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  1. On this day in 2007, the pilot episode premiered.
  2. Seeing as Carol Ann Susi (who played Howard's unseen mother) passed away, I assumed that the writers would honor her name in favor of Howard and Bernadette's unseen daughter. That would've been quite fitting. Also, Halley Wolowitz was "born" almost exactly two years after Carol's death (she died on November 11, 2014, and the episode of TBBT where Bernadette goes into labor was taped on November 22, 2016). Missed opportunity.
  3. Too bad they have both distanced themselves from their iconic nerd characters. Jaleel hasn't appeared as Steve Urkel since 19 years ago on the series finale of "Family Matters," and Dustin hasn't appeared as Screech since a little over 17 1/2 years ago on the series finale of "Saved by the Bell: The New Class." Given the fact that TBBT made nerd culture cool, it's only quite fitting that its fan base gets a taste of nostalgia by doing a crossover episode with the nerds who ruled the 90s. Dustin is in a financial slump, so this would benefit him well. Jaleel, however, is living comfortably. Although, I would love it if he came back, too. With the declining ratings and stale storylines, TBBT would definitely be bowing out gracefully if Urkel and Screech got some screen time.
  4. The male and female leads somewhat bore the same character traits: 1. Rachel and Penny (America's Sweetheart/girl-next-door who goes from waitress to career woman) 2. Ross and Leonard (girl-next-door's whiny boyfriend) 3. Joey and Howard (playboy) 4. Chandler and Raj (has trouble with women) 5. Phoebe and Amy (weird; plays musical instrument) 6. Monica and Bernadette (short-tempered and bossy) 7. Recurring characters Gunther and Stuart (always gets the short end of the stick; also by coincidence, the guy who plays Gunther used to work in a coffee shop, and the guy who plays Stuart used to work in a comic book store). In Sheldon's case, since TBBT has FOUR male leads, the only thing I can point out is that he and Monica both have OCD. Yes, I know I'm stretching this a little too far, since both shows' characters are entirely different in terms of the "nerd" factor: 1. Joey is dimwitted and suave while Howard is intelligent and creepy. 2. Chandler just has a bit of a complex, as opposed to Raj who is flat-out socially awkward. Also in terms of opposite coincidences, Michael Rapaport played characters who were on "both sides of the law" in "Friends" (police officer) and TBBT (illegally sold liquid helium).
  5. Since the cast renewed their contracts for two more seasons (which means that the show would end at a total of 279 episodes), they might as well sign up for a 13th season (21 episodes instead of the standard 24) so that the series finale would be the 300th episode. Can you imagine the headlines that would make (The show went out with a 'big bang')! If I recall, "Two and a Half Men" is the longest-lasting American comedy series (12 seasons). FYI - "The Simpsons" and "Saturday Night Live" don't count, as I'm only talking about [live-action] and [situation] comedies. Therefore, if "The Big Bang Theory' surpassed 12 seasons instead of being tied with "Two and a Half Men," that would make for some great publicity.

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