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  1. If you're physically active and not a competitive swimmer, it's vastly more comfortable.
  2. I don't think your dog would have recognized it as food - I think she's vegan these days.
  3. I agree the show is the primary draw, but television viewing is different now than it was even 5 years ago. And with all the reruns in syndication, the show is, in many ways, competing against itself. I only recently started watching them when broadcast. Sheldon IS the breakout character though. I'm hoping the series will do justice to Penny's character next year. I think that is THE key for next year. So much potential not used....
  4. You didn't quote the part about TBBT.
  5. Yes, but those that immediately followed ENTERPRISE - AMERICA and KENNEDY were conventional. I was at the commissioning of NIMITZ. LONGBEACH was nuclear. I do, too. Bringing on Amy and Bernadette really helped Penny's character. She needed some peeps. I still wish they'd had her date a great guy the guys could have been jealous of, instead of all the jealousy themes be about her being jealous of Pryia.
  6. I remember the guy having a smoke on the fantail below the flight deck getting hit by a door and going overboard in the Indian ocean. Remembered to inflate his overalls and was picked up by a Pakistani fishing boat. We won't talk here about what a maintenance nightmare ENTERPRISE was. There's a reason the subsequent carriers were conventionally powered. I remember seeing six lined up in Norfolk in 1992 and a seventh - AMERICA - was in the Norfolk NSY.
  7. How'd you get sunshine on a bird farm? Work out on deck? Yeah. There are sub sailors who get seasick if they put on damp socks.
  8. I noticed the same thing. Yep. I have volunteered on a sub for 18 years!
  9. Yes, things like this are HEAVY with components made of bakelite, etc. They make them portable so you can carry them to clients or on various parts of vessels or factories.
  10. I think it is a testing device of some kind. You would open the lid to insert, fuses, etc. Just a guess. We use things like this on the historic naval vessel on which I am a volunteer.
  11. Good eye on the wardrobe! Some dreadful sweaters this year. Though, again, it actually is normal for folks who work in a lot of research labs to wear sweaters hours after they're out of the lab.
  12. They've got Amy in too much make up this year. It's been a few weeks since I last typed that.
  13. But it had NOTHING to do with the Gates plot thread. It could have been in any episode.
  14. The Bill Gates story could have been used more. Seriously, we didn't need THREE plots: Gates, Stewart, Bernadette/Amy. They should have dropped the Stewart plot thread to make more of Gates. It would be okay if we didn't see every character [especially a supporting one like Stewart] every week.
  15. I could not agree more. She has great timing and there is a reason she gets so many punchlines.
  16. that sign was THE highlight of the game, other than the victory! the NCAA used to confiscate ALL signs for NCAA tournament games. I guess they feared vulgarity. I'm glad that one got in somehow. Saw the episode where they get robbed last night. One of THE great episodes. "....and Ms. Pacman."
  17. It doesn't. Sent from my laptop computer.
  18. Not talking about their habits, but about how they are discussed or referred to on the show. Only one's sexual habits are referred to in a derogatory way or used to demean them. Guess which one!
  19. Absolutely nothing - except for the different way each characters habits are depicted by writers and commentators.
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