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  1. Got the tickets!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me out on this forum. There was another individual also helping me watch on this forum and I want to especially thank them as well. My wife is going to be absolutely thrilled for her 50th. I'll take pictures and come back and let everyone know how it went when we get back from LA.
  2. Well the bad news is, is that the tickets never came out all weekend. The good news is, is that I'm pretty sure I broke some sort of refresh webpage record Today has to be the day I guess right? Shoot I'm wasting time, need to get back to refreshing
  3. Well this is it. The tickets are going up sometime this weekend or maybe Monday morning from everything that I've read. I'll be refreshing my computer all weekend long apparently in hopes of getting tickets for my wife's 50th. Wish me luck. I'm probably going to need it
  4. Hey everyone, From what I've read from this forum everyone seems pretty helpful so I thought I would give this a shot. My wife and I have loved Big Bang Theory for years now and we never miss an episode. My wife is turning 50 soon and out of the blue she mentioned to me that she would love to go to a taping of Big Bang Theory as a birthday present. So I take to the internet to find taping dates and how to get tickets and I see there is a taping on 1/9/18 and the site you purchase tickets from is tvtickets.com. However, after reading through other fans experiences with actually getting guaranteed tickets I see a wide variance on the actual times the tickets go on sale. This is especially true when the sale date falls on a weekend like it would appear the 1/9/18 taping would do. I've seen suggestions of checking on both Saturday morning and Sunday morning. I've even seen others say that they have even seen them go on sale at midnight the night before. Given that the window of opportunity is so short (I'm seeing 10 minutes from most posts) I wonder if anyone could help me out on narrowing down the time range that I need to be actively engaged in looking for tickets. I was hoping to make this a surprise to present to my wife so I unfortunately won't be able to ask her to assist in the actual purchasing of the tickets to give me another pair of hands to click. Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance anyone can give me. Chris
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