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  1. More shocked how many 'real' events seem to have come straight from the onion.
  2. Only one presidential candidate ever received more votes than Hillary Clinton: Barack Obama in 2008. That's it. When the electoral college was set up, the population disparity between urban and rural areas was around 16 to 1. It is now closer to 70 to 1. It makes the distortions of the electoral college all the greater. The voting power of people in Wyoming is significantly greater than those in California or Texas. The electoral college suppresses voting turnout for both parties. But overall voting numbers were high in '16. The under 30 vote spiked in 2008, but fell back in 2012 and 2016.
  3. Indeed. As someone who suffered through Virginia's absentee voting process for years, YES!
  4. The demographics of caucuses are younger than those who participate in primaries. That's the case everywhere. People who are older, have children, or do not want to go out at night etc. are less likely to participate in caucuses. Women, in particular, are less likely than men to be comfortable with the public proclamation of whom they're voting for and the ensuing debates than are men. So, caucuses are seen as discounting or distorting the voting population that actually shows up to vote in November: women. Especially older women. But it IS true he energized young people. Nevertheless, the number of those who actually voted that November, while better than previous years at near 50%, was part of a three year climb from the 1996 election. Overall, three million more folks under 30 turned out in November, which is great. That number fell again in 2012. Young people need to vote!!! It's their future! Capt. Hilts, pollster, who supports lowering the voting age to 16.
  5. Yes, he was. But he won the nomination winning caucuses [which have far lower participation rates than primaries ] in Red states, whereas Hillary won the primaries of all the big, blue coastal states. It was weird. The Democrats, following the Republicans, have more front-loaded their primary process with Super Tuesday. The problem is that Super Tuesday skews too southern. So, if you don't win the black vote on Super Tuesday, you've got quite a hill to climb to the Democratic nomination. This hurt Clinton and killed Sanders.
  6. Roe v. Wade was not, specifically, about abortion rights, but rather, privacy rights. I, for one, don't want to lose my privacy rights.
  7. Not enough United Statesians have read Kipling.
  8. Reading the NYT can be maddening, but the fact is, it is held to higher standards and monitored much more closely than other news sources.
  9. Leonard would have had to have admitted that Kurt, essentially, beat him up and he lost the virility contest to Kurt. Similarly, he would be an object of pity rather than admiration. Look, I think Leonard is a nice guy who does nice things, but having said he was looking forward to having smart and beautiful children with her means that he was motivated by things in addition to pure generosity. He wanted to ingratiate himself to her. It's that simple. Women have antennae for that. I think we have a bit of a gender gap here.
  10. If he just wants to generically help people - how come he never did anything like that for Stewart, who has been just as badly off as Penny?
  11. Moot point. Leonard was always looking for ways to ingratiate himself to her. Not pure generosity. But I agree his instincts are to do the 'nice' thing.
  12. ABC does not own it. The production company could find another buyer.
  13. There are SO many ways to make the show work longer - Change of jobs for some of them - Penny [PLEASE!], Howard [Get thee to JPL!], Sheldon/Leonard [visiting professors somewhere else]. Other characters - One of Leonard's sibs/One of Sheldon's dissertation advisers [wonder what they're like!] Time jump that invokes some of these factors. More Georgie! More Leonard's mother! More Amy's mother! Bring back Raj's parents! Have one move to Pasadena to find Raj an Indian girl.
  14. Yes. I came in part way as a result of watching syndicated repeats.
  15. Interesting you say that. That is often how it works.
  16. Many folks say that Charles hoped it would work - but she was just too young for him and wanted to do the things 23 year olds do and he did not. They had no common ground. It took time to realize that. It's sad all around. But they got two good kids.
  17. Yes. In The Love Spell episode, it's pretty clearly stated that he has "issues" that have nothing to do with Amy. I'm told it's a common problem with some folks on the spectrum. And - as is the case here - they can work on it and, perhaps, overcome it over time.
  18. @Tensor red banner of labor to you! What a staggering amount of work to monitor, do and etc. When I lived in Key West and a hurricane came our way, there wasn't much we could do. The Navy built the Bachelor Officers' Quarters in a design designed to deflect high winds, and all the windows had those metal jalosie shades you could shut to flat. I notice there was a building of identical design near the water in Norfolk. Smart. My brother near Ft. Meyers has been very, very lucky. Luck counts - good and bad. I'm glad to see you have been able to rebound from the thumping you got.
  19. Galecki should have been up for an emmy for his "I thought I was all cried out" line. Yet another reason it is unfortunate the clip was not chosen to make it on the air.
  20. I'll bet she saw some videos of him, first. There is a wonderful post-wedding interview with Curry and Welby talking about the wedding. It's a great clip. As one guy tweeted - and it was retweeted by the Episcopal Church - said it was like having Metallica playing in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Funniest tweet of the day was by an Irish liquor page: "Fair play to the Queen for not looking smug during 'God Save The Queen'. I'd have been swinging a scarf over my head, and shouting 'louder!'." LOVE this photograph:
  21. Overslept a bit - 6am EDT Put on my fascinator 6:30am.
  22. Only ever did it in the Lenin Library in Moscow and thought it was crazy, even there.
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