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  1. Most of the episode was about Amy being scared to tell Sheldon about leaving and the his reaction when she did. Secondary plotlines were Raj moving out and the boys losing their gyroscope/Howard being clingy with Bernadette as a result. Penny/Leonard mainly played supportive friend roles in this one, but they did have a larger plotline in the prior episode that was shown before the taping (her debating a job offer from her ex boyfriend and Leonard being upset about it.)
  2. Though they did share a passionate kiss and funny dialogue leading up to them going to the bedroom, they weren't shown in bedroom. Later Penny, Leonard and Raj are in the hallway and hear them talking "dirty" while they're doing it. The funniest part of the taping for me was watching Mayim and Jim sit fully clothed (off camera) on the couch and crack up trying to say those lines.
  3. That was hinted at in the thing last night. I think Raj made mention of the room being empty if S needed it.
  4. Just for the summer. 2-3 months. I don't remember the specifics on the project.
  5. I was at the taping last night and thought the Sheldon/Amy stuff was sweet. He freaked out about her leaving at first but came around. Nothing was mentioned about Ramona.
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