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    I'm a guitar guy, but I also like to run.
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    I'm from City of Westminster to South London from Soho to the back streets of Thornton Heath. Off Brigstock Road.

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  1. You don't need pants for a victory dance Because last poster's better than poster before last Last poster big star of time wasting thread You are loser Last poster reigns king in his mind He's just as good as the winnering kind But round every corner he's likely to find You are loser
  2. This comedian on TV on the Russell Howard stand up show in Camden said 'I want to be just rich enough where I don't think the price of batteries are too much'... I dare say comedy to me anyway is honesty; when you put two and two together, a natural reaction is to laugh; so stating an observation is pretty good; makes ya think; is funny, because it's true.
  3. Winner winner, last person posting right here dinner.
  4. I'm reading Catcher In The Rye in my pants.
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