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  1. I saw the final episode with Kaley and Johnny giving us a tour through the studio. That was interesting, but I actually hoped the final episode would be a real final episode with the characters instead of a grand tour. What I did like was the fact that in episode 23 Leonard FINALLY hit Sheldon. I've been a fan of TBBT ever since it started, but the last couple of years I thought: "Why in the world doesn't Chuck Lorre think of something that'll turn Sheldon into a 'normal' human being. I'm a 61 years old man from The Netherlands. Believe me when I say I'm not agressive or a fighter, but e
  2. Hi, I'm a 60 years old widower from The Netherlands. I've been watching BBT ever since one of our tv-stations started showing it. They show BBT every day; they even started ll over about 6 times.... annoying, but I watch the reruns every time... until they start over again for the 7th time. I stay up to date with the US thanks to the internet. Tonight I'm going to watch episode 1 of season 11. BBT IS funny, that's a simple fact. But the older I get, the more irritating Sheldon gets. I think Leonard has a nervous system made of 3 feet thick concrete. I think I would have moved out after 1
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