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  1. I actually think that Shamy should be fairly wealthy given the fact that they have both good jobs? It might be downplayed on the show because that is not the main topic. I also picture them as both having saved a lot of money? Amy will hopefully talk Sheldon out of the 15 children But I want to hear that conversation. It should be as entertaining as why 73 is the perfect number
  2. Good idea. Shamy also need room for the 15 children
  3. No budget left because of the wedding? 😉 While FWF could appear in one episode this season I don’t think it could be cliffhanger material, could it? Other than some sort of wedding hold up or a Meemaw/Mary incident there is one story left from this season that needs revisiting and that is Sheldon renting back his old room to work.
  4. I loved Raj’s dry comment at the end: “We don’t get paid? Nothing? Not even a sandwich?”
  5. Did he say the whole wedding or just parts of it? I am just wondering as there are only 6 tapings left in this season. Basically 5 given the fact that one taping will be the actual wedding. We’ll help So we want dress shopping, a hen/stag party and a rehearsal dinner, right? What else?
  6. Agreed. As Sheldon said at City Hall “you want to tell the whole world” ... so I am guessing it will be a big wedding. And they will probably torture us with a wedding cliffhanger.
  7. I wanted to post this in “The Neonatal Nomenclature”-thread but it is very Shamy so I think it is better placed here I agree with what some of you already posted about Sheldon in this episode. I think he means well by trying to engage everyone in an enduring game on a night that could otherwise be very long and tideous for everyone. The type of game and his enthusiasm about it is very true to his character. He will be a good father for that I am sure. And Amy will have a hard time keeping all of their children (including him) tame . But most of the time she will smile about it big time because his juvenileness is what makes him so dam attractive and it will keep them both young in their hearts forever
  8. My first crush was a boy named Elliott. I was in the 6th grade. I think it is an adorable name. Did you all know that Eliot (spelling? -> maybe there are various?) can also be a girl’s name? It is kind of cute to view that name choice in this context. It seems like it is a gender neutral name
  9. In the light of the recent events and the kids conversation I would kind of like to hear something like this from our Shamy in the near future. It would be the return of flirty Sheldon, it would be very sweet and it would be nice if Amy finally gave in to it. Even if it only happens in our imagination. Happy weekend to you all! S: “Amy, I know when we first moved in together that you took coitus off the table..., but you said that we could revisit when we are more comfortable with each other. Do you think we are?” A: “Yes” (smiling) This could even happen before the wedding: S: “You know, technically we are already married if we had gone through with the City Hall wedding. So if we wanted to make love, technically it wouldn’t be an act of sin anymore” (flirty Sheldon) S: “Would you like to make love, Missus Cooper?” (teasing Sheldon) A: “Yes, Sheldon”.
  10. Hi guys! I think there is some important Shamy information missing since my original post got shipped for fair reasons. I will recopy that part into this thread for you to discuss. Admins, I hope this is ok. I am going to let you off the hook here right now for I am afraid that I do not have such good news for Shamy fans. This taping of Feb 21st, 2018: 1118 “The Gates Excitation” ... braise yourselves ... did not have any Shamy scene in it at all But do not be sad. I brought you back some information I believe was speculated about before but was never validated. We got to see 1116 “The Neonatal Nomenclature” before the taping and it started with a scene in the cafeteria where Sheldon actually confirms that he had coitus with Amy 4 times in total (which we all counted as well: 3 birthdays and the Princeton one). So it seems like they are really kind of waiting which is so extremely sweet and actually, yes, very Shamy :-)
  11. To be fair the proposal was sort of in character but it could have been handled differently, I agree. I want all what you want, too In terms of passionate kisses I think all we might get is a “film kiss” like in “The Earworm Reverberation” which was actually not on the lips if you look closely. It just looked passionate. I don’t know, a real kiss is probably asking too much of the actors, is it? I once saw a making of Shamy where they explained that Shamy kiss differently that everybody else. I guess we have to consider that as well.
  12. In terms of dress style I kind of like the dress Amy wore in “The Proposal Proposal”. I have just tried to wreck the internet for it but I couldn’t find anything that shows the whole dress. So I am going to show you a picture I took from my own television a couple of weeks ago. Admins please remove it if it is not okay. The dress kind of hides some zones and it is elegant while it still looks so Amy Mayim wore something similar after the taping last Wednesday. The dress was in one colour only and a little bid looser with long sleeves. In terms of a wedding dress this style could be in white or in a creamish colour.
  13. The cafeteria was missing on the set totally yesterday as well. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi Tensor, thanks for this information! I am afraid that I cannot remember the colours of the restaurant scenes Amy and Bernadette were in, but the plates on the walls would make sense in that context. I kind of remember the restaurant to be more modern but I cannot quite put my finger on it.
  15. I am so sorry, there was nothing about Easter or Shamy in the taping You know I actually missed 4B yesterday on the set. There was one room behind the entrance door of 4B to be seen (behind the blinds) but it wasn’t used during the taping. It had light blue walls and China plates on the walls. Can anyone shed some light on that? I hope it is not a new decoration of Shamy’s apartment. It looked more grandmotherly
  16. Small correction on my part. Bill Gates arrives on April 1st. The meeting with Penny actually takes place on April 2nd. So no writers mistake Hi Shanban, I can’t seem to find who or when the taping report of 1116 The Neonatal Nomenclature was posted. If someone could post the link again I could take a look if there is anything I can add
  17. Hi 2L344, great news. We were able to dig some more information out of our brains. My husband says Bill Gates is visiting because the Bill Gates foundation works with pharmacy companies to provide cheap pharmaceutical to poor people/nations. So he wants to talk to Penny’s company. Hope this helps
  18. Alright guys, six weeks before the wedding, hugh? Amy needs a dress Something other than she wore in the City Hall, please We have six more tapings this season and they can’t be all about Shamy. Let’s see.
  19. 14 minutes ago, 2L344 said: Thanks @Silver1984 ! Quick question- did they mention WHY gates was visiting Penny’s pharmaceutical company? Yes, but I am so sorry I forgot what the reason was. Please forgive me
  20. Well I sensed some great chemistry yesterday and they were hanging out a little longer together than everybody else. And Mayim was glowing She is so adorable and when she smiles the room lits up I might have misinterpreted. Anyway, I want all of them to be happy so we are good here
  21. So let’s move on to the gossip part of the discussion, LOL What is going on with Mayim and Kevin? Is there something going on? I don’t follow a lot of social media, so anyone who has more information, please tell
  22. You are welcome Well, Leonard goes behind Penny’s back when they go to the hotel to try to meet Gates which he didn’t tell her. That is why he “had to be” sick for the reception because he had already met Gates
  23. Well, as you might be able to read between the lines there are again some serious topics which they address so they taped some of the scenes three times and changed some of the lines; I guess in order to make it still funny. Me likey I am all in for character growth. And I think they are doing a good job given the fact that there is only so much they can do in a comedy show. The pizza was cold again so no news here
  24. Hi guys, here is my report on 1118 “The Gates Excitation”. Please note that I have tried to write it in a neutral style and did not want to give all the information away. The episode is actually quite funny so I decided to leave most of the jokes for you to enjoy when the episode is being aired. I hope this is okay. I think there are already enough spoilers in this. The episode starts in 4A with Penny telling everyone that Bill Gates will visit her work place and she gets to spend a whole day with him on April 1st. Everyone is excited about it but Sheldon, who is almost convinced that it is an April fools’ day joke. In the next scene Lenny talk about how cool Bill Gates visit really is. Next we are in Howardette’s living room and see Steward leaving with the kids to go to the park and Amy and Bernadette getting to spend some time together. Bernie is torn between her roles as a mother and a working person. Amy tries to help and suggests that they could go eat something but they end up finishing an episode of Bob the Builder first. In the next scene Penny finds Sheldon in the laundry room where he is still not convinced that the Bill Gates story is true. In a pretaped restaurant scene Amy tries to talk with Bernie about something other than children. Back in 4A Penny tells Leonard, Howard and Raj that she needs to go to work to prepare her day with Gates. Leonard comments that it is a Sunday but then Penny shows him the schedule on her phone and says it is very tight. The guys try to convince her to get them an autograph which she declines. After Penny left Leonard reveals that he saw the hotel where Gates is staying so they all follow her. In a pretaped scene we see the guys nursing drinks in the hotel lobby when Leonard spots Gates and rushes to greet him. Back in Howardette’s living room Bernie still contemplates her life while Amy gently tries to make her realise her behavioural changes. On the stairwell (pretaped) Leonard shows Sheldon a picture of himself and Gates and says Gates is staying in a hotel in Thousand Oaks so Sheldon is immediately off. When Leonard arrives in 4A, Penny surprises him with the fact that she has arranged a reception where Leonard gets to meet Gates. Back in Howardette’s living room we hear Bernie reading a story to the kids. Next Howard, Raj and Leonard are in the Comic Book Store without Stewart when Sheldon enters to confront Leonard that Gates wasn’t staying in Thousand Oaks. When Leonard mentions the Double Tree in Long Beach, Sheldon is immediately off again. When Penny is about to leave for the reception, Leonard is sick on the couch so she leaves without him. In another pretaped restaurant scene (sorry, I can’t remember when that took place) Bernie tries to show to Amy that she can actually talk about something other than motherhood. In a pretaped scene Penny video calls Leonard with Bill Gates in tow. In the last scene the entrance door of 4A has a sign “I am sorry” which Sheldon finds (first) and thinks it is Leonard’s way of apologising to him. Leonard has arranged for a romantic dinner with candles, roses and food. Sheldon appreciates it and asks “What’s for dinner”? or something like that.
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