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  1. Thanks!!! Always waiting for your stories in the future, thank you for the effort!!! BTW, your version of Shamy’s daughter Leah, is canon to me. Thanks again.
  2. Amy's tiara, and the iconic "Oh, it's a tiara!!! Put it on me! ..." scene, and all the other times - Shamy's wedding, Shamy's Nobel ceremony... - when she wore it, will be always remembered by the fans, forever.
  3. I must say this was a really stupid move on TPTB's part. If they didn't have a proper answer to this million dollar question, then by all means, DO NOT MENTION IT. Because fans would gladly accept it, and non-fans wouldn't even care about this. So, win-win. But no, they mentioned it, they even asked the question directly. Like they were afraid that viewers would forget about it or something. Oh, dear God. UGH.
  4. An easy fix to this problem could be: In 12X24, when Leonard suggested:"Why don't we just tell people?" Instead of answering:"No, it's too early, I haven't even wrapped my head around it." (ugh, this answer made it worse!!!) Penny could say:" No, not yet, we'll tell them the GOOD NEWS after the ceremony, and then we can celebrate it together." See? Two words, everything changed. But, of course TPTB went for the first one, what was I thinking??? UGH.
  5. I agree with this. This is part of the reason that I never bought the idea of "the big three" being Sheldon, Leonard, Penny. I know TPTB said so, but IMO, it should be Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard. Especially in later seasons, they wrote a LOT of filler plots for Howardette and Howard/Raj, I mean, I love Howardette, but even I thought some of their filler plots were a waste of time, you know, especially at the same time, we didn't get enough Lenny or Raj plots for their proper developments, let alone Penny's. I remembered that I specifically hated that Bill Gates episode, because I thought that was a Penny's plot, about her job, but in the end, Sheldon and Leonard got more than her, she was just a vehicle to get Gates here so we could see the four guys being nerdy with Gates. Such a waste.
  6. I agree. I saw the finale as nothing but a fan-service, or as @Die Zimtzicke said it perfectly, a laundry list. So I actually saw Amy's makeover as one of the things on the list. I know not all of the fans like to see this, but I'm sure there were fans out there who have been wanting to see her change of style for a long time, not to mention they have been very vocal. And Raj, that was a tragical ending for him, not that something bad happened him, no, it was that he had nothing else to do except for helping Amy change her style (didn't show, so no screen time, sorry dude) and being a vehicle of a underwhelmed cameo. I like Sarah, but her cameo was not one of the good ones in the entire show. Sigh. All things considered, I really count my blessings for being one of the fans that got (part of) what they want in this lovely fan-service feast...LOL.
  7. I think it was very IC for him to not "like it" or "love it" like what happened with Amy's wedding dress, he was already frustrated with all the changes, he even yelled at Leonard for not having Earl Gray...And then, there it was, Amy with a makeover, so, of course he couldn't handle it well, not because he didn't think Amy was pretty, but because there were too much change in one day. Hahaha, like what happened with Amy's apartment in S.10, and the dream with several versions of Sheldon in S.11, this was the third time that I thought maybe the writers have been writing fan fictions secretly, LOL. Spot on. Only God knows how long I've been waiting for the good old Sheldon/Penny scene/plots, perhaps since S.7, and I'm happy to say, this scene gave me what I want. And, also, Amy was the one who finally made him realize that yes, his actions hurt his friends, and sometimes, his wife. Sheldon was asking Amy the core question straightforwardly, and Amy was willing to admit it, no sugar coating it. Powerful plot, amazing performance, I just love it so much. That and the sweet and funny stairs scene were my favorite Shamy parts from the finale, oh, and of course, seeing them doing the speeches, wearing the medals, and honestly, how many couples do you know can have this conversation: "How does it feel to be married to a Nobel Prize winner?" " You tell me." I know, except for the Curies, of course, LOL. Oh, before I forgot, so Shamy's coital tally are now up to 12, so this is totally an Easter Egg for the finale, right? LOL.
  8. Hahaha, so I know you will be happy about Shamy's Nobel Prize, my friend, you know, just because. I know I am. LOL.
  9. laundry list - Spot on!!! I'd like to add something: Sheldon finally admits Howard's achievement - Astronaut Howard Wolowitz. And to tell the audience one last time: We don't care about Raj or why some things happen, just take your clean clothes and be happy about it. LOL.
  10. Feels more like the season didn't earn the finale... But then again, if this is a fan service, then IMO, at least SOME of the fans are happy. LOL. Because look at what happened with the final season of Game of Thrones, or How I met your Mother...Yikes!!!
  11. Wonderful attitude, rarely see it these days, nice! 👍 I'm looking forward to the finale as well.
  12. Exactly. I remembered some articles saying TPTB gave the reporters fortune cookies after the last taping, and which said something like "it's not the end, you can always see the show on syndication" (I can't remember the exact words, sorry). And this told me that they won't do anything that awful to the show's finale, because they will want TBBT to live for a long time on syndication......
  13. I gotta say, this speculation has been floating around for a few years that I don't think it is a plot twist anymore. LOL.
  14. Not just them, the other three Howardette and Raj also wore the exact same clothes from the promo photos: Howard - green plaid shirt; Bernie - pink shirt and red pants; Raj - blue jacket and orange pants.
  15. Could be. In 12X20, they watched Avengers : Endgame, that movie's release date was April 26th in US, and in 12X21, Sheldon mentioned buying their Anniversary gift on Amazon, so I think it was not May 12th yet. I can't pinpoint the timeline in 12X22, but I think it was still in May. If they are gonna follow the REAL timeline for Nobel Prize announcements, then perhaps there will be TWO time-jumps? But then again, based on the Nobel writing this season, I think they are gonna ignore the real timeline, and just go with it...LOL. So, still one time-jump.
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