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  1. Oh, that list could go on for a LONG time. There is absolutely no evidence that what Sheldon said bothered Penny any more than what anyone else said. I agree though that Penny and Sheldon were honest with each other if that's the opinion you were disagreeing with. Sheldon couldn't lie well if he tried and Penny hardly ever bothered to try.
  2. Sheldon was NOT the only one who came up with slut jokes. Later seasons? The majority of the show! From five on for sure.
  3. I don't think he was ever scared of her. That's not the right word for what I saw. I still say the show went downhill when they made them friends, though. They were much funnier as adversaries.
  4. I wouldn't watch that. Penny was my least favorite character for one thing and Penny's sleeping around, bullying people and tying nerdy girls up and abandoning them would not be funny. And I don't see how you could say it's possible it's partially true when seemed to be totally true based on the time she tried to reach out to some of those girls she bullied. In the episode "Bully of the Past". TBBT pretty much corroborated it. And when she decided to do something charitable to atone by donating clothing to the needy when her former classmates all rejected her overtures, the clothes in
  5. I've given this tons of thought since the season finale and I don't think there's a lot of ways to make that comedic either. It would help if we'd been introduced to his siblings, but we weren't. With TBBT we already knew a lot about Missy. Well, to a certain extent the same could be said of Sheldon's school memories. YS has led to more than one argument about how canon changed. But since Molaro has said the odds of seeing any TBBT kids again on YS is slim to none, so I don't think he's interested in giving any of them their own shows. I could be wrong but I don't think so. I t
  6. Sorry I am not the best copy and paster, but I didn't just want to put up the link.
  7. There is a page called "Ask Ausiello" on TVLine that talks about movies and tv shows and someone asked why Sheldon didn't thank Dr. Sturgis from YS in his speech in the finale, since he was such on influence on Sheldon as a child. This was the response: I’m gonna let former Big Bang EP/current Young Sheldon showrunner Steve Molaro field this one. “Sheldon’s speech was intended to honor the history of Big Bang,” Molaro tells TVLine.” It didn’t seem like the right time to invoke specific characters from Young Sheldon. He mentions ‘all the men in his life,’ which would include Dr. Sturgis.”
  8. This is not just regular shows. The Emmy Awards this year only got 6.9 million viewers. It has never dropped below ten million before.
  9. I don't think people could look at that and not see Leonard and Penny. But that's just my opinion.
  10. i don't watch awards shows because I never know what half of the stuff on them is but I am glad to hear that they did this. I was watching Ken Burn's new documentary on PBS.
  11. Rose just rubbed me the wrong way. I thought she was one of the three worst companions ever. I agree about the parallel universe stuff. His granddaughter was Susan. People debated for a long time if she was actually his granddaughter and he was married or if she just called him grandfather. But that was in the late 60's., The show premiered the day JFK was shot in Dallas. I think they played it again the next week because everyone was watching the news. There were no VCRs or anything like that then. I thought they DID do a good job recasting the first Doctor when they brought him back for
  12. I hate it when I'm driving in the car and a song on the radio has a siren on it. That always startles me. I haven't watched in a long time. They lost me with Rose. I thought she was the most annoying companion since Peri and Teegan. And her falling in love with the Doctor was the dumbest idea I think they ever had. But that's probably just me. My youngest daughter went all the way to Kentucky once to see Matt Smith.
  13. They didn't scare me because I always figured you could just run up a flight of stairs and they would be screwed. I found Cybermen much more scary. And the Master. Both classic Who Masters, although I loved Roger Delgado dearly. The first Master regeneration was done well. To get off Who for awhile I thought this was also interesting... https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/10/big-bang-theory-spin-off-young-sheldon-faces-272000-fine-breaking-broadcasting-rules-10717591/
  14. Show her this site...the biggest Who store in the US is in Indiana. http://www.whona.com/
  15. I'd love to find something similiar to that for my son's girlfriend. They just got engaged two weeks ago but he's talked about this for years. I keep watching recollections.biz for something along those lines. They make historical costuming and have lots of Victorian things.
  16. I like the Classic Doctor Who. My favorite was Jon Pertwee. My oldest son's favorite is Patrick Troughton. He wants a Doctor Who wedding and wants to dress like Patrick did. I also like Keeping Up Appearances and Are you Being Served.
  17. I go to a movie maybe once or twice a month. I would like to see the Downton Abbey movie and I'm also hoping to get over to see The Goldfinch and Modern Love.
  18. I totally agree with this. And most of them are not as good as the original. I can think of a few exceptions, but not many.
  19. I don't think he knows what he's doing with that yet. There have been conflicting statements. I don't think they've hashed out what kind of recurring we're talking about. He’s going to be more of a "regular" on The Conners, according to E! News Online. He's going to be there on a recurring basis "as much as possible" according to what he said on tvline. (Link below) So who knows at this point. Maybe no one does yet. https://tvline.com/2019/02/12/the-conners-season-2-johnny-galecki-returning-david/
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