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  1. Thank you @GadgetGirl375! Hope you had a great time! Any Shamu plot or scene? Thanks again!
  2. Nice! Tapings are amazing! do you have any spoilers to share with us? thank you!
  3. What time did you start refreshing the page? Thank you!
  4. Hi, Did anybody try to get tickets this morning? I was refreshing since 6 am. And when they became available I tried to fill out with my info and did not show anything, only one it shown that they were sold out. I refreshed again and it was available. I refresh countless times and twice the web site was showing that there were tickets available for 04/24/2018?!?!?!? Did anybody have a problem with the website today? Thanks
  5. Do you guys have spoiler from episode 5? Where did you guys find that Paige will be on that one? Thank you!
  6. Hi kev0821, what time did you start refreshing the website today?
  7. Hi Guys! For you who tried to get tickets this morning. What time did you start refreshing the page?
  8. Hello guys, I am so sorry, I promised a taping report but it was a crazy week and I didn't have time to write one. Here is what happened(I don't know if you already get any other report) Opening scene is the gang deciding who will pick up Sheldon and Amy's family. Amy uses lord of the rings as an example so the guys can understand. Sheldon says something like "good example and it also involves a ring that will make me dependent on you forever! " ans Amy says "Awn, he said forever!" and kisses him. Amy is on the phone with Wheaton to confirm about the wedding n
  9. @brilliantfool Thank you! I have ticket for next week... I'll give you guys spoilers as well... Spoilers and detailed TR are always welcome! :D
  10. As we'll see Raj in the last scene of season 11. I believe season 12 will focus on him. Who knows.
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