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  1. Will do. The antenna is not in good shape, though.
  2. I don't have either. I still have an ancient antenna attached to the back of my roof. I don't have cable. But I may get something when I get my new Internet. I don't know anything about these things. It's overwhelming.
  3. I had that a few weeks ago. Now it's nothing but heat.
  4. Having watched the way the weather is changing I think the Midwest is definitely off a month. We got in April what we used to get in March, we got in May what we used to get in April, and so on. October will probably be what we used to get in August and farmers will be harvesting in November at the rate they are going. Very weird.
  5. I thought opening the exhibit for fans to see and experience might be important to fans of the show. Perhaps it's not. Yes, I know about that but as I said, I thought it was funny that someone would base an article on that particular quote.
  6. But seriously, isn't there anyone else from the cast you wouldn't rather see there at such an important moment? BTW, this is the LAST thing I thought anyone else would base a whole article on. I don't know how I missed this when it came out. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/big-bang-theory-johnny-galecki-sex-dressing-room
  7. Brian and Will are the only people they could get to do this? This is going to mean so much to so many fans who are able to go. I can understand Will, but there are tons of other people who worked on the show that were better liked than Zack.
  8. Well, I liked it. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. It was fun. And Wiki isn't giving it a very good synopsis. There is much more to it than they are saying. Check out some other reviews before you decide. They don't give enough credit to the two Beatles fans who keep appearing at his concerts and interviews. He is afraid they are angry with him and want to ruin him. They add to his guilt and that adds some tension, as does the manager, who is an interesting villain desperate to make a fortune off of the singer. It's #3 after last weekend and the singing is honestly what surprised
  9. If you like the Beatles, you should go see the movie Yesterday. I liked it a lot better than I thought I would. Robert Carlyle's surprise scene near the end makes it worth it by itself. I don't know why it's not doing better. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Olivia Harrison all gave approval for it.
  10. I know it's a bit behind the times but I just saw the article in Newsweek about what Jim Parsons will be up to now. I don't know which of the four projects in development that they mention I'd be most interested in. I need more info. https://www.newsweek.com/jim-parsons-after-big-bang-theory-show-ending-cbs-2019-1089121
  11. A new source of fresh water would be nice. In a recent survey of the sub-seafloor off the U.S. Northeast coast, scientists have made an unexpected discovery. They have found a huge aquifer of fresh water below the ocean. It's trapped below sediment. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/06/190621140341.htm
  12. I have as low an opinion of them as he does, if not lower.
  13. I'll give my opinion of that strategy. It was lame-ass stupid. This is one of the things I TOTALLY agree with you on. I also TOTALLY agree with this. I thought they were going downhill from season eight. And the last two seasons especially so. I don't know why they even did them, aside from the money, as they were that bad.
  14. YES! Exactly! Although I was not waiting for a Nobel personally. I really thought they were going to get nominated but not win, and that was what was going to make Sheldon appreciate his friends finally. (Because they would still support him even if he didn't have a Nobel.) I'm glad he finally appreciated his friends, but I still would have liked my way better. It would have made more sense to me. And that is okay. Sometimes we have agreed, and sometimes we have not, but I've always enjoyed your posts. THAT is what really matters. No one here ever said anyone had to like every s
  15. I acknowledged that some posters did. I know you would have liked to have seen that. But I would have been just as happy with none at all, and that includes Howard and Bernie. But I'm not playing tit for tat just because they gave Howard kids. Maybe it's because 90% of the time I just didn't like Penny. I don't know. But I don't think any of the pregnancies did much for the show and I still think to toss one in at the end was just throwing a bone to the fan base that waited so long for it.
  16. I didn't want to see any more pregnancies, so in that sense the season was okay up until the end for me personally. I know others feel differently and that's okay.
  17. The Tony for Best Revival of a Play went to The Boys In The Band. I'm sure Jim Parsons is quite pleased about that.
  18. I'd love to do the studio tour again. I haven't gone in a long time.
  19. When I was at Anne Hathaway's cottage when I was doing a Shakespeare tour of England and Wales, I was talking to a reenactor who said 15 generations of the family had lived there. I told them we thought we were doing well because five generations of the family lived at the historical farm where I work. When he laughed I pointed out that to him 200 years was nothing but to me, 200 miles was nothing. My friend who had the degree in folklore wanted to work in a library but didn't want to get a Master's in library science, which kind of stymied that desire.
  20. My mind immediately went to the Three Stooges. (My husband is a huge stooge fan.) Moe Howard was supposedly an expert at that.
  21. One of my daughter's friends stayed a college student until he was 33. We called him a professional student. Anyone of any age can be a student. Another friend of one of my kids graduated with a major in something that was impossible to get a job in and went back and started another major. I personally had a friend who majored in Mythology and Folklore (why I'll never know) and had to go back to school when they couldn't get a job.
  22. Lucy definitely could have evolved. She was broken, but so was Raj at that point. They had to make him so pushy and desperate...but then they did that over and over again. Perhaps he was the one who needed the most character growth. I agree with everyone who's said he didn't get it. THIS^^^ If they had done that earlier, it could have been very funny. There's so much they could have done with a geeky girl. Did they realize too late that geeky girls exist? Denise was probably one of the best done side characters they had in the history of the show.
  23. Yes, that's possible but if anyone would have a shot at understanding socially awkward guys who are fixated on their animals, I thought a female vet would.
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