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  1. So in the season 6 episode 20 the tenure turbulence Amy mentions that if Sheldon were to get tenure he could take advantage of his new found stability and move out. Now I know people are saying that if one of the 3 main characters, Raj, Sheldon, or Leonard get tenure it would change the whole dynamic of the group. Well after season six Leonard and Sheldon begin to fight not often and Leonard's starts to separate. (Spoil alert) Leonard gets married, convinces Sheldon to move out, and slowly starts hanging out more with just penny rather then the rest of the group. What of these signs were subtle hints that in fact Leonard is the one that got tenure especially after he admits to penny at the end of season six before Leonard goes on the exploration for Steven Hawkins that he has been jealous lately because so much is happening for Leonard and not him. For jealousy like that it would usually take more than just one singular event to get a reaction from Sheldon given that he didn't care when Howard went to space
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