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  1. Like I said, it's very unusual for us here in NW Indiana. Everyone has the idea that Chicago and Lake Michigan cuts down on them. This is the closest one I've seen in all 64 years of my life. I never heard a siren at all. If I had, I might have taken it more seriously. We were grilling and just saw it across the fields from our deck. It was in Dyer, Indiana.
  2. I've had to do that. But I didn't have the kind of relationship with my relatives that Howard had with his mother. His constant fat jokes and her screaming were often over the top. I think it was a huge mistake to have Bernadette change to be shrill and authoritative like Howard's mother. She was not like that at first. I think she and Howard had a good relationship most of the time but when they tried to play her as replacing his mother I didn't think it was funny. Has anyone thought about what threads would be kept if we got a new section for post TBBT life? I assume there would be a thread about what the actors are doing next, and that weather, chit chat, and science in the news would stay and we'd have some kind of aftermath discussion page. Have the administrators decided if they are going to do that?
  3. The mental image of Howard buffing his mom's feet also bothers me.
  4. She was so disgusting when she was buffing her feet in the living room. It made me gag.
  5. Not surprised by the Emmy news. The last few seasons just have not been good. But Jim Parson's will always have his four to remember the show by. The clip won't work for me. I wonder why.
  6. I agree with this, totally. I could come up with quite a few for sure.
  7. I also check in once a day. (I used to do it twice.) I haven't watched it either. I am not a big TV watcher and have so much to do in the summer I don't usually watch TV anyway. When i do turn it on it's usually to toss a move into the DVD player. I did binge watch that 70's show when we were having rain every single day and I couldn't work outside or do any work on our house. I still think Raj is a descendant of Fez. I'd love to see TBBT nominated for an Emmy but I really didn't like much of the last season. The best thing I can say is it's better than season eight and that is not saying much.
  8. We had a tornado hit the next down over a couple of weeks ago. It's very unusual for this area. Instead of going to the basement we stood on the deck and watched it.
  9. I watered mine yesterday so of course we had a short microburst at night but not enough to drown them.
  10. Will do. The antenna is not in good shape, though.
  11. I don't have either. I still have an ancient antenna attached to the back of my roof. I don't have cable. But I may get something when I get my new Internet. I don't know anything about these things. It's overwhelming.
  12. I had that a few weeks ago. Now it's nothing but heat.
  13. Having watched the way the weather is changing I think the Midwest is definitely off a month. We got in April what we used to get in March, we got in May what we used to get in April, and so on. October will probably be what we used to get in August and farmers will be harvesting in November at the rate they are going. Very weird.
  14. I thought opening the exhibit for fans to see and experience might be important to fans of the show. Perhaps it's not. Yes, I know about that but as I said, I thought it was funny that someone would base an article on that particular quote.
  15. But seriously, isn't there anyone else from the cast you wouldn't rather see there at such an important moment? BTW, this is the LAST thing I thought anyone else would base a whole article on. I don't know how I missed this when it came out. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/big-bang-theory-johnny-galecki-sex-dressing-room
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