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  1. I think if Sheldon had feelings for Ramona, proposing wouldn't have been his reaction. He probably would have gone hiding, or perhaps run away again. It's also the craziest idea ever, as Sheldon has never been more head over heels for Amy as he's been lately. I am choosing to believe based on everything we saw that Ramona's kiss simply reiterated his commitment to Amy, and he wanted to make it as official as possible. But while Sheldon and Ramona did become very friendly very quickly, I think it was that way because Sheldon is just a warmer, friendlier person these days. But he always refers to Ramona as Dr. Nowitski, however, and even goes on to call her a friendly colleague. While I see Sheldon as innocent in this situation, there are no witnesses to Ramona's advances, so it will be interesting to see how things get worded when he talks with Amy. And they do need to talk. Amy has to know something is up. Her face when he's on one knee is of shock, of course, but maybe also some concern? Like, "What did Ramona do to you that made you fly across the country?" Perhaps they will bring Ramona back in the opener to assure Amy that Sheldon had no reaction to the kiss? While I don't see any outcome that would lead to a "no" from Amy (TPTB would be idiots if they did this, as the fandom would riot), I do think we will have a deferred "yes" over an immediate "yes". Deferred as in by the end of the season premiere. I think Amy will question what's going on, they will talk, comedy will ensue somewhere in there, and by the end of the episode, Sheldon proposes again and Amy happily says yes. That would be the ideal scenario for me!
  2. Still trying to breathe! Ahhhhh! I want to slap Ramona, and Bernie is my hero in this ep. That's all I got until I can form coherent thoughts again!
  3. I loved the "you're so cute" line! So sweet! So much to catch up on in here. The 10.23 photos are awesome! Oh my word, the way these two are looking at each other! Just looked at the 10.24 pics though, and I'm just slightly flustered. Ramona is sitting in Amy's spot! Not cool, Ramona, not cool! Also, there are pics of Sheldon and Ramona eating lunch in the cafeteria together by themselves. It got me wondering why we don't see Sheldon and Amy eat lunch together like that. He always eats with the guys. That's their thing, I get it. But where does Amy normally eat lunch every day? In her lab by herself? It doesn't seem fair. Anyway, that's just my initial gut reaction to seeing those pics. Overall, I'm extremely happy with how the season is wrapping up, especially next week's episode!
  4. Thank you so much @kazzie for the TR! And now I have to go to work even though I'd rather stay on here. But for now I will just say how proud I am of Sheldon. Although he was oblivious to Ramona's intentions, I love how he talks about Amy the whole time, and is missing her so much, that his mind can't even fathom the idea of Ramona being interested. He was open and upfront to Ramona and to Amy. I'm also proud of the group for stepping in to protect Shamy. I'll save my thoughts on the proposal for later. Have fun discussing, everyone!
  5. While I still have a few lingering concerns questions about the finale until more info. comes in, I think we can call it: season 10, best Shamy season ever!
  6. This is making me feel loads better! I was ticked when I first saw she kissed him, but I'm glad he responded to Ramona in what sounds like the same way to Beverly kissing him. I knew he wouldn't be interested in her! Go get your girl, Shelly! Oh my gosh, you guys, HE FINALLY DID THE THING!!! Can't function at the moment!
  7. Yes. You can find the link in my signature.
  8. I have a couple ideas formulating, depending on how the finale plays out. So I'll see what I can do!
  9. I, too, would like to join the New Couch For Shamy Club! And yes, if Amy's furniture is in storage, it makes zero sense for her to pay a storage fee every month when they could just move it into 4B. If Penny still wants to keep her furniture, then she needs to put that in storage herself. However, was there any mention in 10.04 that her furniture had been damaged from the flooding? I can't remember, but if not then it really doesn't make sense. This is something that bugs me on tv sometimes. Why would you not want all your stuff with you? Anyway, regardless of the state of Amy's furniture, they should pick out something together that suits both of them. And in regards to 10.23, a new thing I've gotten curious about is what Amy's reaction is to Sheldon's "don't fall in love with any scientists" line. Does she roll her eyes because it sounds so ridiculous? Does she actually tell him that's ridiculous? Or maybe just says, "I won't" with a reassuring little peck? It's all got me very speculative!
  10. What a rollercoaster the past couple of days! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy 10.23 way more than 10.24. The one negative here is I fear they would not follow up coitus with a proposal in the following episode, soooo...thinking that ring stays in the safe until the fall. But won't count anything out yet. Other than that, EXCITED!
  11. I've been wondering that too! I mean, we got an amazing goodbye scene before when Amy was just going away for the weekend! If this is for a few months, then I can't imagine how awesome the goodbye could be!
  12. I don't think Ramona is going to be used to destroy Shamy, but I'm scratching my head at what the reason is that actually brings her back. It's been 8 years, do they run into her in some professional setting? Like others have mentioned, would it have something to do with the gyroscope project? Is there some sort of revenge involved? I just can't see the connection yet, or why the gang would be concerned. That's what I really need answers to. But I'm refusing to believe TPTB are going to have her drive a serious wedge in between Shamy. They are too strong for that to happen. Hopefully after the taping, we'll all be like, "That was what we were all freaked out about? That's nothing!"
  13. This was exactly what I was thinking! It would be the more unexpected choice that Sheldon would turn down the idea of going back to 4A, and would be a good representation of his growth this season. Also, I honestly don't think Lenny will let him even try to move back in. They would probably want to disprove Beverly's "buffer" comments. I've been reading through everything trying to catch up, which I still haven't entirely, but wow. Lots to process. And here's the thing I'm wondering over everything else: is it possible that through whatever drama Ramona causes or simply the fact that Sheldon is bound to be missing Amy terribly, that maaaaaybe, just maybe, Sheldon might go to Princeton himself to find Amy and propose by the end of 10.24? I'm holding onto my last shred of hope that the proposal happens in S10, because it's been 2 frickin' years of a wait, and I'm tired. I want a beautifully unique and Shamy proposal and I don't think adding 2 extra seasons makes it impossible to still do a proposal now. Just play the card, writers! You still have more cards in your deck! I also think anything flirty or beyond with Sheldon and Ramona, or having Amy do something stupid while she's away (I think the line about not falling in love with any scientists is cute, but yet, is there a specific reason they put that line in there?) would be completely ludicrous if they went down that road, but we got blindsided 2 years ago, so I suppose anything is possible. But anything along those lines I fear would destroy the past 7 years. I feel very rambly, but it's better than my initial angry thoughts in my car today when I first saw the spoilers. I know we just have a few tiny pieces of information right now, so I am going to try to stay chill until we are able to collect additional data. Hopefully whatever they are concocting will turn out hilarious, sweet, and amazing.
  14. Sheldon was actually the one to say they met online, which also goes along with what @Desdemona said above, how it sounds a lot better than "my friends created a dating profile for me, then blackmailed me into meeting Amy when I didn't want to." Just saying they met online seems a much simpler, more acceptable answer. I feel pretty certain that Amy very quickly found out it wasn't actually Sheldon she communicated with online, possibly even that day they met. Sheldon had already told her he'd been blackmailed with the dirty sock. Perhaps he elaborated further during their talk.
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