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  1. Jim Parsons

    Hello there, This is going to sound very risible but I have to try. This is my boy friend birthday in a month, and he is one of the biggest fan of Jim Parsons, and his famous character Sheldon Cooper. He saw all the seasons of the series at least 10 times each, if not more. He could be Sheldon's brother, same attraction for trains (don't ask me why, I still have no clue about that), very pragmatic (a little too much at times...), same "practical jokes"... And I could go on and on for days. My presence here, is in hope, someone over here will be able to help me reach Jim Parsons. You remember this episode of The Big Bang Theory when Penny offers this Nimoy napkin to Sheldon? Remember how Sheldon reacted? This would exactly be my boy friend reaction if he had only just a little message from Jim Parsons for his birthday, even a short video from him wishing him a happy birthday. If any one of you is able to help me, I'll be forever grateful and thankful. I hope my short message will find someone here Thank you for reading me Sarah