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  1. Are you just figuring that out now? LOL! And tons of fans were satisfied with that, just like the writers probably knew they would be.
  2. I would have bought it no matter what just to have the whole set. I'm just waiting for the Good Doctor to come back. That's the only show I regularly watched last year besides TBBT.
  3. And mine, as I stated because he's the most unique and interesting character. I like him because of that. It's why I liked Penny the least. I'd seen too many characters just like that. Nothing about her ever jumped out at me as being something different than what I'd seen before at least a dozen times and maybe more. I'd never seen anyone on TV before like Sheldon.
  4. Perfect post. Thank you. They need to keep stressing multi-plane camera series. There are other shows that lasted longer. Yes, it was disgusting, but depending on where you are in the US a purse and a handbag are the same thing, also sometimes called a pocketbook. Money is kept in a wallet in many states, not simply a purse. I couldn't stand Charmed but I was heavily into Buffy and even wrote fan fiction about it when I was younger and foolish. There was a site called Tainted Love that had some amazing smutty stories.
  5. I agree with Anu being a waste of time and that disappointed me. But I couldn't stand Emily. She was dropped because she was creepy and didn't connect with any of the other characters. They at least showed Anu trying to enjoy doing things with the gang.
  6. Raj was the same from start to finish. He had no growth as the other characters did. He remained totally self centered and desperate although he had flashes of charm. It's a pity because I liked him a lot at times and saw potential in him, but they just didn't follow through on it. I have absolutely no idea what that is. I've never even heard of it.
  7. I've seen that suggested a ton of times and it just gives me the creeps. I can't see anything those two would have in common.
  8. It never ended and it wasn't just Sheldon. Who knows? They certainly didn't say.
  9. I'll have to watch it again, as much as I do not want to and see how that got garbled up for me.
  10. But there was a comment that they had come home in a cab. That's how it was with my kids. No one back then told anyone at first in case something went wrong.
  11. THIS! Besides, she dressed differently when she was going out with Dave. They just never talked about it. But she was wearing a really cute dress and heels and hose when Sheldon saw her kiss Dave. And she dressed up a bit when she knew Sheldon was going to give her sex as a birthday present. She seems to have always dressed up a bit when she felt something special was going on, when a new phase of her life was starting and becoming a media target counts for that. They never had her talk about it before, but they should have, and definitely should have had her talk more this time.
  12. I agree with this, but if you weren't watching regularly, the rest of the ep was super confusing. I don't watch it all the time but I see bits and pieces of it and I knew enough to keep up. They did not. I wish they had.
  13. Raj did not find Buffy The Vampire Slayer's boarding pass on the plane!
  14. I disagree with most of it. Okay ending to a dismal season, but not great as TV finales go.
  15. That is how I feel. This was a meh ending to a disappointing season. Just as this final season was not outstanding, neither was the finale. It was good but it didn't touch some of the great finales of all time, like MASH, Newhart or Mary Tyler Moore. It was a laundry list of answered questions, just to answer them. Nobel prize, elevator fixed, finally make Amy look decent, show Stuart is still a loser, show the Wolowitz kids, who were kind of big for two cribs, Lenny is pregnant because she got drunk with Sheldon, explain Leonard's hoodies...yeah we got it. Throw in a guest star that was incredibly underwhelming and prove Sheldon loves his friends and they love him and you're done. I was just not overly impressed with this. I rated it as good solely on the cast's performances, which were great but this season has just been a disappointment for me from start to finish. I hung in for the end of Young Sheldon though, and I loved it, although I was hoping against hope they would find some old Blossom footage to use of Mayim that would fit. But this finale didn't move me much. I also agree with this. Explain that to her husband of many years. No one was going to suspend their disbelief enough for that.
  16. Just as this final season was not outstanding, neither was the finale. It was good but it didn't touch some of the great finales of all time, like MASH, Newhart or Mary Tyler Moore. It was a laundry list of answered questions, just to answer them. Nobel prize- check. Elevator fixed- check. Can Amy look decent with effort- check. She looked lovely, but I knew Mayim could. What do the Wolowitz kids look like- check Is Stuart still a sad sack- check. Lenny pregnant- check, never mind what her issues were or the fact that is has to happen after she gets dunk with Sheldon. Surprise guest start- check, although I thought it was majorly lame and I am a huge Buffy fan, and used to write fanfic for it. Why does Leonard wear a hoodie- check. Does Sheldon love his friends and do they love him- check. I was just not overly impressed with this. The cast's performances were great, don't get me wrong, but this season has just been a disappointment for me from start to finish.
  17. I'm not so sure about that. I still have trepidations. I know they won't be able to please everyone and when it comes to this kind of thing I'm usually the one not pleased.
  18. I think joyceraye is right. I think Penny suggested horseback riding.
  19. I always thought she said that so she wouldn't have to go.
  20. I don't know that I'd watch it. For me it was the ensemble and ensemble eps that made it worthwhile. I wish there had been more of them. What an ensemble they had!
  21. I knew he would do that. He'll be back on Broadway where he wants to be as quickly as possible. And has been pointed out, he already had a home there. Well, yeah, that's a given. Different fans want different things. There is no way everyone will be perfectly happy.
  22. There's no way EVERY fan could get what they want. They all want different things. Oh, Johnny, trust me...somebody will.
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