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  1. Like Yoda said "not is!" *worse Yoda impression, ever!
  2. Just that 1 scene in the bottling factory as that song is playing of the same name. The Grand Tour - motoring show on Amazon Prime
  3. When it is it is and is too but for now I'm afraid - is not.
  4. Sea salt With this sea salt we can; * mix rudimentary saline solutions to wash out any wounds. * melt any ice to save from accidents in roads and walk ways should they ever ice over. * season our food with/supply our body with sodium
  5. Christmas crackers (UK thing) We put a tiny explosive (very small amount of explosive), a naff/corny/terrible joke, a gift (reflecting the cost of the Christmas crackers which always come in multi packs, posh crackers, posh gift, cheap crackers, cheap gift), a paper hat like a paper crown as seen in The Who's Tommy (1975) and shove it all into an old loo roll/bog roll/toilet paper roll. We then wrap the whole thing up so it looks like a gift. It's a game of sorts; You're meant to pull your Christmas cracker with somebody else and whoever ends up with most of the Chr
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