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  1. Check out the film "Cheaper By the Dozen."
  2. Yes. It is somewhat generational. Using the 'F' word used to be much more rare and even more rare in public. Back in the 30s and 40s, use of vulgarity, in general, was somewhat class-based. Profanity had different patterns, but, also was not used in public - remember Rhett Butler's "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Caused a huge stir.
  3. CBS showing TBBT and YS 8-9pm to entice people away from watching the Oscars. High praise.
  4. It's obvious they want to keep it going - they use it to help boost new programs or prop up those on less favorable nights, or whatever.
  5. I was not of the impression Penny and Bernadette were great pals. Penny thought Howard was pretty icky. If they'd been that close, she would NOT have set B up with Howard to honor Leonard's promise to Howard. They were cordial co-workers. The show has benefited from Penny's having some female colleagues to interact with. It's strengthened her as a character.
  6. Then there wouldn't be much of a show. That 'conflict' fuels much of the dialogue and circumstances for interaction. Like the Ricardos and Mertzes. Ignorant, but not unintelligent. Ignorance can be cured.
  7. He's gotten great reviews for his recent Broadway performances. I think more of that might be on his mind.
  8. I've always hoped she'd be a stringer for a local TV station who gets promoted to on-air.
  9. No, that hasn't ruined her. They just haven't written her well in a few years. The job makes her unhappy. It would be great if they had her doing something she liked.
  10. "Will she" - the future indefinite. The writers keep dancing around this topic to taunt fans. Amy and Sheldon talked about kids before their first date, about having them on Mars, etc. Nothing new there. As I don't write fan fiction, or read it, I don't bring the same intensity, or personal stake in these characters you bring to these discussions. I think the writers have come close to ruining the character 'Penny'. Sad!
  11. And I think the 'will she want to have a baby, or won't she' thread is a stain on the final season. I would prefer to see them doing something that makes them happy rather than arguing and manipulating each other about this topic.
  12. The best part of the show was Stuart's line about "Didn't you learn ANYthing from reading comic books?!?" Stuart is FAR too old for Denise. More male fantasies....
  13. The women were all dressed for a more formal event than the guys were.
  14. Penny's treatment by the writers is very sexist. There's just no other way to say it. I wish they had emphasized her intelligence more often, rather than her sexual or drinking habits.
  15. This is a show written from the male point of view and is often a male fantasy.
  16. Yes, that was my impression, also. Raj's character has been a dull, broken record, but I thought this episode put him back on the right track. And what a pleasure it is to see Bates and Teller. We really didn't need the third thread about Leonard and Penny. Two is usually enough!
  17. In the US you have to be 21 to purchase alcohol.
  18. Generally, you win a Nobel in your 60s for work you did in your 30s.
  19. Bobby Orr's a god! #4! The Pride of Parry Sound.
  20. CBS is showing TBBT and YS this evening. They use the shows to shore up viewership on other evenings.
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