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  1. Didn't say they were. I don't see this as a 'Lenny' issue actually. It's a Leonard issue, to me.
  2. Doesn't negate what he has done. Again, I think gender is a factor in how we perceive these issues.
  3. The show has shown that Leonard will do ANYthing for sex, which we expect of Howard, but Leonard has been depicted as just as opportunistic. The North Korean spy, the elderly donor, Raj's sister [broke a promise], Howard's date the night she had a date with Howard, etc. In real life the latter two are often relationship breakers. Leonard is living the Geeky Guy Fantasy on behalf of the writers and many viewers. Challenge that at your peril!
  4. He was interested in enhancing his profile as a potential sexual partner. In creating a sitution in which she was in his debt.
  5. Sheldon wasn't looking to get a sexual reward, as Leonard was. It wasn't selflessness on Leonard's part.
  6. Yes! That's probably THE most famous. Good one! And, let's not forget "Leslie Townsend Hope."
  7. They're right up there with our UMBC Retrievers! Wouldn't you know the CBS affiliate in Maryland did NOT show the Univ. Virginia vs. UMBC game to Marylanders. You had to have cable TV to see it. Free TV had Syracuse.
  8. Didn't Willie Nelson write that song? I think so.
  9. Yeah, which it often does. Go, Loyola!!!! And Sister Jean!!!
  10. Someone HAD to ask! Made a rarebit this year. In the US many Catholics were granted a dispensation to break Lent on St. Patrick's Day. Hence eating meat [if it falls on a Friday], etc.
  11. Harry Truman's brother's name was Vivian. Spencer Tracy's brother was Carroll. Times change.
  12. Wasn't the bar that Archie Bunker would go to called "Kelsey's," on "All in the Family."
  13. It was more common as a last name until pretty recently.
  14. Would they throw them the curve of Sheldon finding out about Hawking?
  15. GREAT Washington Post story from a physics prof who took Hawking to a cowboy bar in Colorado: Red it HERE
  16. Oookaaay....if you say so... Kind of a quirky version of the Ricardos and the Mertzes. I agree Lenny are not getting enough screen time. I think this problem would be better served if they gave Penny a better, more interesting job. I wish we would see an episode that focused on her.
  17. Interesting: Hawking protesting against the Vietnam War in London, 1968:
  18. You missed the scenes in Amy's lab? The Dept. of Defense lab they shared? At Howard and Bernadettes? At the Planetarium? At the Comic Book Store? Wow!
  19. I feel that in the character of Howard's brother, the show missed a chance to keep the 'geek who likes gaming, etc. who has a problem with girls' meme could have kept going. I understand that that is part of the appeal of the early years for many of us. But, for me, seeing guys in their late 30s/early 40s in that situation would be depressing, so, the show could have kept that meme alive through Howard's brother and the occasional graduate assistant, for example. It's interesting that these guys work at a university, but have no superiors other than the dean, and they have no graduate assistants or undergraduate lab techs. That's not an authentic depiction of how universities work at all. This isn't a documentary, but seeing some occasional cameos from lab assistants or grad assistants would have been a means to keep the geek thing going.
  20. That's a Southernism. You also have Dorothy Jos....etc. I thought the half brother was a character that worked.
  21. I'm surprised they've never brought in either Leonard's or Sheldon's dissertation adviser in for a couple of episodes.
  22. If you work in the engineroom - you might put salt in your coffee.
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