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  1. Well I don't hate him at all and I think he is the most or the 2nd most important character in the show and he has a good sense of humor but different from the regular shows, maybe people hates him because they think he is rude but honestly the very smart people are exactly like him. If Sheldon was not in that show maybe Big Bang Theory wont have been that famous show. Regards, Gustavo Woltmann
  2. Thank you very much @spidergirl Sure i'll have fun Regards, Gustavo Woltmann
  3. That's really good news, however, I it's one of the few shows that still shows up. Thanks, Gustavo Woltmann
  4. Hello nice people, I am really obsessed with that show and I definitely like season 10 it's so funny like crazy !! are there any more episodes ?? Regards, - Gustavo Woltmann
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