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  1. But when once asked by Penny and Bernadette, she said she expected to marry Sheldon and said how many years it would be. And that's where we're at now, isn't it?
  2. Totally disagree. I wasn't watching for Lenny then and I'm not watching for it now. I just never liked it. I quit watching for awhile in season one because I thought the nerd thinking he was nothing without a big busted hot girl he didn't even know at the time was irritating to me. The relationship was planned from the start and I concede that but it wasn't there from the start. I came back and caught up solely for the way Jim played Sheldon. He is unique and deserved every award he got for what he brought to the show. He was the one getting accolades back then. He's not that funny now but I don't blame that on Shamy. I blame that on the fact that he's friends with Penny. When she was calling him out for his quirks and he was needling her for being a dumb bleached blond the show was the funniest. After they stopped that they focused more on treating Sheldon like a child and that isn't the funniest storyline they've ever had as far as I'm concerned.
  3. I never believed this. I wish I could have, but I just don't. As for the marriage, to me it was a mess from the start because I didn't understand why Penny would fight with Leonard all the way to Vegas for her second quickie wedding and still just do it. Nothing was really resolved in the car for me. I wish they had turned around, gone home, or gone to a hotel and actually dealt with their issues and then had the wedding for friends and family if they had to have a wedding. The Vegas wedding meant nothing to me.
  4. I can so see that. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  5. The very idea of a prequel has always seemed like a rotten idea to me. i don't see how it can be funny. Sheldon was insufferable as a child from what we know and got bullied a lot. And you have to deal with the religious beliefs of his mother, and that could be a landmine for controversy. I just don't like the idea at all and I doubt if I will watch it. If I do I'm afraid i will probably wind up wondering why she never followed up with that specialist.
  6. In the summer I work for the county park dept. and rest of the year I am a teacher's aide for children with special needs. Both jobs pay $9.50 an hour. (Thank God my husband is an accountant that makes a lot more than that.) So I can safely say park service employees and lots of teachers probably all feel kind of off when they hear these numbers.
  7. I know most people will disagree but I am not looking forward to this and I wish they would drop the idea. I don't want to see Sheldon being bullied, and being an insufferable child (we're getting enough of that with the writers now) and hearing about a lot of religious stuff he has to listen to from his mother before he can do his homework. I still can't see how this can be a comedy. it's got nothing funny going for it that I can see.
  8. Fair enough but Penny never WANTED to go as I saw it. Wanting to go would mean to me that she saw some redeeming feature in it. She didn't that I remember. She was dreading going and we never saw them discuss what she and Leonard would be doing there together. Which was odd to me. If she really want to do something with him, I thought they should have started making plans. But that's just me.
  9. I don't think it was fine. I don't see fine as quite the right word. He harped on it until everyone was disgusted with him and to me that's not fine. It led to some good comedy, but some of it was also tedious. I so wished they had played up the angle of a nerd becoming a hero more. But then they couldn't have had the horrible robot going to first base at the ball field, I guess.
  10. I'm not the slightest bit interested in Lenny. I don't understand it and never did, so I'm letting this one go. Shamy...NO Meemaw. I love Mary, but Meemaw was a total disaster. I don't know a lot of people that worked for at all. Perhaps it was the fact that no one could make everyone happy after years of speculation, or that 17 1/2 minutes wasn't enough time to do the story justice, but Meemaw was all wrong for me. I'll take as much of Mary as we can get though. I wish they'd get Judd back again as Leonard's dad but I know he's busy right now. Maybe they could be seeing each other and writing the boys driving them crazy? I'd rather see Howard's brother again than Howard's dad. Again, don't think they can do a decent follow through on that in a few minutes, but I thought the brother has potential. If you mean Dr. Emily and not blind Emily, no. Actually I loathed both of them. They missed a huge opportunity with Yvette the vet. But I never want to see Emily again, although I like the actress well enough. I wish they hadn't killed her character off on Sleepy Hollow. THAT she was perfect for. Group gatherings, yes, and some with unusual match ups would be great. Amy and Howard were hilarious on the scavenger hunt. I kept wondering if they ever went to that concert together. Kripke is always hilarious. The Cooper/Kripke inversion is one of my favorite eps. Stuart needs to find success at something and not be such a sad sack. I always hoped it would be through his art...that someone would notice his art in the shop or something.
  11. I have been thinking about this ever since it got posted so I'm not responding to this from the gut and I have decided it's really unfair to Amy. Leonard was trying to make it look bad more than Amy was. Who pointed out the spot by Sheldon's feet that Penny would get? Not Amy. One of the whole points of the story was Leonard trying to make it look bad to dissuade Penny from going. I'm surprised to see anyone totally thrust that on Amy.
  12. The link I had gave a little more info and went into more than I saw on the previous page here. https://www.yahoo.com/tv/big-bang-theory-stars-mayim-bialik-melissa-rauch-010004140.html I was especially interested in the following statement
  13. I am totally against this type of a cliffhanger simply because it is too much like what they did with the guys, and those were all unqualified disasters. After Leonard kissing the girl on the boat and Sheldon getting mugged and left in his underwear I guess I just do not trust them to handle Amy going away for the summer with any sensibility.
  14. I know the show will never admit it, but I think that too. The thing I loved most about the show at first was Sheldon because my Asperger son loved him and used to say he was the only person on TV that was like him. So I have always looked at Sheldon through that lens and what you say makes sense to me.
  15. Someone commented on the length of the show awhile back. It's not 20 minutes. It's more like 17 minutes. If they renew, God knows what we'll get. Maybe 15 and a lot more product placement? But who remembers what kind of convention they went to when Penny was signing autographs and Leonard wound up telling all the geeks about how she married him?
  16. I can't believe this surprises anyone who remembers the Bakersfield Expedition. The guys were already starting then to realize that Comic Con wasn't the be all and end all of life. I'm not surprised at all that they take it less seriously after that experience than they used to.
  17. I saw it and I liked it. Thank you. I think Sheldon was trying to be sweet with what he said to her about dessert.
  18. This is a good post. I never liked Lenny. I even quit watching the show for awhile in the first season but came back because Jim's character of Sheldon was so unique. But I can see why the people who do like it are getting tired of all of this jerking around.
  19. Thanks for posting this. I adore Beverly and will take an appearance from her any way I can get her.
  20. I never thought a drunken kiss on the ocean was cheating. But I was surprised, since Penny did, and they fought about it all the way to Vegas, that they still went through with the wedding. If I were on my way to a quickie wedding and got that upset, I would put the brakes on the wedding. Working through it could have been interesting, and they could have had a real wedding later, instead of having to repeat the quickie wedding just so their families could see it. It might have made the family wedding more interesting. I really did not like that ep although I know lots of people did.
  21. He looked great in the tux he got for the fake prom. And contrary to popular belief, Amy looks very nice when she's dressed up. I really liked the photoshoot of Mayim in Israel that I saw some time ago. I can't remember where but I kept thinking that cream colored dress she wore for part of it was very much like her wedding dress should be. I expect an engagement soon and definitely a wedding at some point.
  22. just noticed this being quoted by other people. Possibly. Especially if they want her to be funnier again. Her present job is not funny and doesn't add much to the comedy in my opinion. Of course that's just me. The show has not been very funny since season six for me and I'd like to see them do something with it that would lead back to laughs.
  23. Well, I've been in this situation. I used to take high school Girl Scout troops to Comic Con and Pop Con because no one else wanted to do it and the older girls occasionally need to do some things that they want to do instead of just running programs for younger girls like unpaid baby sitters. And you know what? When I did it I started to enjoy myself. I look forward to it every year now. The cosplay and the enthusiasm started to appeal to me. Maybe it would for Amy, too. I don't know. But honestly, I thought after Bakersfield Expedition the guys realized how silly it could look to others and were going to give these things up. I agree that Amy is never going to win, which makes me sad. She really does love Sheldon for who he is and I doubt if anyone else would ever be able to put up with as much from him as she does. I don't like any of the other ships and I never did. I didn't start watching for that. But this one is different somehow to me. As for existing without him, I wish they would do something like the scavenger hunt again. She was hilarious with Howard, and I was surprised at how well that worked. She was also very funny with Bernadette in the Parking Spot Escalation. Amy certainly can exist without Sheldon. But he was right when he said he was the glue that held the group together. That is how I see him.
  24. I am happy to find some people here who are not completely satisfied with the direction of the show or the possibility of renewal. I've lurked here for a long time because of the taping reports and decided to join because of the IMDB boards going down and I was afraid I'd be the only one who felt that way. But I think it's been less and less funny since season six.
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