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  1. Nice! I don't know why nearly ALL are now strapless. It's not a good look for most people and the bras do weird things. [Yes, I've watched "Say 'Yes' to the Dress"]
  2. But only Penny is subjected to slut-shaming dialog. Bernadette's were not depicted on the show. Mary Cooper said her two other children were "dumb as soup."
  3. ...if you are female. Sexual opportunism is okay for the guys on the show.
  4. Exactly. They would have been better used as part of the other two plots.
  5. Agree. And both plot threads worked better because there was not a THIRD plot thread, as there too often is. So, scenes were a spot longer and it didn't seem like watching clips of a longer show.
  6. Oh, Leonard's tomato-eating comment was GREAT.
  7. Leonard and Penny's relationship is not a function of Penny's relationship with anyone else.
  8. They complement one another - as in 'complete'. One's strength is the other's weakness, etc.
  9. SHELDON: Kirk or Picard? LEONARD: Oh, that's a tough one...Picard over Kirk but TOS over Next Gen. SHELDON: Correct.
  10. The sweater habit is somewhat typical of people who work in cold laboratories. If her kin did not work in a lab, they would likely dress more appropriately for Southern California.
  11. The Rosanne Show got a titled op-ed in the New York Times on the 29th of March. Great advertising.
  12. It was a high tech "I Love Lucy," and I'm okay with that.
  13. I really enjoyed this one. Both plot threads. Two plot threads is enough!! I liked Amy's subterfuge [being sneaky]. Howard and Raj talking to Stewart. All good. Kind of a high-tech version of "I Love Lucy," at times.
  14. All the analysis is free PR for the show.
  15. Right now, Barr is all over the news media for her politics and everyone and their uncle is analyzing it.
  16. It's a curiosity that is getting publicity in every section of the newspaper/Internet because of the unexpected politics of the show.
  17. And/or the Stewart scenes. They didn't need both of these.
  18. Perhaps Sheldon will design a special wedding banner.
  19. I just watched the episode where Penny learns how the elevator got damaged. First, the cross-dressing guy across the hall is GREAT. He delivers his line perfectly. Second, this episode really lays on the Sheldon-on-the-spectrum image. Sheldon avoids eye contact throughout the flashback. It's one of my favorites. I think it's a great episode.
  20. The thing about Penny, for which we have to give the writers credit - for changing her character in the first few shows... Is that she is ignorant, but not stupid. You can cure ignorance but not stupidity. It's a fine line, but an important one. Because she is not stupid and has the potential for growth...she should grow!!!!! Give her a job that she likes!
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