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  1. maybe it's outside and we've been playing this wrong? hehe... Outside
  2. Give me an I! Give me an S! Give me a T! Give me an O! Give me another O! What's that spell? Is too! Is too! Is too! Is too!
  3. The only thing that is not is not and not even that can be when there is no is not and only is too, so there is no is not and is not is not a thing because, is too.
  4. This too is is too and this too is your too From the too that is to the too that is too From the is too mountains to the is too streams This too is too for me and you
  5. is too so is too is too is too so is too haiku for is too
  6. furniture delivery
  7. whatever I said x 1, 000, 000!
  8. You sayin' it ain't when I know that it is!
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