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  1. Like Yoda said "not is!" *worse Yoda impression, ever!
  2. Just that 1 scene in the bottling factory as that song is playing of the same name. The Grand Tour - motoring show on Amazon Prime
  3. When it is it is and is too but for now I'm afraid - is not.
  4. Sea salt With this sea salt we can; * mix rudimentary saline solutions to wash out any wounds. * melt any ice to save from accidents in roads and walk ways should they ever ice over. * season our food with/supply our body with sodium
  5. Christmas crackers (UK thing) We put a tiny explosive (very small amount of explosive), a naff/corny/terrible joke, a gift (reflecting the cost of the Christmas crackers which always come in multi packs, posh crackers, posh gift, cheap crackers, cheap gift), a paper hat like a paper crown as seen in The Who's Tommy (1975) and shove it all into an old loo roll/bog roll/toilet paper roll. We then wrap the whole thing up so it looks like a gift. It's a game of sorts; You're meant to pull your Christmas cracker with somebody else and whoever ends up with most of the Christmas cracker once pulled is the winner and gets all the contents of the toilet roll/Christmas cracker. ... It couldn't be more simple. Also, it accompanies Christmas dinner or can be stowed in a tree (Christmas tree). or both. ...
  6. oils - engine oil to keep engines lubricated. - cooking oil to get some flavour and whatnot be it trans fatty goodness or stir fries (if we have a wok). - massage oils, for massages so we don't have to live like savages and go unoiled when we get a rub down. - olive oil, for ear wax removal and food. - cod liver oil supplements for joint care/health. oils (plural) meaning now we have different oils for different things.
  7. yay! girls names broke 10k replies! watch out boys names, girls names thread is catching up. To be equal posts with boys names thread, that's what gender equality is all about also; Lucy
  8. Not seen it, or heard of it. The Simpsons.
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