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  1. There were many times Sheldon referred to them as friends. Agreed. She did not always treat Leonard well. She often worried more about Sheldon than she did Leonard.
  2. That happens a lot. They saw him as a friend and said so. He occasionally said they were as well. (Like when Sheldon told Penny not to hurt his friend.) We all have to decide if we have to go by what was said, or how we interpret what we saw. This issue came up a lot. One time it came up again when Penny told Amy she was her best friend.
  3. Not getting where the innocent idea is coming from In the first ep, Leonard calls him a pro at masturbating and says the sperm bank was his idea. Sheldon tells Leonard at one point that Penny is not going to have sex with him, implying he knows something about sexual attraction. Sheldon made a joke about coitus interruptus and told Leonard he thinks with his penis in that ep, both of which do not imply innocence to me. From the start he was not innocent. He knew a lot and sometimes presented that knowledge and sometimes preferred to hide it or deflect away from it as I see it. I'm not sure why. I could never get it and still can't. I like Leonard but could only tolerate Penny occasionally. For the most part I really couldn't stand her. With Itchy brain Leonard was being really stubborn. He could have called that off at any point. He just refused to. He played right into Sheldon's hands. Even though the writers never declared Sheldon on the spectrum, though, Jim said he played him that way, although I can't find that statement now and it's not for lack of trying. However, even without it, so many people who have an autistic family member saw Sheldon that way that I feel there had to have been something that the writers either didn't want to acknowledge or that Jim was putting into it with their permission. They had inappropriate social interaction, compulsive behavior, repetitive movements, total unawareness or disregard of other's feelings, and persistent repetition of words or actions just to name a few symptoms. Asperger syndrome has been removed as a formal diagnosis and those with the symptoms of what was formerly referred to as Asperger syndrome are now grouped in the category of spectrum disorder but when the show started tons of people were speculating Asperger's for Sheldon. The eidetic memory and and went so often I couldn't take it seriously. She should have taken him to the specialist.
  4. If I ever met Nogravitasatall we will have to hug solely for the three stooges picture. My husband and I have been huge fans since we were kids. The most cherished gift I ever gave him in his opinion was probably Moe Howard's signature. So true. I didn't think they portrayed him like that ever. He made comments about sex from the start. He knew what it was and could make snide dirty comments from the start. They just were not overt like Howard's. I never saw him as crazy and as for your other examples, he was not an alien like Mork (and nowhere near as exhausting to watch as Robin Williams made Mork). I was not a huge Taxi fan although I watched it occasionally and I loathed Seinfield and I loved TBBT. So I don't know how to relate to your comment. I really thought Jim was playing him on the autism spectrum, even though they would not say so. He was smart, and could say things sharply to the point but had no social skills and if he went off it was for a reason, even if the reason was only specific to him. But I have tons of experience with autism so maybe that's why I saw him that way. Just the recall of football information and his fascination with trains are two examples I thought that. I knew an autistic guy who knew everything you could ever think to ask him about trains and had timetables memorized, and since then I have heard of other people on the spectrum into trains or sports details. A 24 year old autistic girl I used to teach went to sleep last Saturday and never woke up and I am absolutely not going to be able to go to the wake because of other plans involving a lot of people that I can't change and it is just hurting me so badly. She was a very special soul, even though, I have to admit, some days were not good and and as much as I liked working with her she could be exasperating. But an autistic person would do that and not even realize it was a turn off to others. They would be just be blurting what they thought or whatever came into their head without thinking of how it might come across to others. They don't understand friendship as other people do.
  5. It's not really my fandom although I enjoyed most of it. I was never totally fixated on it and I was definitely NOT a teacup speculation person. I liked ensemble plots best, like Raj's scavenger hunt, the parking spot escalation and things like that. It's why I think season six was the best season. But they didn't need a survival strategy because the writers wanted to play with their new toy to the exclusion of all others and to a lot of people it showed. And when they did do something with Penny and Leonard so much of it seemed so stupid! I was there all along, although I quit for a short time at the end of season one and had to pick what I'd missed back up in the summer. I didn't see the uniqueness of the show at first. I was on the IMDB boards then and it wasn't a good place to be a lot of the time, plus the idea of nerdy guys and a busty blond...yawn. A foreign guy friend who has trouble with girls...yawn. A pervy friend to the nicer guy...yawn. But Sheldon was something I'd never seen before and after a short break the show clicked for me.
  6. Leonard was ready to kick him out. Penny is the one who said he could stay. I always thought it should have been the other way around, if it had to be at all. Leonard did accept being Sheldon's go-to guy and very seldom rebelled. He did a few times, but not enough. I thought this all along and took a lot of flak for it, but it's true. But part of it is, from my perspective, that as large part of the L/P cohort as you put it, were happy with any crumb they got thrown. The smallest thing was latched onto as a hopeful sign, when it was clear to me that Lenny was never going to be the show's focal point. It's one of the reasons i never got deeply into it.
  7. Sheldon and Penny were great to me when they were adversarial. I did not like Penny except for that aspect of the character...the way she sparred with Sheldon. When she thought he was weird and he thought she was dumb they were at their best. Once they became good friends they were not funny at all and it hurt the show. I will always believe that.
  8. I haven't seen anybody put anything up yet about Galecki and Meyer's reveal party and the baby is due in September. Anyway, here is a link with pics and it's a boy. Everyone appears to have wound up covered in blue paint and he had hand prints on his rear end. (Gee, isn't that original?) Looks like they had fun, though. https://www.today.com/parents/big-bang-theory-star-johnny-galecki-having-baby-boy-t154944
  9. YES! Didn't anyone at least acknowledge it COULD be coming to an end? In the absence of signed contracts I sure as heck would have, especially since it had been stated they needed all of the big three to go on,. I still suspect if Jim hadn't ended it Johnny might have. I know Johnny and Alaina Meyer announced in May they were having a baby boy in September. He might have already had an idea that his life was going in a different direction even if she wasn't yet pregnant at the time.
  10. I have to say maybe, because it seemed like a lot of the viewers didn't give it the scrutiny that hard core viewers like the ones here did. They remained number one no matter what they did. I'll be interested to see how the repeats do. But from what I hear CBS has taken a real blow in general due to the battle with AT&T. I didn't know there were so many DirecTV, DirecTV Now and U-verse cable systems customers. https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20190730/feder-cbs-2-ratings-plunge-after-att-blackout Jim is my hero for being the one to stand up and say it was time to end it.,
  11. If it had NOT been what she did with Zack I might be persuaded, but the whole thing with Zack made doing it again super weird for me. DEFINITELY! It peaked at six. I wish they had not had the last extension. Then they were just coasting and collecting their paychecks in my opinion. If they had planned to end it earlier they might have planned better instead of just drifting along doing whatever with only a vague idea of what they'd want in tne end.
  12. Agree. Eight and twelve were the worst ones for me.
  13. My favorite will always be the Parking Spot Escalation.
  14. Your sister would be my kind of person. All of my friends were crazy for Paul because he was so cute, but there was a certain inherent sweetness in Ringo that got to me. He was always my favorite. I've seen his all star band concerts several times and I just loved seeing the response he got when he appeared onstage at that Paul McCartney concert this summer. I would have freaked out. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/i-love-you-man-paul-mc-cartney-and-ringo-starr-reunite-onstage-in-la-095740704.html I love it when they go back, which they do occasionally and someone puts it online.
  15. I can watch all of season six every week, but not the first three or the last few.
  16. Like I said, it's very unusual for us here in NW Indiana. Everyone has the idea that Chicago and Lake Michigan cuts down on them. This is the closest one I've seen in all 64 years of my life. I never heard a siren at all. If I had, I might have taken it more seriously. We were grilling and just saw it across the fields from our deck. It was in Dyer, Indiana.
  17. I've had to do that. But I didn't have the kind of relationship with my relatives that Howard had with his mother. His constant fat jokes and her screaming were often over the top. I think it was a huge mistake to have Bernadette change to be shrill and authoritative like Howard's mother. She was not like that at first. I think she and Howard had a good relationship most of the time but when they tried to play her as replacing his mother I didn't think it was funny. Has anyone thought about what threads would be kept if we got a new section for post TBBT life? I assume there would be a thread about what the actors are doing next, and that weather, chit chat, and science in the news would stay and we'd have some kind of aftermath discussion page. Have the administrators decided if they are going to do that?
  18. The mental image of Howard buffing his mom's feet also bothers me.
  19. She was so disgusting when she was buffing her feet in the living room. It made me gag.
  20. Not surprised by the Emmy news. The last few seasons just have not been good. But Jim Parson's will always have his four to remember the show by. The clip won't work for me. I wonder why.
  21. I agree with this, totally. I could come up with quite a few for sure.
  22. I also check in once a day. (I used to do it twice.) I haven't watched it either. I am not a big TV watcher and have so much to do in the summer I don't usually watch TV anyway. When i do turn it on it's usually to toss a move into the DVD player. I did binge watch that 70's show when we were having rain every single day and I couldn't work outside or do any work on our house. I still think Raj is a descendant of Fez. I'd love to see TBBT nominated for an Emmy but I really didn't like much of the last season. The best thing I can say is it's better than season eight and that is not saying much.
  23. We had a tornado hit the next down over a couple of weeks ago. It's very unusual for this area. Instead of going to the basement we stood on the deck and watched it.
  24. I watered mine yesterday so of course we had a short microburst at night but not enough to drown them.
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