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  1. I think you'd find we're at F, so I'm gonna count posts Aug 7th - now as J - G... Freddie Mercury
  2. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Advertising_slogans "It's finger lickin' good" KFC
  3. For Starters... (There will be many places I'd want all over London and the world, as well as many things for them and for the place I already call home I'd wish to retain, so without further ado, what I'd buy right now if money wasn't an object)... 1253 D Street, Springfield, OR 97477 https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1253-D-St-Springfield-OR-97477/48390180_zpid/? Why? Because 1234 C Street, Springfield, OR 97477 that I had my heart on sold last June, and this was the only other property on the market in a very small area I want to have a holiday home in. This property on the market however, is twice the price and twice the size (if not more) but it's close enough and I'd take it knowing everything I want to be within walking distance would still be in walking distance if I had this place, but not without some changes, I'm not too crazy with how a lot of the insides are decorated, if I'm honest, and this house would require more changes then I ever would have had to do with 1234 C Street (*weeps, perfect address too, was so perfect)... This 1253 D Street, money being no object and all, I could turn this house into the house from Sister, Sister maybe. to look like this maybe? (Only because the shape of this house in Oregon is reminding me of American TV shows, so I figure why not draw inspiration from this)? Or, for my own amusement, Keep that green/blue carpet I saw in some of those pics (only because), paint the walls pink, the house orange and the doors brown and have my The Simpsons house in Springfield, but I could get sick of those colours fairly quickly. This bigger house has this cool looking room that I'd have decorated to look more like this, so I'd hire a bunch of plasterers and carpenters and get some Tiffany lights in there. Also has a blatant man cave; ... reinforce the floor to cope with the new features and turn this man cave a spa bar with a big screen TV on the wall (with a waterproof remote). and keep that kitchen for snacks and cold drinks, but install this beer tap at that sink seen below where my spa would be, also I'd lose that old timey looking phone. Now this driveway can go to Hell... reminds me too much of so I'd want this fancy new modern driveway for this house and get every permit I needed to make this happen. The car in the fancy driveway will be a lime green muscle car, that's all I know, also, I like the look of this 2021 Lime Green Dodge Demon, so, this (I like the results of this in the above video, so I'd do exactly what this video does for that 2021 Lime Green Dodge Demon) This 2021 Dodge Demon will be the car I'd drive for fun with at this house in Springfield, but I'd also go for another car to make my shopping cart/drive thru errand runner, something big, but cool looking... I'd get this; 1988 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon in original paint will be my shopping cart/drive thru errand runner. I'd have this 1988 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon with original paint and that 2021 Lime Green Dodge Demon and register them both to me at that 1253 D Street, Springfield, OR 97477 address sporting Oregon license plates with tags up to date and everything. I'd keep these cars maintained / hire someone to come over and do this in my absence; money being no object scenario and whatnot... Maybe get the 1988 Oregon base plates for the '88 station wagon, IDK, could I do that in Oregon if I wanted to? Have that be my classic car and have plates correct to the time period? If not, current plates I guess, even though the car might stick out for being newly registered there, IDK, but I'd like to look into this. In this home I'd have: at least 10 x https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?st=8k&_dyncharset=UTF-8&_dynSessConf=&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=&sp=&qp=&list=n&af=true&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&keys=keys This $60, 000.00 TV I saw at Best Buy (one for every bedroom, one for the living room, one for the kitchen, one for the man cave I saw there, so, 10 of these fancy 98" 8K TVs that go for $60, 000.00 each brand new and will surely depreciate, but money being no object, I'd get 10, be like Oprah with the rooms going 'you get a TV, and you get a TV, and you get a TV'... and I want them all wall mounted and to each have TiVo and one could have an Xbox and another any laptop I'd have in this situation too etc... Technically, the TVs would be worth as much as the house... The guitars and amps I want to furnish this place with... I said Norman Rare Guitars... I would have to make the trip to this store or have someone make the trip out to this store on my behalf to acquire and take this guitar to this house in Springfield, Oregon, which I could so easily do if money wasn't an object with UShip of Shipping Wars fame who I once used to get a car across England to me from Western Super Mare to Thornton Heath, so I know I could have this guitar delivered if money wasn't an object, even if it's hire the driver for 2 runs, run A, Oregon to Southern California with the cash for everything I want from this store... Run B, returning with all my stuff. https://www.normansrareguitars.com/listing/gibson-r-8-les-paul-1958-reissue/27396564 Gibson R8 (nothing fancy fancy, just a good guitar) but there are a whole bunch of other guitar stores in America, like this one on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the Flower District who ship (Got me a guitar from this place to Thornton Heath, I'm sure they'd be able to supply me with any guitars or anything else they sell from this place to Oregon). https://rivingtonguitars.com/collections/electric-solid-body-guitars/products/2007-gibson-les-paul-r8-58-re-issue-original-stunning-sunburst-clean-and-original?variant=14643636928610 Gibson R8 (nothing fancy fancy, just a good guitar) (I'd have all the aftermarket stuff I love put on to these guitars too to make them my own). and a Slash Amp https://reverb.com/item/29405328-rare-1996-marshall-slash-signature-2555sl-jcm-silver-jubilee-2555-afd-amp-head This one looks cool/fine enough, why not?... I'd have this shipped out to Oregon to be the amp of the house or, one of the amps, I'd probably have a couple since this house is bigger than the one I thought about before, so I could fit at least this cool amp there, and have plenty of room for other cool amps too. A lot of high end entertainment... I'd have snacks shipped to me from England that I like and enjoy the local food too. ... To get in and out of there like a jet setter, nearby Eugene, Oregon has an airport, Eugene (EUG) and I wouldn't want to be around in the winter months, so I'd fly in and out of Eugene to use this holiday home. What would you buy?
  4. "Does the man have no concept of time?" -Harry Shearer RE: Stephen Hawking being late to record The Simpsons.
  5. There are 66 legs in that room and I'm not George Orwell and this isn't some unholy Communist farm, so I'm not counting wings as legs; 66 legs in that room total.
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