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  1. And he is built somewhat like Sheldon. Good casting. That was a plot on Coronation Street! Hilda Ogden was watching television without a license and got caught! They live 'lower risk' lives. My brother in Florida got fired as part of a nationwide layoff of senior retail managers and Florida saw to it after over 20 years with the firm that he would get two weeks severance pay. They then lost their health insurance and went into debt when my sister in law was hospitalized and lost their house. This sequence would not happen in Scandinavia and they don't have to worry about it happening. In the US our freedoms are about 'freedom to' and in other countries it is 'freedom from'. Neither is all good or bad.
  2. My favorite was one of her more subtle lines when she was tending bar at the CF: "Alcohol does not work like that." Brill!
  3. There's a good reason the writers give Penny so many punchlines.
  4. The casinos don't like it when you bring skills to a game of chance. Makes 'em awful mad.
  5. I. Did. Not. Know. That! WISH Christine Baranski could have been there....
  6. You do not stop, pass 'Go' or collect $200 - you're O-U-T.
  7. You think you are honoring her by having an avatar that cuts off half her face and referring to a 'woman' as a 'female'?* *Term not exclusive to humans.
  8. They've already used the "ugly duckling" trope by putting Amy in make-up this year.
  9. That means you likely can't sit down in it and also breathe. This is why so many folks buy a different dress for the reception, etc.
  10. Those numbers mean nothing and are designed to: 1) Make women feel thinner 2) Keep women trying on things for size longer so that they are more likely to make impulse purchases. Madness.
  11. The white dress is a dreadful tyranny forced on women since the Victorian era. Most women look like sofas in white dresses. Men would, too. Except, perhaps, Ronaldo.
  12. Which should now be across the hall. That bed is too small for Sheldon, let alone them.
  13. I said after the tenant association episode that it was very "I Love Lucy," and I'm okay with that.
  14. How on earth do you cram all these people into one 18-20 minute episode? Good to have one mute actor!
  15. I think the logic there was to follow a process of choosing to avoid arguments and competitions. Good idea! It seems his mother sure did!
  16. It's Sheldon's mother who is twisting his arm on this. From what I've read, it's NOT Sheldon's idea.
  17. I knew of folks that did that in the Royal Navy....
  18. That's a terrrific dress, actually. It would look good even today. Well, it's nice that your intended recognized you in the strange, new, style of outfit and married you anyway! You made a great sacrifice to wear it! Women's formal wear is NOT comfortable!!!! Oh, dear, I belong to the Celtic FC fan club of DC.... I root for St. Johnstone, also. Well, those colors you're wearing here look GREAT on you - choose those!
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