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  1. Ship Zone

    Hmmm... Buridan's Donkey. Brain MRI. Holding Amy's hand during rocket take-off. Toothbrush. Mars application. "I'll let you get back to your date." Either time.
  2. One of the things I like about the show is that despite all the smart ass put-downs, the show is, ultimately, about friendship and tolerance. They realize Sheldon is 'different' or, as Leonard said, "broken." And Leonard is broken also and admits he needs to be needed, as he did to Professor Proton. [Perhaps that's something the show could do with Penny and Leonard - show that for all her street smarts, she needs him for something, and not for money.] They take in friends [this includes post-Leonard/Penny marriage with Sheldon] Stuart, Raj...The show features a lot of 'broken' people if you include Howard and Amy. Bernadette and Penny and to a lesser extent, Raj are the ones with more functional childhoods. None of them have stopped wanting the approval of the others. ETA: My local station just showed this episode!
  3. I, too, agree with all of this. I find Howard's character MUCH more appealing now that we don't get the fat mother jokes, which I always hated. Sheldon will always be a work in progress. I guess that's kind of what is intriguing about him.
  4. I generally find the comparisons between episodes too vexing to make a choice.
  5. Actor

    I love that she has a passion outside of performing, but - given her previous injury - I wonder how her contract addresses her horse-jumping, etc. I know that back in the day some movie stars - Spencer Tracy, for one - were forbidden in their contracts from playing polo, so he played under a different name.
  6. And it was nice to hear them say how they reacted to the proposal and how that character arc affected them.
  7. Kaley seems to inject a lot of positive energy into things. Good on her. She's terrific.
  8. Ship Zone

    It's impossible to: be at a conference, around your colleagues for the first time in two months, etc. without talking a lot. Smart move.
  9. Just your typical couple losing their virginity in their late 30s.
  10. I love "Staircase." I love "Duck Deficiency." Not fair!
  11. Ship Zone

    Yes, they are!
  12. Ship Zone

    Some things are better with some spontaneity. But that's not Sheldon's strong suit. Sheldon's over-thinking everything kind of throws that out the window, which means each of them has time to mess with their own heads over everything.
  13. Yes, the characters are in their 30s, but some of them look like they're in their 40s, which they are.
  14. I have no idea or opinion on whether it will be a success or failure. They're looking it. Especially to folks in their teens.
  15. Television shows starrring young children, are usually targeting a slightly different audience than programs featuring people in their 40s [TBBT]. There will certainly be some overlap, but the target audience is slightly different. It's not black and white. Yes, I have some professional background in marketing and have a friend who is a program buyer for a major network. Interesting stuff.