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  1. 2 minutes ago, chucky said:

    There were female writers on staff as well. As Sheldon would tell you, Penny had way more partners. If that really matters. Lenny is married, happy and expecting the arrival of their first smart and beautiful child. I predict, this is only my opinion, that the majority of Lenny's are satisfied.

    Male writers "making the call."

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  2. 11 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    Agreed   Pennys depiction by the writers as loving the old glub glub and her promiscuity was way overdone in the series.  After she was engaged and then married to Leonard those references should have ended but the writers wanted the laughs more from Sheldon especially.  IMO, it was shameless and unnecessary.

    Again, male writers making the call.

    Leonard was never called a slut and he had more partners on the show than anyone.

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  3. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    I think when Sheldon said he loves them in his way, he was recognizing he would likely still hurt them or fail to meet their expectations at times. That is completely realistic, progress is much less linear than we would like to believe. But I want to believe he will try better, and I hope they keep making him see where he's failing, accepting him but also not just taking it and saying "Sheldon will be Sheldon".

    Yes, it's not as linear a process as many people think and reactions are functions of circumstances, also.  So, to me, it was completely logical for Sheldon to freak over Amy's look.  It was too much too soon and took place with all the press fray etc.  Too much.

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  4. 49 minutes ago, April said:

    I know that's what was said in the scene but it didn't feel true to her character. Like she never saw herself on a picture or what? Come on! She knows her style and didn't care what people said - that was always great about her.

    I said before: I'm not totally against the makeover and I'm fine with the result but the reason how it came about felt not quite right.

    New hair-do?  Okay.

    New everything?  Nawww...

  5. 3 hours ago, bfm said:

    I thought Sheldon's hard time with the changes was completely realistic. He won't be okay with changes now just because he made it through some. That's not how it works. Sheldon will probably always have problem with change. He may get better, even much better, in dealing with it, but it will always disconcert him. He experiences changes in ways different than most other people. I think the problem is not in the plot but more in them not delving enough into Sheldon's issues, whatever they are in their eyes, which makes viewers judge him as an everyman, which he's not.


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  6. I guess, being female, I react to Amy's makeover differently.  

    And to Penny suddenly being happy about being pregnant.  

    It's a reminder that the vast majority and most senior writers are male.

    But neither is that big a deal.  Just not as I would have written it.

    I find myself thinking that there are so many things they could have done with this show but did not.

    Howard's half brother was a good character.

    Raj's character should have been done better.

    Raj's parents were great and then they disappeared.

    I would like to have met one of Sheldon's dissertation advisers.

    Sorry not to see Laurie Metcalf again, but she's Hillary on Broadway.

    Penny's character was like plankton - it just got caught up in the flow of other people's dreams and plans.  I would have liked for her to date a professional athlete or big time author during her break-up with Leonard.  We only saw her with complete duds.  She's smart and funny - she could have done better.  And it would have been good to see her in a job she actually likes.  Everyone else loves their work, except for her.  Working for a local TV station, advertising firm, whatever.  Something she would like to do.  


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  7. 2 hours ago, Jonny said:

    It was a show that entertained and brought joy to millions of people across the globe over the years and spawned a passionate fanbase and community, in particular here.

    I would say the show has done rather well lol

    I think they passed the audition.

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  8. 17 hours ago, Sah said:

    They couldn't have had sheldon be nicer to Amy when she got a make over? Crushed. I am crushed. She looked amazing. Celebitory hitting Sheldon? Oh boy.

    I actually thought it was in character for him as a last straw with being over-whelmed by so much change.

    A much better discussion is taking place on a well-known discussion board....

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  9. 4 hours ago, bfm said:

    I meant just the part about Amy's makeover. It felt out of the blue, suddenly she was very upset about her looks when before she always seemed to see no problem with that. 


    Amy's the 'utility' model, not the 'sporting' model - and has always been proud of it.

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  10. It's kind of like NASCAR racing - each team has a couple of drivers in the race and they support the top driver on their team by blocking others, etc.

    I enjoyed this one, but not the Howard-Bernadette plot.  That one was a real step backwards.

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  11. 1 hour ago, legacy99 said:

    I can't figure out why shamy don't fit in pennys old apartment is the furniture miniature or are shamy bigger than they look on television

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    Two people who each used to have desks at which to work, no have no desk. 

    As an academic, I find that completely unrealistic and goes against the show's pattern of Sheldon often sitting at his desk.  

    He's too big for the couch.

    9 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    They have shown Amy and sheldon in the apartment and I haven't seen any kind of problem I don't remember either Amy or sheldon complaining about the apartment

    The show is easier to write with Amy and Sheldon in the smaller apt. because Leonard is the one who is friends with all of them.  Raj, Howard, etc. come over mostly to be with Leonard.  It doesn't work as well to have a lot of people in the smaller apt.  

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  12. 4 hours ago, Jonny said:

    I used to moan a lot on the Shamy thread about the ‘glacial pace, as Jim coined it for the progression of Shamy’s story as a whole. I wanted a lot of things speeded up lol!

    But I can honestly say this Nobel story could have done with being set at a slower pace and like you said something that perhaps had it’s seeds sown a couple of seasons back. It would be better for it.

    To sum up my feelings, overall I think they went far too slow with a lot of things but I don’t think that applies to the Shamy project storyline.

    Looking back....they should have gotten Amy living with Sheldon at least a year earlier.  We missed a lot of Ricardos/Mertzes - Rubbles/Flintstones sorts of things.  And that might have created time or reason to put Leonard and Penny back in Penny's apartment.  Sheldon and Amy don't fit in the apt and he doesn't fit in the furniture.  

    I miss Raj's parents and the Fowlers are great.

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  13. 8 hours ago, hokie3457 said:

    There are so many ancillary characters we have come to love/hate/enjoy to see.  That we may have seen the last of Wil Wheaton, Professor Protron/Arthur Jefferies, Mr. & Mrs. Fowler, Raj's parents...it is all a little bit sad and heart breaking.  How wonderful is it, btw, that we have been treated to Joshua Malina as President Siebert in several episodes this season?? Mayim just posted something on her Gronk Nation blog regarding cleaning out her dressing room.  Still 34 days to go.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it.... 

    I really miss Raj's parents.

    They were great.  The Fowlers are great.

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  14. 39 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    We've seen sheldon trying to take credit for Leonards idea so I'm not to sure of sheldon when it comes to their work Unless Amy forced or tricked him into it

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    We've seen Leonard stealing Howard's girlfriend and going behind Raj's back and having an affair with his sister.

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