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  1. I don’t know guys, but this sounds serious: “When Sheldon kicks Amy out to work solo,...” It is not something you usually do to a person that you a: love and b: want to marry ...
  2. Well, I think “cold feet”, whether Sheldon is aware of them or not could be another opportunity for Captain Proton to appear What if Amy gets cold feet?
  3. Happy new year to all of you and may all our wishes come true Especially for our beloved couple . I am sure that they will stay forever in our minds and hearts I am looking forward to what the future will have in store for them
  4. What a wonderful idea! And very classic and stylish one, too I always pictured them spending their honeymoon in Europe . I was going to save that discussion for us for 2018 Sheldon could ride lots of trains And their Nobel Prize topic could unfold or be continued.
  5. Isn't one of them dead? Well, the conversation about Amy’s aunts took place in 0909 “The Platonic Permutation” where Sheldon and Amy go to the Aquarium together. It is their first time to meet after their breakup. Sheldon brings a list of “safe” questions off the Internet for the car ride and one of them is “since last we spoke, have you been on any vacation?” And Amy answers: “I might visit my aunt next weekend”. “The one in Modesto?” “No in Bakersfield”. When was the funeral of ? when Amy got sick? That was way before season 9, right?
  6. Me too, so let’s plan and “fight” and wish for it And why not for the best? Maybe a grand finale makes sense... They have been making some money with the series, why not giving something back to the fans?
  7. Sheldon said in the City Hall “you want to show the whole world...” so all of both of their families should attend the wedding Meaning on Sheldon’s side meemaw and mother, Missy with husband and infant, George with girlfriend. So who do we have on Amy’s side? There are two aunts, one in Bakersfield and one in Modesto. There is her conservative mother who seemes to have been locking Amy in the sin closet when she was growing up and again when she baked penis cookies and broke up with Sheldon. Her father had only come into existence in 1101. Which was a bid odd, I thought... There has been a dinner with Sheldon, Amy and her parents in season 11 but it was never shown. So we are talking about a lot of people/cast we have never seen before yet so they better start, right?
  8. I can’t wait either but it might keep the exspactations high... Totally agree here. It would be a mini story that continues through various stories So important, yes. The wedding should be about them and what they both value and even if it is Star Trek or knitting I somehow can’t shake the feeling that the relationship needs some more drama. Jim and Mayim played the breakup so dam well, even although it was difficult for them. Some kind of drama that will make Shamy come out of it even stronger and more in love...
  9. Do we all have a feeling that The Big Bang Theory will end with season 12? I surely would not want it but we probably should all prepare ourselves for it ! If that may be the case there is one other story I would like them to tell us and that is Sheldon’s Nobel Prize or Shedlon and Amy’s Nobel Prize. That could interfere with the wedding plans so that it gets postponed until the great finale at the end of season 12. Would that be enough drama for a cliffhanger?
  10. Not sure if he can actually be there in person, but I would love if he is the officiant at the wedding, even via Skype I’d even go as far as I’d like Stephen Hawking to be best man or one of them if there can be more than one. I know it should be Leonard but his relationship with Sheldon seems to be astray lately. Or is it just me thinking this?
  11. I’d like Stephen Hawking to be there in person if his health permits it ... as Sheldon‘s father figure and friend ...
  12. What if the little playthings had a wedding night trial run ...
  13. Me neither But I can’t let go of the feeling that the wedding should be right and perfect and have every little detail the characters care about. Their dream will be our dream. Forever. And that I am sure of
  14. Sorry Professor Hawking; thank you for correcting it Well, Sheldon says that a Star Trek uniform is non negotiable ... Who are we to argue with him?
  15. You know what, it might actually be THE compromise that could work for both of them! Amy for sure will love a pink dress and Sheldon will be forever in heaven for his dream becoming true. Besides, wearing a whole Star Trek uniform underneath a tuxedo will have the poor guy die of heat exhaustion... And now since you suggested elements of the Riker and Troi wedding I want Brent Spiner to sing Irwing Berlin again
  16. I totally agree with the “Amy attire” in season 11. It had already gotten so much better! And the pink granny rug for the city hall wedding? Puh ... This is what a Star Trek dress uniform looks like. Do you see where I am going with this? While it almost looks like a dress; it is also very dressy
  17. Hi guys, I don’t know if you already talked about details of the wedding as I am still digging through all of the 89 pages of this great thread ? But I thought since its Christmas I could post my wishes ? Here they come ... I want Sheldon to wear an official Star Trek dress uniform especially designed for him. I would like the designers of Beyond and Discovery to do it. I should be white (!) with black trousers and he will have a killer look in it. As for Amy’s dress it should also be Star Trek - esque with a black décolleté in the shape of the original series becoming silver around the waist and then white, wide and long. I don’t know why but I think this outfit for both of them would look stunning and it is at least something Sheldon would want. The story around this could be good as well with Amy surprising him with a matching dress ... What do you think?
  18. Hi mirs1 and spidergirl! Thank you for the warm welcome! As I do not mind spoilers I think I will post on the Shamy thread for Season 11. I wasn’t sure if the wedding topic was season specific as I think they will keep it as a cliffhanger or the end of the series! But let’s discuss! Thanks and love
  19. Hi guys, would anyone like to talk about what Sheldon and Amy’s wedding should / could look like other than me? I can’t stop thinking about it and would like to share our thoughts. Best
  20. Hi Guys, did you see the new pictures of Jim? I think they were released yesterday. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. OMG!
  21. And here they are teaching the whole world the difference between love and sex. So beautiful. Please give them all the awards they deserve
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