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  1. Watching "Amy Ruins 'Raiders of the Lost Arc'" right now on repeats. GREAT episode.
  2. Again, male writers making the call. Leonard was never called a slut and he had more partners on the show than anyone.
  3. Yes, it's not as linear a process as many people think and reactions are functions of circumstances, also. So, to me, it was completely logical for Sheldon to freak over Amy's look. It was too much too soon and took place with all the press fray etc. Too much.
  4. New hair-do? Okay. New everything? Nawww...
  5. I guess, being female, I react to Amy's makeover differently. And to Penny suddenly being happy about being pregnant. It's a reminder that the vast majority and most senior writers are male. But neither is that big a deal. Just not as I would have written it. I find myself thinking that there are so many things they could have done with this show but did not. Howard's half brother was a good character. Raj's character should have been done better. Raj's parents were great and then they disappeared. I would like to have met one of Sheldon's dissertation advisers. Sorry not to see Laurie Metcalf again, but she's Hillary on Broadway. Penny's character was like plankton - it just got caught up in the flow of other people's dreams and plans. I would have liked for her to date a professional athlete or big time author during her break-up with Leonard. We only saw her with complete duds. She's smart and funny - she could have done better. And it would have been good to see her in a job she actually likes. Everyone else loves their work, except for her. Working for a local TV station, advertising firm, whatever. Something she would like to do.
  6. I actually thought it was in character for him as a last straw with being over-whelmed by so much change. A much better discussion is taking place on a well-known discussion board....
  7. Right. Amy's the 'utility' model, not the 'sporting' model - and has always been proud of it.
  8. Completely agree on Amy. I, too, didn't like the total makeover.
  9. They should have set him up with the veterinarian.
  10. Raj should have ended up with the veterinarian or his parents should have come to Pasadena to find a match for him.
  11. It's kind of like NASCAR racing - each team has a couple of drivers in the race and they support the top driver on their team by blocking others, etc. I enjoyed this one, but not the Howard-Bernadette plot. That one was a real step backwards.
  12. I really enjoy watching the two of them. And liked their interactions with Penny and Leonard. I wish we'd had more of that sort of thing this year....
  13. Two people who each used to have desks at which to work, no have no desk. As an academic, I find that completely unrealistic and goes against the show's pattern of Sheldon often sitting at his desk. He's too big for the couch. The show is easier to write with Amy and Sheldon in the smaller apt. because Leonard is the one who is friends with all of them. Raj, Howard, etc. come over mostly to be with Leonard. It doesn't work as well to have a lot of people in the smaller apt.
  14. Looking back....they should have gotten Amy living with Sheldon at least a year earlier. We missed a lot of Ricardos/Mertzes - Rubbles/Flintstones sorts of things. And that might have created time or reason to put Leonard and Penny back in Penny's apartment. Sheldon and Amy don't fit in the apt and he doesn't fit in the furniture. I miss Raj's parents and the Fowlers are great.
  15. Yeah, Vivian Vance got paired with a guy FAR older so the Ricardos would seem younger. Lucy and Viv had their ups and downs, but, evidently, were pretty close.
  16. They're the Mertzes. Sheldon and Amy are the Ricardos.
  17. Looks like the Towers will survive.
  18. I really miss Raj's parents. They were great. The Fowlers are great.
  19. We've seen Leonard stealing Howard's girlfriend and going behind Raj's back and having an affair with his sister.
  20. Yes, the comic book angle was one of THE best things Howard, Bernadette and Stewart have done in a LONG time. Sweet.
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