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  1. It's a wonder his brain did not short out. It was stunningly rude - but funny. I liked Amy's "I'm the best shot he's got." True.
  2. Absolutely. Weddings are insanely stressful for anyone, let alone someone on the spectrum and also with OCD. THAT would definitely make him a flight risk.
  3. I noticed that, too. It was good to see Raj get some prime time. I really liked the calls he would make to his parents. I don't think their divorce has helped the show any. They, and Will Wheaton would be best candidates for increased screen time rather than introducing someone new. Perhaps the guys can go back to the Cheesecake Factory on Boyz Nite Out and Raj can meet a hot waitress there. Yeah, the Sheldon 'not understanding boundaries' is a bit repetitive, but that is how dealing with some folks on the spectrum is. The chart was a great idea and showed a way in which Sheldon uses familiar tools to solve new problems. The only thing wrong with this episode was the folks in 4a and 4b living in the wrong apartments.
  4. It's more funny when a nerd like Amy does it.
  5. Do they still have telephones in the elevators at MGU? I remember the stray cats wandering through the dining hall.
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