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  1. 17 hours ago, April said:

    But they had Amy directly ask her about it

    I must say this was a really stupid move on TPTB's part. 

    If they didn't have a proper answer to this million dollar question, then by all means, DO NOT MENTION IT.  Because fans would gladly accept it, and non-fans wouldn't even care about this.

    So, win-win. 

    But no, they mentioned it, they even asked the question directly. Like they were afraid that viewers would forget about it or something. 

    Oh, dear God.  UGH. 

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  2. An easy fix to this problem could be:

    In 12X24, when Leonard suggested:"Why don't we just tell people?"  Instead of answering:"No, it's too early, I haven't even wrapped my head around it." (ugh, this answer made it worse!!!)

    Penny could say:" No, not yet, we'll tell them the GOOD NEWS after the ceremony,  and then we can celebrate it together."

    See?  Two words, everything changed. 


    But, of course TPTB went for the first one, what was I thinking??? UGH. 

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  3. 20 hours ago, Capt. Hilts said:

    Penny's character was like plankton - it just got caught up in the flow of other people's dreams and plans. 

    I agree with this. 

    This is part of the reason that I never bought the idea of "the big three" being Sheldon, Leonard, Penny. I know TPTB said so, but IMO, it should be Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard. Especially in later seasons, they wrote a LOT of filler plots for Howardette and Howard/Raj, I mean, I love Howardette, but even I thought some of their filler plots were a waste of time, you know, especially at the same time, we didn't get enough Lenny or Raj plots for their proper developments, let alone Penny's. 

    I remembered that I specifically hated that Bill Gates episode, because I thought that was a Penny's plot, about her job, but in the end, Sheldon and Leonard got more than her, she was just a vehicle to get Gates here so we could see the four guys being nerdy with Gates. Such a waste. 

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  4. 19 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    I didn’t have a problem with the makeover, at the end of the day it’s Amy’s choice and if she felt the desire to change her appearance with new clothing and a haircut then good for her! Millions of people change their style all the time. A new look can make you feel good and somewhat empowering so I have no problems with it whatsoever.

    I agree.  I saw the finale as nothing but a fan-service, or as @Die Zimtzicke said it perfectly, a laundry list

    So I actually saw Amy's makeover as one of the things on the list. I know not all of the fans like to see this, but I'm sure there were fans out there who have been wanting to see her change of style for a long time, not to mention they have been very vocal. 

    And Raj, that was a tragical ending for him, not that something bad happened him, no, it was that he had nothing else to do except for helping Amy change her style (didn't show, so no screen time, sorry dude)  and being a vehicle of a underwhelmed cameo. I like Sarah, but her cameo was not one of the good ones in the entire show. Sigh.

    All things considered, I really count my blessings for being one of the fans that got (part of) what they want in this lovely fan-service feast...LOL. 


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  5. I think it was very IC for him to not "like it" or "love it" like what happened with Amy's wedding dress, he was already frustrated with all the changes, he even yelled at Leonard for not having Earl Gray...And then, there it was, Amy with a makeover, so, of course he couldn't handle it well, not because he didn't think Amy was pretty, but because there were too much change in one day. 


    1 hour ago, rubyanjel said:

    Heck, hundreds of fan fictions were written about this "what if" moment.

    Hahaha, like what happened with Amy's apartment in S.10, and the dream with several versions of Sheldon in S.11, this was the third time that I thought maybe the writers have been writing fan fictions secretly, LOL. 


    1 hour ago, rubyanjel said:

    I do like it was Penny who kind of reminded him that change is a constant thing. I love the whole older sister kind of moment with her here as well.

    Spot on. 

    Only God knows how long I've been waiting for the good old Sheldon/Penny scene/plots, perhaps since S.7, and I'm happy to say, this scene gave me what I want. 


    And, also, Amy was the one who finally made him realize that yes, his actions hurt his friends, and sometimes, his wife.  

    Sheldon was asking Amy the core question straightforwardly, and Amy was willing to admit it, no sugar coating it.  Powerful plot, amazing performance, I just love it so much. 


    That and the sweet and funny stairs scene were my favorite Shamy parts from the finale, oh, and of course, seeing them doing the speeches, wearing the medals, and honestly, how many couples do you know can have this conversation: "How does it feel to be married to a Nobel Prize winner?" " You tell me."  I know, except for the Curies, of course, LOL. 


    Oh, before I forgot, so Shamy's coital tally are now up to 12, so this is totally an Easter Egg for the finale, right?  LOL. 


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  6. 5 minutes ago, April said:

    I remember a time when you'd write long hateful rants so that's good to see. ;)

    But yeah, overall I'm also rather happy. It's more that I'm annoyed with the season itself rather than the finale. For everything else there's always fix-it-fanfic. lol

    Hahaha, so I know you will be happy about Shamy's Nobel Prize, my friend, you know,  just because. 

    I know I am. LOL. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    It was a laundry list of answered questions, just to answer them. Nobel prize, elevator fixed, finally make Amy look decent, show Stuart is still a loser, show the Wolowitz kids, who were kind of big for two cribs, Lenny is pregnant because she got drunk with Sheldon, explain Leonard's hoodies...yeah we got it. Throw in a guest star that was incredibly underwhelming and prove Sheldon loves his friends and they love him and you're done.

    laundry list - Spot on!!!   

    I'd like to add something: Sheldon finally admits Howard's achievement - Astronaut Howard Wolowitz.

    And to tell the audience one last time: We don't care about Raj or why some things happen, just take your clean clothes and be happy about it. LOL. 

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  8. 6 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced this was a very very good finale for a not so good season...

    Feels more like the season didn't earn the finale... 

    But then again, if this is a fan service, then IMO, at least SOME of the fans are happy. LOL. 

    Because look at what happened with the final season of Game of Thrones, or How I met your Mother...Yikes!!!

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  9. 41 minutes ago, snowflake79 said:

    I'm sad the show is ending tomorrow, but I'm also looking forward to the finale, since my gut feeling tells me I will be happy and moved. And not just as a fan of TBBT, but also as an ardent Lenny shipper. And no clickbait article from a dubious website like screenrant, whose only purpose is to rant (hence the name of the site) and spread negativity will change that. 🙂

    Wonderful attitude, rarely see it these days, nice!  👍   I'm looking forward to the finale as well.  


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  10. 47 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    The writers ruled it out, they said it has been already done in an old show Bob Newhart was in (I've no idea what they were referring to, but I guess it was famous in USA) and they can't do any better than that. I remember that, many many years ago, when they did something vaguely like that in Dallas, wiping up the previous season and pretending it was a dream of one of the characters, I was so furious and I felt to have been mocked...I can't imagine how I would react if TPTB decided to wipe up the whole show as a dream!


    30 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    I don't think they'd want to do such damage to potential DVD sales. Who'd buy it if they knew it was all going to turn out not to be real ? 



    I remembered some articles saying TPTB gave the reporters fortune cookies after the last taping, and which said something like "it's not the end, you can always see the show on syndication" (I can't remember the exact words, sorry).  

    And this told me that they won't do anything that awful to the show's finale, because they will want TBBT to live for a long time on syndication......

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  11. 12 hours ago, rubyanjel said:

    Plot twist: the dark ending is that this is all Leonard's daydream when they were at the door. All those after episode 1x01 never happened. 👀

    I gotta say, this speculation has been floating around for a few years that I don't think it is a plot twist anymore.  LOL. 


  12. 41 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    in particular Sheldon/Jim, Penny/Kaley and Leonard/Johnny wore the same dresses you can see in the promo pics (green shirt for Sheldon, orange shirt for Leonard and plaid shirt for Penny).

    Not just them, the other three Howardette and Raj also wore the exact same clothes from the promo photos: 

    Howard - green plaid shirt; Bernie - pink shirt and red pants; Raj - blue jacket and orange pants. 

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  13. 4 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    I wonder if in their timeline it's their anniversary too. The Nobel Prize announcements for 2019 will be in October, specifically the Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced on October 8th.


    Could be. In 12X20, they watched Avengers : Endgame, that movie's release date was April 26th in US, and in 12X21, Sheldon mentioned buying their Anniversary gift on Amazon, so I think it was not May 12th yet. I can't pinpoint the timeline in 12X22, but I think it was still in May.

    If they are gonna follow the REAL timeline for Nobel Prize announcements, then perhaps there will be TWO time-jumps?

    But then again, based on the Nobel writing this season, I think they are gonna ignore the real timeline, and just go with it...LOL. So, still one time-jump. 


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  14. 8 minutes ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

    Seem like I have seen the guest star from last night episode (Denise Roommate Mitch) on another TV Show before.. Does anyone know if he been in anything else?



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    I recognized him immediately, I've seen him on Raising Hope, he was Frank, a weird friend of Jimmy and Sabrina, and Kate Micucci (Raj's ex Lucy) , working in the supermarket. 


  15. I think it's really ironic that they could write decent storylines for Stuart and Denise:  we saw their development, their fight, their make-up, and their ILUs.

    Yet, at the same time, they couldn't put the same effort into writing Raj and Anu...

    Actually how hard was that? 

    Let me see: Anu could be a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, she could dance like Beyonce in "single ladies",  she could quote any romantic movies, and she could cook better than Raj...And, when the time comes, she could propose to Raj like Sandra Bullock did in the movie "The Proposal".......


    Just like Denise, being a weirdo herself, was a huge fan of comic books, knew every reference that Stuart said, loved him for he was, and was willing to have a future with Stuart.


    Sigh, once again, this differential treatment told me that when TPTB WANT to do something, they really CAN do it right. 

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  16. 26 minutes ago, Sah said:

    They have done nothing to show she has changed her mind about wanting kids. No further discussions.  It would seem forced and unfair to push Penny into having kids that she really does not want.  I still feel she has never expressed a true desire for kids. 

    I agree with this.

    As much as I despise the donation storyline, IF it could change Penny's mind into wanting kids, and then to put an end to this ridiculous story arc, and to give Lenny a happy ending, it could be a means to an end, I'm willing to let the donation storyline slide.  

    But, it got worse than I thought, it did nothing to change Penny's mind...then why did you write it, TPTB? 


    That being said, considering the pattern of "flip flop writing in this season" as @ShamyScience said it perfectly, I actually think they might change Penny's mind into wanting kids in the very last episode - like snap your fingers - like that, and then Penny would be happily pregnant, and she would say something like "Oh, I've always wanted to have kids, you don't know?" LOL. 

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  17. About 12X21:     (I will skip the touchy Nobel topic...)


    Something beautiful - 

    1. Enjoy Shamy's bed talk, sweet and informative, as always.

    2. Love the parallel comparison - Sheldon noticing Amy was distracted, just like before when Amy noticing Sheldon was distracted.

    3. I must say I didn't expect them to mention Shamy's anniversary, and gifts, but I'm really happy to see this little detail. 

    4. The MRI photo was on the wall, nice. (Of course I paused to see their bedroom decoration, haha)

    5. Cheek kiss, need I say more?

    6. Is this the first time that we see Amy was eating lunch with Sheldon at his office?  And based on the lunch, I'm thinking they were homemade...Nice and sweet. 


    Now, rant:

    After this episode, I saw more and more people were asking: Why is Shamy's bed SO SMALL??? 



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  18. 48 minutes ago, Sah said:

    Do you think we will meet Howard's dad? 

    Aha, funny you should mention this. 

    I've been hoping to meet Howard's Dad for years, especially after that wonderful letter in closet episode in S.6, but I knew this would be a loooooong shot. 

    BUT, I remembered reading this in some interviews here:

    On 3/8/2019 at 5:33 AM, vonmar said:

    From TV Line

    Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Veronica Mars, Big Bang, Supernatural, Gotham, Psych, To All the Boys, TWD and More

    Question: Big Bang Theory is ending soon and we still haven’t met Howard’s father. Any word on him possibly showing up? —Dina
    Ausiello: Well, we did ask show boss Chuck Lorre if viewers would meet any unseen relatives before the hitcom fades to black, and he hedged, “Not that I can talk about.”Hmm…. Elsewhere on the Big Bang front, I hear Sheldon and Amy will soon be spending some time in a sensory deprivation lab, and I’m already predicting this will be one of my favorite episodes of the season. 

    This got me thinking. I don't know about others, but I really can feel TPTB are LOVING Howardette this season, some people claimed that "Howardette's story is over", but clearly, TPTB don't think so. They wrote a lot of filler  - "interesting yet don't change their life one bit" -  plots for them, when they should've spent the time on Raj and Anu, or someone else.

    So, now, with this love that TPTB have been giving to Howardette, I kinda expect to see his Dad in the finale.  LOL. 


    59 minutes ago, Sah said:

    I have always wondered about him and why he took off. What happened to his half brother? I would like to know about this. I liked his brother when we did meet him, he seemed a lot like Howard.

    Agree with every word. 

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  19. 1 minute ago, Sah said:

    It is kind of fun taking about a Shamy baby...

    Do you suspect she is already pregnant?

    I actually was very surprised to see the last episode, I didn't read any spoilers beforehand due to my busy work, and I watched it on the flight...I thought Sheldon was already on board with the kids thing, so I got confused...

    But I have to say, even my friends who are casual viewers have been noticing the "tease", they even pointed out the "They just had coitus three weeks ago"...LOL. 

    I don't think she is pregnant right now, but I would love to see Shamy's kids in the finale (provided with a time jump of course).

    But you know the writers, if they can change Sheldon back into the "reluctant to have kids" state, then they sure as hell can write Amy is already pregnant. LOL, you never know.  

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  20. 1 minute ago, Sah said:

    Hi kripke, so glad your back :)

    Thank you my friend, I've been busy and just got a few days off till the weekend, I've been catching up the spoilers and I just learned that the next episode is going to air on April 5th(my timezone), oh my...Is it me or the airing schedule changed a lot this season unlike the previous ones?...

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  21. 22 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    I'd be interested to find out what the names were that Sheldon said he'd reserved for his children.

    I noticed on FanFictions, the authors tend to use the names of famous scientists, like Issac, Stephen, Richard or Nicholas (Nikola) for the boy, and Mary, Amelia, Marie for the girl.

    @BigBangEnthusiast  used "Leah" on her brilliant story - "The Sin Closet Diaries" , and like @Kathy2611 said, it combined both Sheldon and Amy's middle name, I didn't catch that when I first read the story, but I'm now loving this name very much. LOL. 

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  22. 5 hours ago, shell said:

    I heard Melissa has a job with another show


    4 hours ago, shell said:

    I believe on going

    Thank you very much, I haven't heard about anything, but I'm going to check this out, I love Melissa's acting very much, and I'm interested in seeing her on other shows.

    BTW, LOVE her voice-over of Harley Quinn!!!

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