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  1. Aha, funny you should mention this. I've been hoping to meet Howard's Dad for years, especially after that wonderful letter in closet episode in S.6, but I knew this would be a loooooong shot. BUT, I remembered reading this in some interviews here: This got me thinking. I don't know about others, but I really can feel TPTB are LOVING Howardette this season, some people claimed that "Howardette's story is over", but clearly, TPTB don't think so. They wrote a lot of filler - "interesting yet don't change their life one bit" - plots for them, when they should've spent the time on Raj and Anu, or someone else. So, now, with this love that TPTB have been giving to Howardette, I kinda expect to see his Dad in the finale. LOL. Agree with every word.
  2. I actually was very surprised to see the last episode, I didn't read any spoilers beforehand due to my busy work, and I watched it on the flight...I thought Sheldon was already on board with the kids thing, so I got confused... But I have to say, even my friends who are casual viewers have been noticing the "tease", they even pointed out the "They just had coitus three weeks ago"...LOL. I don't think she is pregnant right now, but I would love to see Shamy's kids in the finale (provided with a time jump of course). But you know the writers, if they can change Sheldon back into the "reluctant to have kids" state, then they sure as hell can write Amy is already pregnant. LOL, you never know.
  3. Thank you my friend, I've been busy and just got a few days off till the weekend, I've been catching up the spoilers and I just learned that the next episode is going to air on April 5th(my timezone), oh my...Is it me or the airing schedule changed a lot this season unlike the previous ones?...
  4. I noticed on FanFictions, the authors tend to use the names of famous scientists, like Issac, Stephen, Richard or Nicholas (Nikola) for the boy, and Mary, Amelia, Marie for the girl. @BigBangEnthusiast used "Leah" on her brilliant story - "The Sin Closet Diaries" , and like @Kathy2611 said, it combined both Sheldon and Amy's middle name, I didn't catch that when I first read the story, but I'm now loving this name very much. LOL.
  5. Thank you very much, I haven't heard about anything, but I'm going to check this out, I love Melissa's acting very much, and I'm interested in seeing her on other shows. BTW, LOVE her voice-over of Harley Quinn!!!
  6. I've been waiting for the updates especially during the long flight time... Your story is so great, true to the characters Sheldon and Amy, and also has a warm feeling through it all. I just love it!!! Thanks!
  7. Glad to see it's OK to talk about Shamy's kids in Shamy's thread... I used to be someone who prefer Nobel plot over kids plot, now? Nah. I want to see TWO plots and hopefully TPTB agree with me, thanks. LMAO. I haven't watched this new video, but I remembered in one of Mayim's IG stories, she was cooking something, and one of her kids laughed and said:" They asked if I'm Sheldon's son..." I LOLed so hard...
  8. Yeah...ummmm, but to me, it's more like "setting up a target and shooting at it". Seems more like an "overkill" because Shamy already have a lot to be "critiqued", no? LOL.
  9. Haven't been here for a while...Work has been CRAZY... So, I just read this spoiler here that @vonmar posted (Thank you so much): If I remembered correctly, in 12X05, Amy was working on the sensory study with a subject wired up, so this was Amy's work plot before the Nobel nomination one... I think it's very interesting that TPTB chose to "pick it up" (so to speak) at this late in the final season... Which made me think perhaps this will be Amy's endgame : instead of a Nobel or Nobel nomination, Amy will get tenure because of this project. Again if I remembered correctly, in 12X05, it was "implyed" (to me anyways...) that Amy was on the tenure track by Sheldon's lines... I know, a lot of guessing on my part, maybe it will be just a small science plot for Shamy, nothing major, but I love it anyways, LOL.
  10. I got a few boring hours to kill before my flight, then I remembered this post: I copied my list here to check: 1. One episode and one mention, so...still hoping for another one, haha. 2. Oh...long shot...What was I thinking back then?...LOL. 3. ummmm, no, not with the SA project in sight, I think. 4. Nah. 5. Aha, this is an easy one. LMAO. 6. One down, one to go. I'm confident that TPTB will have Mary back before the end. Yep. 7. Oh, I'm counting on it. 8. This is a fun one, maybe, I think. The additional one I wrote: 9. ummmm, maybe? 10. Still maybe. 11. Aha. LOL. 12. Maybe. 13. The ship has sailed, but they can still get Giuseppe home, haha. OK, back to the waiting. This is fun.
  11. Haha, Blossom and Joey Lawrence, Missy and Sheldon...ummmm, I see a parallel here, LOL. PS: I never watched Blossom myself, but I've seen some TV shows mentioning it, and on Parks and Recreation, one character Ann dressed as Blossom on one episode when they were doing some 1990s costumes.
  12. Yes, the 12X11 tag scene is so funny, and I also LOVE their outfits there, felt so "grown up". Which reminds me of their date nights outfits back in the days, very mature and formal and nice, I love it. Also, I went back to confirm that it was indeed "Dr. Saltzberg at UCLA" who loved and praised Shamy's paper, I just love these kind of Easter Eggs on the show, LOL.
  13. I now have all these Shamy one-shots to help me pass the 15 plane travelling hours, thank you so much! Wish you happy holidays!!!
  14. Happy holidays, everyone!!! And Shamy, too. Wish you all have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. So, S.12 has already aired 10 episodes and taped 12, only 12 episodes to go!!! Wow, so fast, yet I still haven't got much of the "final season" vibe, LOL. PS: Nice to see all those "likes" and other emojis to all these holiday wishes posts, you know what I mean...They warmed my heart, thank you!!!
  15. Thank you so much @GadgetGirl375 for the TR!!! I still don't understand why Zack would want to ask someone he knows in real life - his ex girlfriend's husband no less - to donate sperm for him in the first place. Knowing Zack, if this thing really happens, in the future he might say something like "Hey, kid, this is your Uncle Leonard, but actually he is your real father, how cool is that, right?" Oh, well...
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