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  1. Yes, or with a couple of pretaped scenes of actual or flashback style. I have another theory to support this as I am currently wondering when they start taping again this year. As Jim does the play in New York until August 11th they can’t start rehearsing on August 8th and then have the first taping night on August 14th as they traditionally might have, can they? So the only way they could meet this date, if they wanted to, is with pretaped scenes and Shamy being on honeymoon.
  2. Mayim just stated in an EW interview that she doesn’t know what is going to happen in Season 12 (as we know) but she said “for all I know it will start with the reception”. 😊 I am still hoping and I still think that it would be an opportunity for a hell of a lot of fun with everybody. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?
  3. I think I like this episode of YS Season 1 for all the reasons you guys have already have mentioned. The dream sequence however stands out to me as something very special and it touched me deeply because it helps me to understand that both God and science can coexist in peace together. I am not a very religious person but was brought up being Christian; yet what I really believe in is the evolution. So when I left school I “broke” with the church because I thought evolution is the answer to my questions and I thought that only one answer can be true. Today I am much more relaxed about it and it is not that I ask myself these questions on a daily basis. But in some situations they do come up. I’ve written down the binary conversation of Sheldon’s dream in case someone wants to enjoy it again. I think this kind of writing deserves an award. Well done, thanks! 😊 Welcome, Sheldon. We’ve been waiting for you. Are you the Ten Commandments? No. We are one. And zero. We are the binary code that underlies the universe. The ten thing is a common mistake. I want to understand God. Can you help me? Did you not hear what we just said? God is yes and no. Left and right. On and off. Something and nothing. Positive and negative. Male and female. Light and dark. But why is there evil and suffering? Well, without evil and suffering there is no good and happiness. Oh, sure, binary.
  4. Well, as smart as he is he later develops a cunning and somewhat sly personae. We can see the early stages of it already in YS and the full bloom of it in TBBT until Amy comes along. She is the first person to really understand him and who is willing to take it up with him. She very slowly opens him up but it takes her a lot of nerves. I like the fact that Sheldon realises this and tries to change for her.
  5. Well, Sheldon is a child after all and we know he has had behavioural difficulties throughout his life. This episode no doubt explains his love for rules and is probably the foundation of his later obsession with contracts. I believe in Sheldon’s world a relationship contract makes sense so that everyone knows how to behave as laid out. We know from TBBT that Sheldon cannot sense what is going on in certain social situations so I guess a “rule set” functions as a guideline mainly for him - not for the others. I like this episode a lot. It’s nice to see that the show does not only focus on Sheldon alone. The character development of Meemaw is great and her two gentleman callers (which is such a sweet expression which Sheldon also uses for Amy’s suiters in “The Platonic Permutation” of TBBT) and their interaction are very funny. The reverse mother / daughter conversation between Connie and Mary about dating two men (or more 😉) simultaneously is also very amusing. Missy's dry comments like “did you just join this family?” are hilarious as always . The continous religious lines, comments or references in all of the YS episodes make me both laugh and think all the time. They are beautifully written. Thanks! I don’t need YS or TBBT to always be a comedy just because it’s the genre. If the story develops into something more serious and meaningful from time to time and is still engaging then I am all in. Kind of glued to the television and sad when the short 20 minutes are over in no time. In this episode it is the moment we feel when Connie explains how lonely life was after her husband died. And it is another reference to religion or a question to the universe with “will I be alone in the end?”. A question we are all asking ourselves from time to time. Sheldon mentioning his wife and children in the end really made my heart pound in my chest 😍 I loved hearing about it, as I think that we may never see the development of his family on TBBT. It makes my little world feel complete, knowing that he will live a happy life. I felt eternity. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I’d like to say hello to the YS community! For my love of the character of Sheldon and Jim Parsons as an actor, I have recently started and finished watching YS. I must say that I love the show dearly for various reasons. I will elaborate on that over the next couple of weeks 😊 For those of you who don’t know, Wallace Shawn has played the famous Grand Nagus Zek (Zekkie) in Star Trek Deep Space 9 (among other roles of course) and was hilariously funny (in my opinion). The poor guy had to wear a lot of prosthetics for being a Ferengi so I think that is why he is probably not easily recognised. Great actor and great to see him again! 😊
  7. Hi guys, here are some thoughts from my side for long the summer break. I don’t know if anyone of you have noticed but the release dates for the DVDs and Blue Rays of Season 11 were announced. They were brought forward to September while for the past seasons they were released in December. I don’t know if it means anything but it could ... prepare us ... for ... the inevitable Anyway I have started watching YS since it has been suggested that there are interdependencies to the Big Bang show. I must honestly say that I had my reservations about it last autumn and later I wanted to “save” it for until after the Big Bang Theory had ended. But now I am enjoying every minute of it. I think it is well cast (all of them), I love the crisp subtle double layered humour, Jim’s voice and the music. I guess I will always be an 80s girl. 😉 I am still hoping that we will see some of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding reception, party and honeymoon in S12. No harm in hoping, ain’t there? 😉 There is one sweet little story about trains I’d like to share with you. As you know Sheldon loves gauge 0 trains as he has explained in the past and as it is shown on YS. My dad used to have a gauge 0 model railway as well but it is a rare gauge. And a gauge that size needs a train room. So I concur with Sheldon Believe it or not there is such a gauge 0 model railway all the way on Hawaii for everyone to enjoy. We discovered this in April and loved it dearly. I had to think of my dad as well as Sheldon the whole time. I kind of always picture Shamy spending their honeymoon on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii. They are both working on super asymmetry all day, making “legal” love , stick their toes into the ocean together for the first time while holding hands and visit the Hawaiian railway society in Ewa to ride a vintage train ... AND ... they visit a live model gauge 0 railway! Who would have thought about that in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Cheers to our beloved couple 😍
  8. Coming to think of it is not only or not always Sheldon who has issues. I think Amy has her own deamons she struggles with. I still sometimes wonder about the scene in Sheldon‘s bedroom when they first move in together. When she took coitus off the table just like that. Even Sheldon seemed to be a little affronted by it. And I think she didn’t only say it to accommodate Sheldon. She also said it because her mother put all these prude thoughts in her head about “how men are”. I am glad that Shamy eventually and gradually find ways to become more intimate with each other while leaving their conservative upbringing behind.
  9. Me too 😊 You know, anything about this and the 15 children can be both very funny and also very sweet or in other words very Shamy. Let‘s see. If we don’t get what we want, someone please write fanction about it. Thanks
  10. I am hoping that something like this comes up. At least one coitus to make the marriage official
  11. Maybe it’s just me but I’d like to see more of the wedding. I don’t understand the rush to leave it yet if there is any? But as we learned from Jean Luc Picard a long time ago “wishing for a thing does not make it so”... *sigh* I’d like to wish everyone a good weekend with this: I don’t know if any of you noticed, as there is just so much good stuff in the bow tie episode, but Sheldon called Amy “you beautiful thing” in the dressing room I only realised this because I have been rewatching the episode with subtitles. This compliment is so sweet and so rare, just adorable 😊
  12. Exactly my thoughts One other thought: Why don’t they start season 12 with just this remark “Last time on the Big Bang Theory” and show a few details from 11:24 and then just show more of the party, the wedding night and the honeymoon as if it all happened (which did in fiction but was never shown) 😉
  13. Well, I kind of like the idea if they would double a Shamy baby up with the Asymmetry story. It would give Shamy something to deal with and grow. I would also be open if they find a way to write it into YS. I know I’d like to see it happen one day. But aren’t we jumping too far ahead? First we need to see the actual wedding party, first dance and the various family members and guests misbehaving lol, a funny glimpse of the wedding night and the honeymoon. Then Shamy needs to sort out the 2 or 15 children question lol, discuss how they want to raise them lol and how to organise themselves with regard to the super asymmetry theory. I’d also like to see a baby creation plan schedule for this lol, on a whiteboard please lol and a scientific analysis of the pregnancy probabilities lol also on a whiteboard please The housing situation could be solved by simply having Lenny and Shamy swapping apartments again. This could also happen without a baby as Shamy would need a room for the Asymmetry project. And I think Sheldon is still renting his old room. At least we never saw him moving out again, did we?
  14. I kind of picture them to have triplets with two identical mini-version Sheldon’s 😉 and a little girl. They will discover this on their honeymoon (so very early) and they will arrive early so a lot of stress for Amy. Something to manage for them. But the two boys will inherit Amy’s style while looking identical but being very different people and the little girl will be very similar to Sheldon. *** end of fangirlpost 😉 *** And we all of course remember that all 2, 3, 4 or 15 of them will have to be named Rajesh, right ?
  15. Me, too! Have they decided now if it’s going to be 2 or 15?
  16. So well said, thank you so much 😍
  17. I like the fact that the whole situation brought them closer together as they were ever before. It is so sweet. They show how love can be to the whole world
  18. Hi guys, I hate to spoil the happy weekend but isn’t seeing your future wife in her wedding dress before the wedding supposed to mean bad luck or something? I feel so sorry for Amy! All of her joy and all of the surprise for Sheldon is gone. Just gone!
  19. Oh my, I didn’t realise that. It must have been devastating for all who are involved in the show. I wonder if they did a silent moment at the end for everyone including the audience?
  20. Hi guys, have you heard about Hawking? So sad I can litterally feel Amy taking Sheldon into her arms while he cries his soul out.
  21. Aw, sweetie, the world does turn, you know?
  22. Hey guys, I think that we are working out a great future for the Big Bang Theory here together! I am so digging the time jump theory! And it would open up so many stories! And for those of you who like the old set: how about Shamy and Lenny commit to each other that they do not want to live apart from each other but need more room? There could be “built” a new apartment building in Pasadena where they could move in - on the same fourth floor with Shamy’s apartment being bigger than the old one (on set they do have room for that -> cafeteria area or they could build some of it in in the back of the soundstage). Shamy would have of course the brown sofa from 4A in the new apartment etc. Penny could convince Leonard to wanting her old sofa back with a discussion ; this could be a lot of fun. The “new” building could have a working elevator which is never working for various reasons. This could also be fun and would be no change to the previous situation. So basicallly not many (some paint, carpet and chipboards) - but fun changes
  23. I’m all in with you. Especially the part about “going bold” and changing things. If they make it good, it could also lead to further seasons and new stories to tell (if everyone involved in the show agrees of course). Let’s hope
  24. Agree so much Have already tried to establish a contingency plan. The first two trials failed Will try to make most out of the rest of this season, the summer and season 12. That includes travel plans. Otherwise I will never forgive myself. So that’s news on the good side
  25. Agreed. Someone write it, please. We will contribute ideas Alas ... They could move the story forward in Season 12 so we get to see all of them ageing and continue coping with the fascinations of life ...
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