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  1. I'm having the same problem with this site.
  2. Viewership measurements, i.e., ratings are quantitative and not subjective. Quality and tastes are qualitative and are subjective.
  3. "Killing the show"? Some death! Most shows would LOVE to have TBBT's ratings in ANY year, let alone the 11th year.
  4. Hard to top Lee-Jackson-King Day in Virginia.
  5. Heroes don't do 'heroic' things for a payoff or their personal benefit or pleasure.
  6. This show is an incredible - and easy - cash cow for actors. A half hour show, filmed as this one is, is a walk in the park for professional actors. They all go elsewhere looking for challenges. A friend of mine was on a top ten half hour show and he couldn't get over how much money he made for doing so little, as compared to the stage and film work he'd done.
  7. Before our neighborhoods and cities were designed for cars instead of people. Automobiles atomized society.
  8. They don't want to get into debates as to what, exactly, are manifestations of being on the spectrum.
  9. Some folks I know of who are on the Autism spectrum are very much affected by circumstances or fatigue when it comes to how they react to people and situations. It's not a solid, upward line of progression.
  10. That's why they said "often" and not "always."
  11. I thought this episode used ALL the characters in a much more effective way than usual. As a result, it didn't flow like a clip show for a longer show we never see as they do so often. The scene with Bernadette and Penny was good. And it was interesting to see Leonard interacting with Bernadette. Also fun to see Sheldon with Howard. Sheldon and Amy were good and, yes, it was good to see the lunch room scenes. GREAT twist at the end. Now, get them back to the Cheesecake Factory!!!
  12. He's not married. That's a big deal to them.
  13. Mary, Beverly and Raj's parents are all fantastic characters that should be used more often. Bring back Raj's mom! Have her visit to set him up!
  14. But by doing so, you endanger the earnings of others. I guess, at this point, the TBBT cast is big enough that if one of them got hurt, they could just write around them.
  15. Hollywood contracts often had no polo playing/skiing codicils in contracts. Stuff you can live without.
  16. Leonard is the pivot point of the show. He is to TBBT as Mary Richards was to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. You can't move him out of the building. It's a real dilemma because Sheldon and Amy, clearly, do not fit in that apartment. Sheldon without a desk?
  17. A lot of folks hated that Hermione ended up with Ron.
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