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  1. thats what I was thinking too she took the belly out before the bows so if anyone took video or photos it wouldn't show any spoilers
  2. omg I hope your right. my dream for the finale is Amy to announce that she's pregnant
  3. I'm shocked CBS has released promo pics for the finale. I for sure thought they would keep it highly secretive and not release any photos or video showing actual scenes from the episodes
  4. I hope they don't make it so Leonard and Penny reveal that they are having a baby in the finale. Penny has made it very clear she doesn't want kids and for them to just throw that to the wind isn't fair to the character, the show or to the fans
  5. okay thanks for the info I'm kinda enjoying this whole secretive thing they are doing when it comes to the finale. it makes it more exciting and it will probably attract a larger audience
  6. I can't see this video cuz I live in canada and its not available in my country. could someone tell me whats in this one that wasn't in the original shorter promo for the finale? thanks
  7. I'm looking forward to a spoiler free finale as well don't get me wrong. I'm just curious if they will post any promo pics and promos for the episode or if they want it to be a total secret. I guess we will wait and see
  8. I mean something that gives us some idea of what the episode is about.
  9. I'm wondering if they will post promo pics for episode 23 and 24. I'm not sure if photos count as major spoilers. also I wonder if CBS will release a small synopsis for the finale like they do for every episode?
  10. Best picture ever! does anyone have any information about episode 22? the title makes me think it has something to do with pregnancy either for Amy or Penny
  11. @Silver1984, Could you elaborate on an Shamy moments in particular? Could you elaborate on shamy plot?
  12. Same here. I live in Canada so I don't think ill get the chance to see a taping before the series ends
  13. I've been looking at Shamy wedding photos and the promo picture for the season 12 premiere. It looks like Amy only has one Ring on. Shouldn't she have an engagement ring and also a wedding ring on? Did anyone notice if she has two rings on or not?
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