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  1. I saw the final episode with Kaley and Johnny giving us a tour through the studio. That was interesting, but I actually hoped the final episode would be a real final episode with the characters instead of a grand tour. What I did like was the fact that in episode 23 Leonard FINALLY hit Sheldon. I've been a fan of TBBT ever since it started, but the last couple of years I thought: "Why in the world doesn't Chuck Lorre think of something that'll turn Sheldon into a 'normal' human being. I'm a 61 years old man from The Netherlands. Believe me when I say I'm not agressive or a fighter, but even though TBBT was a sitcom (and one of the best ever), the character Sheldon became more and more annoying, and nobody ever told him what a piece of work he was. THAT would have been a fun and satisfying topic for a final episode. But still: it's over. Here in Holland we'll probably be able to watch the entire series for the 10th time or so, since Veronica, the tv-station that habeen broadcasting TBBT ever since it started, doesn't seem to be able to buy some new sitcoms. OK, we've got "Man with a plan" now on Saturday nights, but Matt LeBlanc wasn't funny in 'Friends' and he still isn't in MWAP. Except for reruns of TBBT they keep 'surprising' us with never ending reruns of 'Mom' (which I really like) and 'Two and a half men'. I stopped counting how many times Charlie took Alan and Jake in a couple of years ago. Anyway: Warner Bros and CBS, thank you for TBBT.
  2. Hi, I'm a 60 years old widower from The Netherlands. I've been watching BBT ever since one of our tv-stations started showing it. They show BBT every day; they even started ll over about 6 times.... annoying, but I watch the reruns every time... until they start over again for the 7th time. I stay up to date with the US thanks to the internet. Tonight I'm going to watch episode 1 of season 11. BBT IS funny, that's a simple fact. But the older I get, the more irritating Sheldon gets. I think Leonard has a nervous system made of 3 feet thick concrete. I think I would have moved out after 1 day with Sheldon, or wrung his neck if I stayed a second day. And: Leonard seems to be the only one who gets fed up with Sheldon every now and then. I don't think the writers and producers will change Sheldon, but I think it's about time he would be a bit more like a regular human being. It's also a mystery to me that Penny has a huge soft spot for Sheldon, while she's proven more than once that she actually CAN open her mouth if things don't go the way she wants. I really hope that in future episodes aomeone follows Sheldon to his bedroom when he's annoyed again by an argument or something, and explains to him that the world he lives in doesn't exist. That would make things a little more realistic. Raj's, Howard's and even Barry's weird characters are fine with me, but Sheldon's ways are getting to me, especially his knocking 3 times .... must be old age. .. or is it?
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