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  1. There's a lot of sense in what you say. Good post! Yes, the romance tends to fade into the background slightly as sexual stuff gains a bigger role, and everyone has their own triggers to make a complete package. And I agree with personality being a factor, but I personally think it's also a factor if you've been disappointed many times in the past by bad writing of your ships, and having been down that road, you're more aware when you see that coming. Bad ship writing is what I'm afraid of now. Edited to add...I am not saying older people can't be first time shippers. Of course they can. I am saying however that most of us older viewers have had more opportunity to ship. I started doing it in 8th grade while watching Dark Shadows.
  2. What Lorre said it exactly what I expected he would say, and indeed what I expect any of the writers would say if push came to shove. I have no faith in them to do this well anymore. I was wondering if they would turn things around and start handling this in a way I could support, but now I can't see it at all.
  3. I meant no offense to you. But I do suspect that by our age most people have had more experience with shipping fictional couples. I used to get into it a lot more than I do now. But once I had clients to appease, bills to pay, trains to catch and grandkids to baby sit, I found myself getting into it with less fervor. I find those most passionate about it are often younger than myself. I do not say that's the rule or the norm, it's just how I find myself personally.
  4. But remember this is also the reason he gave for knocking three times, which he didn't start off the show doing. This could go a lot of ways. Sometimes the writers manage to pull something off, and sometimes they are abysmal at what they do. I'm hoping for the best and expecting the worst here. But I can't see them making the Shamy go down the drain just as they are promoting Young Sheldon. I can't see them wanting to irritate Shamy fans along with the other fans they have already annoyed.
  5. Much as I love Shamy I can't see Sheldon ever being a perfect gentleman husband. His social skills are still too poor for that. They have to do this in my opinion, after the way the screwed up by pulling Leonard's kiss with Mandy out of their backsides on the way to Vegas. I just so do NOT want them keeping that in reserve to haul out later.
  6. I don't know what American is anymore. One of my kids has a Subaru made in Lafayette, IN, one of them has a Honda made in Greenberg, IN and one of them has a Volkswagen made in New Stanton, PA. She loves him and she gets jealous sometimes. That is not unusual when one is in their first serious relationship. We saw the same thing when she first had female friends. She was sometimes very inappropriate in the way she was with Penny and Bernie. But as was pointed out in a Paleyfest interview, they were trying to show that she hadn't done the things most girls do at a much younger age. I suspect this is more of the same.
  7. Oh, that explains a lot. I am in my 60's and have liked and disliked many on screen couples. Some worked out well, and some not so much. But I would not make that the reason to watch or not watch a show anymore.
  8. That doesn't mean it was passed into law and they have to do it now six or seven years later. They might, but they might not. No one knows for sure at this point. And frankly, if you trust the writers to do it well at this point, I'd like to know why. I certainly don't. I never liked them as a couple. That was never why I watched the show, and I like them less as a married couple, but if they were written well, maybe I could see it. I've tried. But they just are not written well for me. I see no indication that the writers actually care about forwarding their storyline. We'll see eventually if they can pull it off properly. But I am not optimistic. Yes, I see that as well.
  9. I agree with this up to a point. They may have tossed it in there to be funny, or tossed it in there because they were thinking about running with it further down the road. But I don't think they care about it anymore, and everything that comes out of the first ep of a show doesn't always make it to the end. In this case I hope it doesn't. I don't want to see a pregnant Penny.
  10. He figured that out when he had the song Darlin' stuck in his head. Me, too. My absolute favorite.
  11. I totally agree. I never liked Leonard and Penny together.
  12. THAT IS IT! I have been trying to remember since yesterday where I first saw that. THANK YOU!
  13. I wish I could remember whether or not they said how long she had dated the guy she let sleep on her couch that made Leonard mad. It was back in season 3 or 4.
  14. Do you honestly trust the writers they have now with that storyline? I don't. And what's worse, what if they look like Leonard and are as smart as Penny? LOL- jk.
  15. That was not a real relationship. I will give you that. But it was one of the most hilarious eps of season four, especially when he was comparing her to his mother, when he got back and Penny was laughing at him, calling him a slut, talking about the walk of shame and how all he was missing was smeared mascara and a pair of panties in his pocket, and then the whole cafeteria applauding Leonard because he took one for the team. It would be really funny if she left money to Leonard/the dept. Does anyone think they'll ever talk about her again?