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  1. Thankyou so much for your help and response !! (i just quoted a short bit of your response just to say thanks!). Everything you said was really useful info! I agree! don't worry i totally understand what your saying , thanks for the help and response!!
  2. I don't know about anyone else ...but I'm getting really sick of watching the Lenny fights, at first it was funny and added depth to their relationship, but now it's just tiring watching them go back and forth. Not saying couples don't fight but it always seems to be so over the top with them. It's a shame because their character are great of course and as a couple they are a interesting match but the repetitive fighting and bickering is slightly annoying now
  3. Heya, my name is Katya and I'm from England and currently studying at the University of Portsmouth, Entertainment technology and Media. I am doing a ethnography on fan cultures online and i picked my favorite show of course to focus on- that i already am a huge fan of! BIG BANG THEORY!! Now my report is on the fan communities, and the fans themselves, its quite broad i guess. My aim if anyone is interested,is chatting and sharing about why they are a fan, and how (how much of a fan are you? what do you feel defines you as a fan) is it just the show your interested in or do you also collect merchandise ( like myself ) - if so what ? what kind of merchandise and why. Literally any feedback will help - so if your a avid fan of the show and you immerse yourself with it on all platforms (tv, online, fan fiction, merch, visiting locations, met the cast etc)- to even just loving the shows and being part of these great communities online just to chat about the resent episode . Please feel free to reply whatever you like
  4. I'm a new member to this site, and a avid big bang fan! have been for a while. Caught this topic thread and it resonated with me as i have also thought about whether Raj should end up with someone in the end...? part of me thinks his character on his own kind of defines his whole persona, and when he has been in a relationship his character (without sounding mean) has been rather boring and almost lost and taken the back seat in the shows in comparison to the other center stage couples. Part of me thinks that if he was to end up with someone, i think actually making him bi-sexual might be a nice twist (sort of) because the show has been pretty incessant with making hints or jokes between the nature of Howard and Rajs friendship and Raj's particular character traits. I actually think it would be good of the show to explore that more within his character but hey that is just my thoughts on the topic!
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