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  1. Yeah, because it wasn't really a good story. They just made a laundry list of stuff they thought the fans would like and checked everything off one by one. And not going into Lenny's reaction to the pregnancy kind of spoiled it as i see it. But this has been discussed to death in the season 12 episode thread and I suggest you check it out.
  2. In talking about what was left to our imagination, and about all the wasted time this season, which most people have commented on, can we hit one more time on what they SHOULD have touched on that they dropped? I have a long list. Here are just a few things. 1. What happened with the tenure? 2. What happened with Howard's dad and brother? 3. Why was Sheldon so fond of Bill Nye when he has a degree in mechanical engineering and not science? I thought for sure at some point Howard would needle Sheldon about that. I kept waiting for it since it was just so obvious to me that he'd know. 4. Why did we never see Leonard's siblings or Penny's sister, even once? 5. After portraying them so badly in early eps why did they do the turnaround and make Amy's Mom and Sheldon's Dad so much more palatable? 6. What happened to reconcile Penny to her job? Was it the money or the fact that she turned out to be good at it? 7. Why didn't they follow up on Yvette the vet for Raj? No one in the fandom seemed to be polarized by her. Anyone want to carry on? I know you all have things you wish had not been mentioned and tossed out that still matter to you even though the show is done..
  3. I wonder sometimes, though, if after watching reruns and giving it more thought, if anyone would come up with different perspectives, or see something they missed the first time. And there is certainly the possibility that people connected with the show will make comments on things that happened or were discussed that we don't yet know about and we can go into what we think of those things. JK Rowling lit up a lot of Harry Potter boards with things she said about the characters after the series was done. Of course in her case there was a lot of "If she wanted me to think that it should have been in the books" and "is it or is it not canon if she says it" debate, I hated the ones where the grammar and spelling were so bad that I wanted to take a virtual red pen and start correcting them. Oh, I loved those, too. We used to pass around photocopied ones at school before the Internet came along. And Man from UNCLE! Then they did Return of the Man from UNCLE and pissed off most of the fan base.
  4. How many times have we seen Cinnamon, though, the last couple of seasons. Not much. I still wish they hadn't blown their chance to expand the role of Yvette the vet.
  5. I gave two suggestions in my original post. I also like veejay's suggestions. And we still have the science in the news and chit chat pages. Fanfic is fine if it stands alone, like the fanfic forum here, where it can easily be avoided if one wishes. That does not seem be the case if a season 13 section was added if I'm reading it right. To be honest, I just have, over the years, come to hate fanfic. (And this is coming from someone who used to write it for other shows, granted, a long time ago, but I did.) It costs nothing, it's worth nothing and like fan art, people get all bent out of shape if you make the smallest criticism of it. Some of my worst arguments I've had with other fans have been about fanfic. It's not like the way we used to criticize the writers of the show here. If you aren't happy with the way a fanfic is going you are hurting the feelings of a friend. And it eventually stops. Most of the Buffy and Harry Potter boards I was on, for example, have disappeared or all but. Even some of the classic Doctor Who ones have gone down. If you guys want to do a fanfic type season 13 forum, I wish you the best of luck, but it just doesn't interest me personally. I prefer the fanfic forum stands the way it was originally put up. To me twelve is the last season and should remain so, page wise. I never said you couldn't keep the fan fiction forum. But I didn't think that was what was being proposed now. As I said above, a season 13 forum was mentioned here, just for fanfic. I just didn't think you needed a special area for it. This summed it up for me well:
  6. I will say until my dying day that they wasted a HUGE opportunity with Yvette the vet.
  7. Since I'm one of the people who thought the show should have ended a couple of years ago, I myself would not be interested. You'd be turning the page into a fanfic page, which is not what it was designed to be as I see it. Now if people want to follow the further careers of the actors or reminisce, I would be in for that. But whatever you decide to do I wish you all luck. We have a great group of people here.
  8. My late father in law's favorite thing...we actually used to buy him huge jars of it as gifts.
  9. There are fans on this very page who have said some version of, "we got our pregnancy, so I'm satisfied." So even screenrant seems to think fans were happy just getting thrown a bone with the shirt? Oh, come on.
  10. Seriously? Penny put with A LOT of crap from Sheldon. Her saying he should stay is why they didn't have him move out immediately when Lenny got married. She let a lot of insults in general slide from everyone, and it's not like Leonard stepped up and defended her when she was being called a slut, etc. If Penny HAD stuck up for herself more I'd have liked her a lot better and if Leonard had stuck up for her more I would've liked him better.
  11. Are you just figuring that out now? LOL! And tons of fans were satisfied with that, just like the writers probably knew they would be.
  12. I would have bought it no matter what just to have the whole set. I'm just waiting for the Good Doctor to come back. That's the only show I regularly watched last year besides TBBT.
  13. And mine, as I stated because he's the most unique and interesting character. I like him because of that. It's why I liked Penny the least. I'd seen too many characters just like that. Nothing about her ever jumped out at me as being something different than what I'd seen before at least a dozen times and maybe more. I'd never seen anyone on TV before like Sheldon.
  14. Perfect post. Thank you. They need to keep stressing multi-plane camera series. There are other shows that lasted longer. Yes, it was disgusting, but depending on where you are in the US a purse and a handbag are the same thing, also sometimes called a pocketbook. Money is kept in a wallet in many states, not simply a purse. I couldn't stand Charmed but I was heavily into Buffy and even wrote fan fiction about it when I was younger and foolish. There was a site called Tainted Love that had some amazing smutty stories.
  15. I agree with Anu being a waste of time and that disappointed me. But I couldn't stand Emily. She was dropped because she was creepy and didn't connect with any of the other characters. They at least showed Anu trying to enjoy doing things with the gang.
  16. Raj was the same from start to finish. He had no growth as the other characters did. He remained totally self centered and desperate although he had flashes of charm. It's a pity because I liked him a lot at times and saw potential in him, but they just didn't follow through on it. I have absolutely no idea what that is. I've never even heard of it.
  17. I've seen that suggested a ton of times and it just gives me the creeps. I can't see anything those two would have in common.
  18. It never ended and it wasn't just Sheldon. Who knows? They certainly didn't say.
  19. I'll have to watch it again, as much as I do not want to and see how that got garbled up for me.
  20. But there was a comment that they had come home in a cab. That's how it was with my kids. No one back then told anyone at first in case something went wrong.
  21. THIS! Besides, she dressed differently when she was going out with Dave. They just never talked about it. But she was wearing a really cute dress and heels and hose when Sheldon saw her kiss Dave. And she dressed up a bit when she knew Sheldon was going to give her sex as a birthday present. She seems to have always dressed up a bit when she felt something special was going on, when a new phase of her life was starting and becoming a media target counts for that. They never had her talk about it before, but they should have, and definitely should have had her talk more this time.
  22. I agree with this, but if you weren't watching regularly, the rest of the ep was super confusing. I don't watch it all the time but I see bits and pieces of it and I knew enough to keep up. They did not. I wish they had.
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