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  1. Needless to say I wouldn't use AT&T again if the CEO kissed my ass in the middle of Rt. 65. I had that phone for years and they transferred it to another carrier just because someone asked them to. The new carrier said this was common and suspended the number so that was nice. Just got putting an alert on social security since I don't know what info they were able to extract and I don't want them stealing my tax return.
  2. Apparently it is easier to steal your phone number than to steal your phone.
  3. OMG! If your phone quits working, get on it immediately. Someone bought a cell phone and a SIM card and told AT&T to transfer our number to it and they just went ahead and did it. They took our phone # and started doing all kinds of fraud with it and with our e-mail and when we had it shut down, we had also lost out Internet since they were together. I've spent a week contacting banks and credit bureaus and credit cards (only got one fake one, am hoping they didn't use it before I stopped it) and filed a police report and all kinds of crap. It's been total hell.
  4. This episode, oddly enough, is being hotly debated on The Good Doctor fan boards.The preview they have been airing for the show is about the autistic man on the show, Shaun, and his dying father. In the preview he seems to be being comforted by his friend, Leah, even though the showrunners have spent most of the season with on a plotline about how Shaun and his girlfriend, Carly, need to communicate more about things that matter to them. It is being compared to Penny calming Sheldon down instead of Amy. I guess it just goes to prove there really is not much original out there anymore.
  5. I wasn't the only one to point it out, though. Why is is okay for everyone else, especially Howard and Bernadette, and not okay for Sheldon?
  6. That is one of the things that they played loosely. Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't. But as has been pointed out many times, they all said mean things to each other.
  7. Mayim was part of the video made for Gary Sinese expressing deep gratitude for the work he and his foundation have done for service members and veterans, first responders, and their families. It is a very cool video and well worth watching. https://countrymusicfamily.com/gary-sinise-blindsided-by-emotional-thank-you-from-tom-hanks-others/?a=DK&var=GaryBlindsided-RELOAD&utm_campaign=garyblindsided&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=author-dk-posted_by-dk-repost-fbvhn-reload&utm_content=gary-sinise&fbclid=IwAR1Dy6KrnzRAI20WyaTAIW55Oox7pkxJY8KcRCHPr3mpsgotulKDRyI3Gjo
  8. I had an aunt in Marathon, Florida. She used to call us every year when it was below zero and ask us how we were doing. But she also had to call us almost every year when she was being evacuated from her trailer park for hurricanes.
  9. I get that in December. Should be interesting knowing my family.
  10. We had rain all morning which then turned to snow in NW Indiana for Halloween. I only had about 20 trick or treaters. I gave the ones who did come handfuls of candy for being brave.
  11. I've been baby sitting my grandkids over their fall break...they have the Disney Channel and love the show Jessie. The character named Ravi reminds me so much of Raj it isn't even funny. He's played by an actor named Karan Brar.
  12. I think she should have kept her nose out of it too, so there is no disagreement. I said Penny took it upon herself to interject herself into that situation. Penny was wrong and was often wrong. Which is one of the reasons she annoyed me. She should have stayed out of a lot of situations she pushed her way into.
  13. But Penny is his close, good friend and knows how to calm him down. It's not like Amy didn't care about Sheldon. Penny took it upon herself to handle that. She chose to check on him, just like she chose, after her marriage, to allow him to keep living there. I do not think she should have become his close friend. But that doesn't change the fact that she did. We can say every day for the rest of our lives that certain things should not have been done, but they WERE done and it's time to accept that. It's over and it is what it is.
  14. 12 seasons? Penny became friends with Sheldon sooner than that. She's the one who insisted he could continue to live with her and Leonard after they married. She calmed him down at his infamous birthday party. She hung out with him and fed him Leonard's dinner when she didn't want to watch Leonard doing science. There were a few things Sheldon said that she didn't like and let him know it, but for the most part, through the last few seasons she was Sheldon's friend. If Sheldon wasn't always bothering her i will never understand why people are universally bothered by him.
  15. Oh, that list could go on for a LONG time. There is absolutely no evidence that what Sheldon said bothered Penny any more than what anyone else said. I agree though that Penny and Sheldon were honest with each other if that's the opinion you were disagreeing with. Sheldon couldn't lie well if he tried and Penny hardly ever bothered to try.
  16. Sheldon was NOT the only one who came up with slut jokes. Later seasons? The majority of the show! From five on for sure.
  17. I don't think he was ever scared of her. That's not the right word for what I saw. I still say the show went downhill when they made them friends, though. They were much funnier as adversaries.
  18. I wouldn't watch that. Penny was my least favorite character for one thing and Penny's sleeping around, bullying people and tying nerdy girls up and abandoning them would not be funny. And I don't see how you could say it's possible it's partially true when seemed to be totally true based on the time she tried to reach out to some of those girls she bullied. In the episode "Bully of the Past". TBBT pretty much corroborated it. And when she decided to do something charitable to atone by donating clothing to the needy when her former classmates all rejected her overtures, the clothes in the donation box happened to be adorable and in Penny’s size so instead of donating her own stuff, Penny wound up stealing from the donation box instead. So she never did learn her lesson.
  19. I've given this tons of thought since the season finale and I don't think there's a lot of ways to make that comedic either. It would help if we'd been introduced to his siblings, but we weren't. With TBBT we already knew a lot about Missy. Well, to a certain extent the same could be said of Sheldon's school memories. YS has led to more than one argument about how canon changed. But since Molaro has said the odds of seeing any TBBT kids again on YS is slim to none, so I don't think he's interested in giving any of them their own shows. I could be wrong but I don't think so. I think if he were going to do it, he'd find a way to have at least one of them appear in passing or hidden in the background.
  20. Sorry I am not the best copy and paster, but I didn't just want to put up the link.
  21. There is a page called "Ask Ausiello" on TVLine that talks about movies and tv shows and someone asked why Sheldon didn't thank Dr. Sturgis from YS in his speech in the finale, since he was such on influence on Sheldon as a child. This was the response: I’m gonna let former Big Bang EP/current Young Sheldon showrunner Steve Molaro field this one. “Sheldon’s speech was intended to honor the history of Big Bang,” Molaro tells TVLine.” It didn’t seem like the right time to invoke specific characters from Young Sheldon. He mentions ‘all the men in his life,’ which would include Dr. Sturgis.” There was also a question about whether or not we'd see more TBBT kids on the show. This was that answer: Slim to none. “The goal in seeing the Big Bang characters as kids was to pay tribute to the Bang series finale, which also aired that night,” Molaro says. “So, it’s unlikely. But I’ll never say never." The whole thing is here, under the Downton Abbey and some of the other show talk: https://tvline.com/2019/09/18/downton-abbey-movie-spoilers-lady-mary-scene/
  22. This is not just regular shows. The Emmy Awards this year only got 6.9 million viewers. It has never dropped below ten million before.
  23. LOL! You've been saying that since the show started.
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