Ending Story

    Stuart looks puzzled
  6. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Ties

    away from
  7. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  8. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The Never Ending Story

    redesign the old
  9. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Stan Against Evil

    This show's set in NH but filmed in GA and what gave it away for me was the soil in the show. I've now seen all released episodes, Seasons 1 & 2. I liked it.... It's almost like Are You Afraid Of The Dark? but American and for adults.
  10. penicillin for all of us and stocks of it if we need it.
  11. ShelledInCoopedUp

    The Never Ending Story

    how about a
  12. ShelledInCoopedUp

    A-Z: Household Items

    toilet brush
  13. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Evolution

  14. ShelledInCoopedUp

    Word Ties

    work hard
  15. night vision goggles, for everybody just encase street lights and civilisation becomes a thing of the past and we want to move around at night hunting or fishing or whatever.