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  1. It's interesting to note that 3 out of 4 recurring characters in tbbt who were romantically interested with Amy before are invited to the wedding. Will there be something to be said or some sort of reflection on how they missed their chance with Amy? Lol It is the first time that we'll see them together. Also, If these guys were to have a one liner in the wedding episode, I hope it will be about Sheldon and Amy. It will be interesting to know what the outsiders think about their relationship.
  2. I agree. Hamill is too big to be Amy's father. One of the possibility of having Hamill in a lot of scenes is one of the storyline in the wedding episode is about Sheldon or the guys trying to convince him to be the officiant for the wedding. I hope its not the case but I'm trying to lower my expectations. It won't ruin my excitement for the wedding though.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but Jerry O'Connell is one of the big names in movies, right? If he is, I'm hoping that one episode will focus on him because casting him and just be a passing character with one or two dialogues might not be worth of his talent fee or his name, which surely would happen if they will just introduce him on the actual wedding. Still crossing my fingers for the one by one introduction of Shamy's family members before the wedding. 😂
  4. I hope so. This will be a great way to introduce Georgie and make Sheldon's bachelor party a comedy gold with him teasing or bringing stories from the past. I would like to think that writers had already learned their lesson in doing lenny's wedding where they crammed to introduce new characters in one episode. I hope they will introduce shamy's family members one by one before the actual wedding.
  5. Not fan of the name either. But it is so much better than the names sheldon suggested. Can't remember if Amy has any reaction while he was suggesting those names but if she is somehow has the same reaction as us, she must now start listing names and think of ways on how they will compromise.
  6. I was concerned about this episode after reading the taping report weeks ago. Turned out, there was nothing to be concerned about. They even explicitly said they want to rent Penny's uterus and Amy is so on board. It is not offending for her and maybe even thinking about their first plan of making babies. I hope I learned my lesson. Kudos to writers for giving us the canon that Sheldon really wants to have children and even naming them. I often thought that was a gray area in his character. And if the name is going to be as outrageous as he suggested, I hope Amy will balance it out and bring some normalcy.
  7. @Die Zimtzicke @Jonny I forgot the scenes you mentioned. But you're right, if he really cares about it, they must have been married a long time ago. I just got curious that it is the first thing that he would think of after he decided he wants to get married the next day. Anyway. I still can't get over it! I'm smiling like an idiot here all day. I have to say Sheldon's line "When you make a discovery like this, you don't take it to City Hall, you tell the whole world" is now my most favorite line in the whole run of TBBT. I really hope that they will continue this season 10 Sheldon and also this new character development for Raj. It really is a great episode. Everyone has their own spotlight that is not irritating and will make people complain.
  8. I keep on thinking on Sheldon's dialogue about living in sin. I might be overly interpreting something from it but I couldn't help but be surprised that them, living in sin, was something in his mind. Maybe that is his reason why they are being intimate only once a year until now. He is somehow guilty that they are doing it without matrimonial blessing. Maybe growing up in a religious household has a toll on him more than he let on. I mean, no one wants thinking your mother's lecture on pre-marital sex while doing it. Just something on my mind I want to let out. And now Im ready to move on.
  9. These are my favorite parts also! I'm so glad that I do not have to go to work today. I can watch this episode over and over again. I really missed Shamy. And the look Sheldon gave Amy while they are in the City Hall, its been a while since I saw that kind of intensity in his eyes. Jim is really good. He makes Sheldon so in love with Amy in that look that Amy couldn't handle it and kept looking down.
  10. Sometimes expecting the worst has its benefits. Since I didn't expect much, I am so delightfully surprised that the TR made me cry. I am so happy we got two episodes of Season 10 Sheldon. I hope he continues to be this way. And the writers continue to give us Shamy treats. The best part for me is that they actually didn't elope and the romantic speech from Sheldon that came with this decision. They will have a proper wedding. It's time for TBBT to have a big wedding. Please writers. Make it happen.
  11. If this happen then I'll be satisfied. As long as they will bring back season 10 Sheldon. And I really think its too early for them to get married. The writers are already struggling to give Lenny an appropriate storyline after they got married.
  12. But what if this continuous regressing of Sheldon's character development is plot device that can create a greater drama for the series finale? That Holland interview where he said that they are finding the professional jealousy as a possible issue for Shamy is quite alarming seeing how they are trying to bring back season 6 Sheldon. In Friends, when they are wrapping up the series, they created a scenario of will ross and rachel will end up together. I mean, they need something to pique the viewers interest in the series finale. And if it is true that Shamy eloped in episode 10 (which for me too early for a series with a one and a half season left), I am not gonna be surprise if the writers will play the divorce card for Shamy then have the viewers guess if it's gonna push through in the finale. I think, they already explored most of the possible plot for a sitcom aside from this. I don't want it to happen but there must be a greater reason why they keep on bringing back the early season Sheldon. It's like it is a set up for something big. Of course, if it turns out that Shamy didn't eloped in episode 10, this post is moot.
  13. In a way, yes. But I think they like the idea of their daughter marrying Sheldon more. Given how they are forcing Amy to date before, maybe they are thinking she is lucky enough to date a guy like Sheldon. Hence, Sheldon getting away with "momma jokes". And based on Amy's stories, her mother can be a bit superficial. Maybe Sheldon's joke has a ring of truth in it but still, saying those jokes on her parents face is disrespectful for me.
  14. Based on that convo, Sheldon wasn't even trying to get her parent's approval. Amy's parents must really like Sheldon to get away with those jokes. Good to know. I guess there would be no conflict storyline for them and we will not be meeting her parents until the wedding episode if there will be an actual wedding. Maybe not at all if the writers decide for the elopement plot. But I hope I'm wrong. I am so curious who is going to play Amy's father and I also want to know how is their father-daughter relationship since she rarely mentions him but was concern if Sheldon gets his approval before proposing to her.
  15. Wow! Sheldon is driving. I hope it is not the last time that we'll see him behind the wheels after surrendering his license and all. He must now learn how to drive as he is going to be a family man sooner or later. Although we might not see that family part in the show but it's nice to know or imagine him being the one driving for his family. Yeah.. I also hope they show how Sheldon ask Amy's father for his blessing. I hope it was an one-on-one talk of asking the daughter's hand and not just a phone call. Is it possible that they will show it on the next taping day?
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