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  1. Kripke is great and I loved the joke about having to pay the hourly fee for his date.
  2. I thought the episode was very good, but the two plotlines didn't mesh well for me.
  3. Sawtell Field. Said, Capt. Hilts, who was born near Chambers Field.
  4. BINGO! But they're not animated and guys in their 40s sitting on a couch playing computer games would be depressing.
  5. Future seasons would not necessarily have to have 20+ episodes. The way they move the show around and have multi-week breaks between new episodes, a season with only 10 episodes would be an option. Send them off to other universities, etc.
  6. Is it an end date? I think a flash forward for next season would be great, THEN living arrangements could be changed.
  7. Yeah, but she still gets a lot of the punchlines.
  8. Met Deb Harry and have her and Chris Stein's autographs!
  9. I've always been surprised how we rarely saw other residents of the building. It would have been good to toss a geologist or French language professor in there, so that they could be the butt of the guys' jokes instead of each other.
  10. Yeah the 'four times' joke wasn't funny until she made the LA LA Land reference. THEN, it was funny.
  11. But it's how someone who is on the spectrum might behave.
  12. There's no crowd watching them there.
  13. Amy is no longer nearly that needy any more. She was perfectly happy to get married in a suit at the J of P.
  14. Right. No one has ever had to ask what Sheldon and Amy talk about. They have a lot of common interests. So, they bring completely different expectations to a relationship than Leonard and Penny. Different strokes for different folks.
  15. And personal preferences are also not an indicator of quality.
  16. As someone here noted, ratings are even affected by the weather!
  17. Overall viewership has been in a steady decline.
  18. If an episode generates a larger audience than average, some of those folks might keep watching. That said, TBBT's 'average' ratings are great.
  19. No one has said "ratings = quality." Season 7 is four years ago. I just looked at last two seasons. By the way, I, too, would like to see more of Leonard and Penny and for some focus to be put on Penny, in particular.
  20. Because the ratings for those shows sustain high ratings.
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