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  1. Boo-YEAH! That's why 'Sheldon' made the Top 10 best list of Digital Spy's TV characters since 2000.
  2. I've seen only one episode of "Friends," on a trans-Atlantic flight. I hear it's pretty good.
  3. Again, not "serious," but a date with a guy having "status." Had she dumped a major league baseball player to be with Leonard, then the "she settled for him" jokes would not work. She would meet such a guy at the cheesecake factory, the gym, whatever. I see all sorts of celebrities [political, news] at a dodgy diner by my house. A sports/news broadcaster. She's always depicted as the sportsfan on the show. Penny is supposed to be the "hot" girl, but she was only shown dating brawny knuckle-draggers. She's cute and funny and would have been able to attract a better class of guy. The exception was seeing that physicist who was a complete cad. Leonard was supposed to be the one who had difficulty with women, yet women threw themselves at him. As depicted on the show, their experiences dating others was the opposite of the premise of the show.
  4. Not a more "serious" boyfriend, but one with greater status, without Zach's obvious fault. It also would have killed the "she 'settled' for Leonard" meme if she had dated one of the Anaheim Ducks, or Angels before getting back to Leonard. Penny's smart and attractive, she could have dated someone better than Zach.
  5. Priya was a good character, but, to me, her relationship with Leonard was never plausible, as was his relationship with Stephanie. Stephanie came and went too quickly for me. Again, it's really too bad the writers did not give Penny a "prestigious" partner during their time apart, as they did Leonard. It would have been great - and plausible - to have her dating a professional athlete from one of the area's sports teams. But this show is more male-oriented than female. Zack, ultimately, is not a threat to the guys because of his ignorance and stupidity.
  6. Damn! I hate it when Colonel Potter hogs screen time from Hawkeye and Klinger!
  7. Really? Networks do these pretty frequently....because the broader viewing audience hate them?
  8. To appear on the top-rated situation comedy? Yes - a lot of folks would do it for a small fee just for the exposure.
  9. An important source of humor for the show was always their dealing with the 'outside' world of non-physicists, women, university administrators, public officials, etc. Gradually bringing in new characters keeps this theme fresher than it might otherwise have been. Raj's various girlfriends, various relatives and visiting scientists. So, I like the shot in the arm of Amy's parents.
  10. The peripheral characters on this show are all so good. They could give some of the regulars a week off and have some of the parents - Raj's, Leonard's, Amy's, Bernadett's, Howard's brother, whatever. The parents on the show are really great. Who would have guessed that Amy's parents would be so much fun? I sure wouldn't have done so.
  11. Tensor, have fun. It's your your bounce house. The show is inconsistent and without the incongruitites they would have no show. But I stand by my comments. They have highly-prized degrees in a geographic environment that competes for folks with such degrees. It's not the University of Minnesota or Dalhousie. I do not appreciate your condescending "here I'll make it easy" tone. I've got FAR bigger fish to fry in real life.
  12. I would trust him to read it to determine if it was worth a professional translation.
  13. It is completely dependent on what grants you're working on and your field. There are post-docs and there are post-docs and JOBS. A friend of mine with a phd in theoretical physics via the Fermi Lab landed right into a very well-paying job. One of her pals ended up in a great job in Southern Calif. At my graduate school, physicists - even as graduate students - were financially better off than many others because of grant work and work with professors on those grants. The competition for students capable of working on these grants is pretty heated. These guys went to the prestigious universities that are at an advantage for grants and support for students. Physics department professors, etc. get paid well, especially at a place like Cal Tech. I would think someone in applied physics at a U so close to the JPL as well as other defense department contractors ... Lockheed Martin in Palmdale, Northrop Grumman, Southern California is larded with tech companies that would love to hire consultants like Leonard. Just proofing scientific publications is a nice second income. Add to these opportunities that graduate students in these fields are less likely to accrue academic dept in graduate school, they don't hit the job market with the academic debt say, a law student does. Southern Calif really benefits from high defense spending, so there would be some natural ups and downs. And Cal Tech is competing with these industries to keep folks like Leonard, etc. on staff. No way would Howard with a master's from MIT have to live with his mother if he is capable of the work depicted. Again, he's perfect for the aerospace industry. A girl fresh off the boat from Nebraska isn't going to get the shifts that generate the highest income. Even if she does, Sheldon and Leonard [I always mention Sheldon first for the reason they were named 'Sheldon' and 'Leonard'] are, at minimum, each earning twice as much as she is. A two-bedroom apt. generally costs a couple hundred dollars extra per month. Not double. So, rent isn't the burden to Sheldon and Leonard as it is to Penny. Plus, she has been regularly depicted as having financial problems. Sheldon and Leonard, conversely, eat nearly every dinner from a restaurant, have all the latest games, etc. They aren't hurting for cash. Sheldon has said he has FAR more than he needs or uses. Leonard referred to student loans, once. But if they didn't write it that way, they would not have a show. ps. No way Ann Marie could afford her apartment, either, on the wages of a part-time actress, on "That Girl." People like to watch shows with nice sets. Notice how few programs show rooms with dropped ceilings and florescent lighting? Because no one wants to watch it. Yeah, I was surprised the show brought up tenure.
  14. Two physicists at Cal Tech would be able to afford their own apartments. It's that a waitress at the cheesecake factory could afford to live across the hall that is the big fantasy.
  15. It would have been so much fun to see his parents [who were very funny] come to Calif to arrange a marriage for him. Academia is full of girls from India. That would have been great fun.
  16. Friendships are very self-selecting and not representative of the viewing population, as a whole. Though it's nice your friends and you agree on this topic.
  17. He could have called all three to his lab, had them write their name on small pieces of paper and drawn one out of a beaker. In other words, he didn't have to actively make a choice and certainly shouldn't have chosen himself.
  18. Bank error goes to...Banker! Kind of the Dick Cheney / Pope Benedict school of management....aaaaand the next Vice President/Pope is....ME! It doesn't pass any smell test, nor should it. But it made for a good show.
  19. I enjoyed this episode. I think the balanced all the characters well and it was great to see some University folks from the past. A bit of retro-Amy on the "secret club." Howard's "Penny's in there, too." Loved the crow woman. Great stuff. The use of occasional characters was great. Just as the various characters who are relatives of the cast are done so well.
  20. Worcestershire sauce stored decades in a musty basement.
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