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  1. I'm sorry, I didnt see the rest of your questions. Amy is working on some sort of brain cap to make robot arms move with your brain and she needed an engineer. Howard had some good ideas for her. They do sing Neil Sedaka and it was hilarious. they start dancing and Raj walks in on them. Bernadette left the book there during the group dinner. Penny was reading it the next morning and Leonard was questioning if they were expecting but Penny shut that down quick.
  2. Some BTS stuff: Everybody seemed to be in really good moods, joking and laughing between takes. Kaley's boyfriend was in the audience with us. They were being all cutesy, it was adorable. The picture Johnny posted last night of the audience wasn't actually from last nights taping. Lol... I'm not sure when that was taken but Kaley had her hair down and was wearing a floral shirt last night for the audience talk.
  3. Howard & Amy were GREAT together! Their scenes were the funniest to me.
  4. I have no idea who the employee was! We didn't see anyone else in live scenes or the playback.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone has posted a taping report from last night's taping yet but I can provide a brief synopsis if you'd like. I'm not sure if this is the thread for that. Leonard & Penny: Use a parenting book of Bernadette's to control Sheldon's behavior. Howard & Amy: Start working together in Amy's lab (very long hours) Raj, Bernadette & Sheldon are lonely/ jealous.
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