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    I'm a guitar guy, but I also like to run.
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    I'm from City of Westminster to South London from Soho to the back streets of Thornton Heath. Off Brigstock Road.

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    The Staircase Implementation

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  1. 2022. I just thought it would be a funny joke that if the first post in this section in 2022 was in February, and all it said was 2022. ... Sounded funnier in my head.
  2. Oh cr*p... I just replied to the above and it thanked me for my report.... Whooops!.. Wrong button. Inserted by Tensor: Ok, here is the intended post: I'm ready, haven't breathed so good in years; this sucker opened up airways better than any cough drop ever could come close to achieving and without overpowering them with any flavours since it's shot into the arm instead of taken directing it the resportat system, best decongestant I ever had.
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