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  1. Yes. It was a great moment. In reference to Hawking. In reference to Leonard and Penny. And in reference to Sheldon and Amy. A win-win-win.
  2. The Ricardos and the Metzes. Because Kaley still gets most of the best punchlines. The writers clearly like writing for her.
  3. I think we'll see kids - not pregnancies - if they do a time jump.
  4. Exactly. It's awkward if you do so: Angela Stent. Angela Stent Yergin. Has become 'Angela Stent', again, even though she is still married to Daniel Yergin because it was confusing.
  5. Yes! Yes. And the jokes about Howard's mother made me cringe. One of the interesting things about "The Simpsons" is that they deliberately avoided standard 'insult' jokes.
  6. Ratings are an amalgamation of subjective views - but the ratings, themselves, are not subjective.
  7. The in-laws are great. All of them. Watch the NHL and NBA playoffs. Sawx-Yanks.
  8. I really liked 'take charge' / 'cut the crap' Penny we saw in this episode. The cold opening was great. I think it is in character for Amy to know about Lord of the Rings - that's the kind of fantasy lit I can see a young Amy reading. So, I don't think that was out of character. Still irked on Amy not wearing her glasses. I hate the 'ugly duckling' trope for women. Count me as disappointed we didn't see the Hawking scene. I think the guest stars: Georgie, and Amy's parents, were really outstanding. The "These are the people I'll be living with after you die" was really funny. We've come to expect good stuff from Laurie Metcalf. I loved how she got Jesus in the vows and that she got called on it. Too bad Christine Baranski couldn't be there. The commercial break in the middle of the show was almost long enough for me to forget what show I had been watching.
  9. Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford are the full-name first lady trivia champ challenges!
  10. The two of them are why I watch YS. I don't care about the kid, but those two are great. And Georgie is good, too. The whole cast is, actually. The part I don't really care about is...Sheldon. He's fine, but not why I watch.
  11. In physics, you do not pay for your graduate degree. You have scholarships and grants.
  12. Potts, and Metcalf's daughter are awesome.
  13. Season 10 was far more bold than 11. Moving in with Amy was a FAR bigger step for Sheldon than is marriage. He loves contracts! Marriage is a contract. He now has a legally sanctioned contract with Amy. It's a wonder he didn't do that, somehow, with Leonard.
  14. The only folks who hate Dallas more than folks in Washington are those in Houston.
  15. I agree. I didn't like either of their 'weddings', either.
  16. That was Leonard's parents and Sheldon's mother, not Sheldon.
  17. Got tired of the pouting and bullying and left.
  18. Yeah. She should be wearing her glasses. What if Leonard had gotten married without his? It would have looked strange, as does this one.
  19. I also LOVED the dig at Tony Romo. I HATE the fuckin' Cowboys. If Saddam Hussein and the Republican Guard went up against the Cowboys, I'd root for Saddam Hussein and the Republican Guard.
  20. What you typed. I really liked the depiction of Georgie. Though, like Leonard's brother - suddenly he wasn't a bully? He didn't bully Sheldon during the 13 years their dad was alive? Leonard wasn't bullied by his brother or mother? This is a 180. Georgie can be a bully and then shift to being 'the man of the house'. Doesn't make him less of a bully. I thought the Georgie, as depicted was terrific and I wouldn't mind seeing him, again, in the future. The pink eye plot was 5 minutes of plot stretched to 12. Loved Penny's super hero move over the couch.
  21. I wouldn't bet on that. Sheldon won't suddenly become 'normal' overnight.
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