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  1. Two people who each used to have desks at which to work, no have no desk. As an academic, I find that completely unrealistic and goes against the show's pattern of Sheldon often sitting at his desk. He's too big for the couch. The show is easier to write with Amy and Sheldon in the smaller apt. because Leonard is the one who is friends with all of them. Raj, Howard, etc. come over mostly to be with Leonard. It doesn't work as well to have a lot of people in the smaller apt.
  2. Looking back....they should have gotten Amy living with Sheldon at least a year earlier. We missed a lot of Ricardos/Mertzes - Rubbles/Flintstones sorts of things. And that might have created time or reason to put Leonard and Penny back in Penny's apartment. Sheldon and Amy don't fit in the apt and he doesn't fit in the furniture. I miss Raj's parents and the Fowlers are great.
  3. Yeah, Vivian Vance got paired with a guy FAR older so the Ricardos would seem younger. Lucy and Viv had their ups and downs, but, evidently, were pretty close.
  4. Looks like the Towers will survive.
  5. I really miss Raj's parents. They were great. The Fowlers are great.
  6. We've seen Leonard stealing Howard's girlfriend and going behind Raj's back and having an affair with his sister.
  7. Yes, the comic book angle was one of THE best things Howard, Bernadette and Stewart have done in a LONG time. Sweet.
  8. Check out the film "Cheaper By the Dozen."
  9. Yes. It is somewhat generational. Using the 'F' word used to be much more rare and even more rare in public. Back in the 30s and 40s, use of vulgarity, in general, was somewhat class-based. Profanity had different patterns, but, also was not used in public - remember Rhett Butler's "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Caused a huge stir.
  10. CBS showing TBBT and YS 8-9pm to entice people away from watching the Oscars. High praise.
  11. It's obvious they want to keep it going - they use it to help boost new programs or prop up those on less favorable nights, or whatever.
  12. I was not of the impression Penny and Bernadette were great pals. Penny thought Howard was pretty icky. If they'd been that close, she would NOT have set B up with Howard to honor Leonard's promise to Howard. They were cordial co-workers. The show has benefited from Penny's having some female colleagues to interact with. It's strengthened her as a character.
  13. Then there wouldn't be much of a show. That 'conflict' fuels much of the dialogue and circumstances for interaction. Like the Ricardos and Mertzes. Ignorant, but not unintelligent. Ignorance can be cured.
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