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  1. Thank you @GadgetGirl375! Hope you had a great time! Any Shamu plot or scene? Thanks again!
  2. Nice! Tapings are amazing! do you have any spoilers to share with us? thank you!
  3. What time did you start refreshing the page? Thank you!
  4. Hi, Did anybody try to get tickets this morning? I was refreshing since 6 am. And when they became available I tried to fill out with my info and did not show anything, only one it shown that they were sold out. I refreshed again and it was available. I refresh countless times and twice the web site was showing that there were tickets available for 04/24/2018?!?!?!? Did anybody have a problem with the website today? Thanks
  5. Do you guys have spoiler from episode 5? Where did you guys find that Paige will be on that one? Thank you!
  6. Hi kev0821, what time did you start refreshing the website today?
  7. Hi Guys! For you who tried to get tickets this morning. What time did you start refreshing the page?
  8. Hello guys, I am so sorry, I promised a taping report but it was a crazy week and I didn't have time to write one. Here is what happened(I don't know if you already get any other report) Opening scene is the gang deciding who will pick up Sheldon and Amy's family. Amy uses lord of the rings as an example so the guys can understand. Sheldon says something like "good example and it also involves a ring that will make me dependent on you forever! " ans Amy says "Awn, he said forever!" and kisses him. Amy is on the phone with Wheaton to confirm about the wedding next day (Wil would be the officiant). Sheldon is practicing how to tie his bow tie, he says that is not even. So Amy tells him that it suppose to be asymmetric. Amy asks him if he is ok, if he is not feeling any wedding stress. Sheldon says that nothing will stop him of marrying her, not even if himself from the future comes to tell him to not get married. Amy says something about him coming back to the future to say that means that they got married (it was a smart line, I can't remember lol). Sheldon holds her hand and says :"I love you so dawn much!". At Howardette's house, Howard is petting a dog that he found on their backyard and tells Bernadette that he called the owner to pick up the dog. The dog owner gets there and is Mark Hamill (Simmon was amazing in that scene). So Mark thank Howard and says that he can ask him anything. Howard says :"You will regret about it!" haha At comic book store Stuart ask Denise to go with him to the wedding, and she says that will be weird because he is her boss. Howard come into the store and says that Mark Hamill will be the officiant. Denise turns to Stuart and says :"You need to buy me a dress!" Penny is in the car with Amy's parents. I don't remember the dialogue on that scene but it is pretty funny and she doesn't let Amy's father talk. Raj is with Mary and Missy in his car. Missy is pregnant and says that she is divorced. At Lenny's apartment we have George, Sheldon, Amy and Leonard. Amy tells George that is nice to meet Sheldon's big brother. He says that Sheldon got the brain and he got the body, the face and the hair. Amy ask Sheldon if he can talk with Texan accent, He says he can but he won't. So Amy says :"Say it!". Raj gets in the apartment with Missy and they say that Mary was at the church praying for Missy's soul. Penny gets there with Amy's parents as well. On the wedding day. Mark Hamill gets there and Howard tells Raj that he will be the officiant and he will tell to Wheaton. Later Wheaton goes to talk to Hamill and Hamill is like :"Who are you?" It was a funny scene. Leonard is helping Sheldon to get ready and he got emotional and hugs Sheldon. Than Mary asks Leonard to have a moment with Sheldon. She tells Sheldon that his father would be proud of him. He says that he misses him and thank Mary for everything. (It was such a beautiful scene). Than Mary ask him to help with his bow tie and he says that is ok because seems that it needs some asymmetry. Mary says that imperfect things make perfect things. Sheldon says I got go and goes to Amy's room. He had the same reaction he had on the last episode when he sees Amy ready for the wedding. He tells her about super asymmetry and ask her for his lipstick and starts writing on the mirror. Everybody is waiting for Shamy, so Leonard goes to check on them. So Howard tells Hamill that Shamy are late and ask the guests if they have any questions about star wars just to killing time. Mark does't know the answers so Stuart answers all the questions and Denise says :"You are so hot!" Leonard ask why are Shamy late. So he sees the formulas in the mirror and says :"that's interesting" so he stays there with them. Amy's mom says that is taking to long, that the wedding was a mistake and she would take Amy out of there. So Penny yells at her and says that Sheldon loves Amy and he would never do anything to hurt Amy ans ask her to sit down. So Amy's mom ask her husband to say something and he says Thank you to Penny. Penny goes to Amy's room and call them for the wedding. They tell her that they made a discovery but Sheldon tells Amy that they have their whole lives to do science together and Amy says :"Let's get married" So Sheldon sees Hamill and his reaction is amazing and Leonard tells him to thanks Howard for it. Sheldon tells Hamill that after the wedding, he has 4000 things for him to sign. Amy comes and She start with her vows. She says that she always had a dream to get married but than she stopped thinking about it but when she met him at the coffee shop, she knew that something was different and he was the one (it was so beautiful). Hamill starts crying and asks Sheldon to say his vows. Sheldon says that he always know what to say but He has no word on that moment but he will spend his life showing her how much he loves her. They kiss and when they are leaving. Kripke is singing. lol Shamy are in their apt looking their marriage certificate and Sheldon says :"We have Mark Hamill autograph). Lenny gets in the apartment with some presents that were delivered on ther apartment by mistake. Amy grabs one present and says that is from Stephen Hawking. Sheldon opens and is a pocket watch with a message :" Sheldon, I am glad you and Amy got married. I was about time. Get it? about time. hahaha!" Shamy and Lenny got emotional. Amy hugs Sheldon and Penny hugs Leonard. (It was an beautiful scene) Sorry, I might had missed something but it was all I can remember. It was an amazing episode.
  9. @brilliantfool Thank you! I have ticket for next week... I'll give you guys spoilers as well... Spoilers and detailed TR are always welcome! :D
  10. As we'll see Raj in the last scene of season 11. I believe season 12 will focus on him. Who knows.
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