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  1. I don't see them breaking lenny up.The bases of the show is set on a girl moves in next door and the guy opposite likes her and after the breaks up and numerous marriages I don't see them breaking them up just to bring them back together a few seasons later.they would be pushing the boat and just annoying and the story barrel must be empty to go to that level and surely one would have to move out if two people broke up and lived in the same building that would not be right and also no room shamy got penny's apartment now
  2. Where is this aqua man I cannnot see it
  3. the pemy painting swap maybe was to take advantage of Amy's move and penny said we need to put his in here for a while
  4. Favourite moments multi language soft kitty shamy science argument (first ep where they live together) least the energy drink ep the spa ep berts grant ep and his party ep
  5. So is season 11 and 12 happening from the democratic numbers (has it affect the contract for another 2 seasons) also most ep will be one week at a time so every Thursday we see what happens on that day not Monday etc I know this because Bernadette says I going back to work after 4 months and It was 4 months so it works out 1 ep per week
  6. Maythe4th be with you.Also what ep was it when Alex Ayer wrote a episode
  7. Why does Penny want raj out so much because they went from bonding to get out in a matter of eps
  8. The proposal Im thinking if the writers did it straight forward it would be yes on s10 but if it's more complex then I would run into s11 also what will happen to Amy fellowship as she not finished her time there yet will they get married there,will sheldon take off work time as he never has time off so he got lots of days in the bank or will it be a time jump after the answer and if it's a no it will get weird for shamy especially when Amy gets home I presume that they cannot be in the same apartment for a while and if it is a yes I would love there to be a reaction from what Lenny did when shamy said we got some important news we're getting a turtle.Also if it is a no amh comes back home and sheldon gone back to Texas and left a note (break up)
  9. If we lose ep from the writers strike will we have more eps in s12 because they commissioned 48 eps does that mean they have to do 48 also I heard this could go on for years
  10. If they have commissioned 48 ep will there be 48 ep.If the strike takes a few of s11 will there be more eps for s12
  11. Wait so if the strike is tomorrow will it effect the ep in s11 as they commissioned 24 ep could that possible brought down to 17 like what happens in s1
  12. Has it being annoced when the cast go back for s11 last year it was in august
  13. In 23 promo you see Penny doing the thumbs up is this now going to be a ongoing gag
  14. I don't really think that this is real but is Stephen hawking actually in the chat
  15. Why sheldon in 3a I thought it was 4a due to fact that 3rd floor has a bike where as in th promo pics there's no bike