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  1. This was my favorite TBBT this year. Loved the Shamy scenes. Sheldon's dark matter lines were awesome. I have missed this with them. looks like we have two more Shamy episodes coming up I also loved the Raj storyline. It was so time for this!!!
  2. Thank you @brilliantfool you are absolutely awesome. episode 10 and 11 sound fantastic and I can't wait!!!! I love that Sheldon stops the elopement and plans the party.
  3. Thanks for the link. They do seem very happy especially when they are holding hands. If someone spoiled "do they are don't they" then I think it's entirely possible they go and change their minds or it ends with a conclusion in the next episode.
  4. Well things are looking up in December. I assume the picture aren't posted because they are not official can someone pm the link , please?
  5. I loved the Shamy innuendo science talk. Howard and Amy are fun together. i didn't mind the baby book like I thought I would, I really liked Penny trying it on Leonard.
  6. anything you share wil be greatly appreciated.
  7. Monday was Shamy lite, so really looking forward to this episode. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Lenny and Amy/Leonard stuff. So he gives her a gift and wants to pamper her? Yep, he's a little jealous and that is going to be a hoot.
  8. I know, I was messing with y'all.
  9. My y'all have disappointed me, I distinctly remember some paint but it wasn't with Priya.
  10. The Lenny scenes were really good, Star Trek uniform and paint WHAAAATTTT!!!!
  11. Just watched the episode and thought it was great. I lol'd a lot. Loved Lenny, I think Leonard's reaction to his mom being proud of who he married speaks volumes. Texting more mustard, that crap happens at my house. Amy and Leonard awesome, they were both just having completely different conversations with themselves. Good talk! Sheldon and Howard good times. Penny and Beverly, Kaley owned this. What time is it where you are? Howard and Bernie the looks on their faces when they said it was a boy, priceless
  12. As I said in my original post "if there is any way", it would be the ratings, based on the fact people watch what they like aka find to be quality TV. There really is no objective way to measure quality, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You probably have seen or heard of "Naked and Afraid" I find that show to be ridiculous and stupid. I don't want to be clothed and afraid but there are people who love it.
  13. Under the assumption that you have made the statement saying " the ratings are down" is in regards to previous seasons, I think that is objective and the numbers are available for anyone to look at. If they hold the same, better or similar percentage based on current viewership then the argument could be made they are down, unchanged or better than previous seasons. That is also objectve data available for review. If the statement is they have less viewers because the quality is changed then (IMO) that is subjective and based on personal preference, opinion or bias. Lastly, if there is any objective way to evaluate quality it would be the ratings. (IMO) Most people do not waste their precious spare time participating in activities, marketed for entertainment, they find boring or in this case poor quality.
  14. @mirs1 want to do another's poll? Amy has said she wants a June wedding on a cliff, overlooking the ocean at sunset. Absolutely, it's June, I have already cleared my calendar for the season 11 finale! Can an you say RED HERRING! No way, they really didn't think we would buy that!!!
  15. How are ratings subjective? They are collected and measured in numbers but not influenced by personal bias or opinion.
  16. You are exactly right, it is inappropriate to say that to a woman. It sent Amy over the edge and she said done, over. Good for her. However, (IMO) Sheldon was hurting and somewhat desperate. He does not do change well and he reacted.
  17. Wow seven. If i had been watching this in real time it would have drove me crazy.
  18. True, I doubt she has been keeping it this whole time, plus it appeared to move as well, to New Jersey.
  19. Yes, but remember Sheldon hates Amy's apartment.
  20. I think, if anything, there could be an apartment switch. I could see them going back to Penny's career issues. They need a cheaper place so she can return to acting so Shamy take 4a and Lenny 4b. They almost had to move Shamy into 4b to write the next phase of the Sheldon character growth and make it plausible.
  21. I don't know glass of wine and "Knockin on Heaven's Door" just sayin
  22. I agree, I think The Sheldon living with Lenny has passed, unless its something like a malfunction in 4b and they need a place to stay while repairs are made, but they just did that to move Amy and Sheldon in together, so I don't see that either.
  23. I wondered if the people who took issue with the plane had never booked a flight the same day they flew out. I flew from Dallas to Las Vegas and had to go by Salt Lake City and catch the connecting flight. It's happened to me several times and all but once I was on a different plane. The one time it was the same plane was at LAX and I was so grateful because I didn't want to have to navigate through that airport.
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