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  1. Besides, Molaro kept answering pretty much any question with "I don't know" for the past few years. He's not gonna tell you how to feel about Lenny.
  2. If Leonard were extraordinary dumb, like Zack, I'd say it's inappropriate to make jokes about his education. But since there's nothing wrong with Leonard's education, I don't see the problem. Everyone knows the fact that he went to Princeton doesn't mean anything. Jokes are not supposed to reflect the truth.
  3. Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit when these characters make fun of each other? I feel like they're all in a good enough place right now to do that. They're not crossing any lines and neither is it exclusively happening to Lenny. Sheldon has been making fun of Leonard since he started chasing Penny, so effectively since the very first episode. If you only now realize these jokes are old, you're very late to the party.
  4. You're being highly critical of an episode you supposedly refuse to watch.
  5. Makes sense but, believe it or not, it's much more than that for most men.
  6. Thanks. Doesn't sound that bad? At first I thought they did all that work for nothing.
  7. Sorry if this was mentioned earlier, but why exactly did they lose the gyroscope project?
  8. It prevents him from floating, but he can swim like everyone else.
  9. People with higher bone density can swim.
  10. People were telling me Sheldon swimming in a public pool doesn't make sense because he's germophobic, but how can he handle kissing Amy? A human mouth contains more bacteria than a human anus. Of course he's germophobic, that's what he said, but we don't know where he draws the line.
  11. He also kept saying kissing is unsanitary and he'd never have sex with a woman and would rather make a baby in a petri dish. Yet, here he is, in a relationship with Amy. He was even willing to impregnate her earlier this season. What he says and what he ends up doing are two different things. I liked the season very much overall. Disagreed. I think they're fine.
  12. No, I think Simon and Kunal played just as big of a part in it. Almost zero Lenny? Considering this week's episode is mainly about Lenny, I would say this isn't true either. And there were plenty of other episodes focusing on Lenny this season. They're certainly not getting rid of me and I like Lenny more than any other characters.
  13. If he can kiss Amy, he can swim in a public pool.
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