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  1. Writing science equations on the mirror with a lipstick in the Bride's dressing room, then forgot about their own wedding... Man, this is really GOLD!!! I laughed so hard on this one.... Really looking forward to seeing this episode!!!
  2. Wow, can it be any better? A tribute to Mr. Hawking! Thank you so so much!!!
  3. So this is what Mr. Bill Prady's "personal guarantee" looks like, I bow to you, Sir.
  4. Wow, what an amazing episode, Thank you so much, @brilliantfool!!! I just have one small question: Is there a cliffhanger or tease or something for S.12? Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Dave could say his classic line to Shamy: "What a lovely night, you brilliant fools!"
  6. I'd like to see this scenario got mentioned or hinted on an episode, that would drive the gang crazy. LOL. But, I doubt that Kripke could get tenure, though.
  7. I don't know about others, but I myself am glad to see someone fangirling and fanboying Amy. Amy may not be my favourite character of the show, but with the show goes on, I'm liking her more and more. She has been specifically funny this season.
  8. THIS. Thank you. Since S.11, I'm loving Penny again. So I just hate that they bring back the "push up bra" and "no bra" thing on the next episode, UGH.
  9. I've watched my share fair of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl for my ex...In my case, it was torture...LOL.
  10. I think maybe they will cave in to Kripke's demands and have him singing at the wedding for real, because he is going to be at the wedding, so they might as well find something funny for him to do. LMAO. I know Kripke is not everyone's favourite character, but I think he has been playing a very important role in Shamy's storylines over the years. He was/is Sheldon's arch enemy and he hit on Amy after they broke up. He was the one who told everyone at the campus about Shamy's "sex life". He worked with Amy and caused some trouble between Shamy. So, I'm happy to see him at the wedding, and I'm looking forward to some funny moments from him.
  11. Great GIF!!! Amy was sitting there like a mob boss. LMAO.
  12. I watched this episode again, and I hate to say it, but I think they wasted Neil Gaiman on this one, which reminded me the Sheldon's birthday party episode, they wasted Adam West on that one. Neil Gaiman was NOT really in the plot, he might as well just be mentioned, no need to show up at the store, and the jokes were not that good too. I like what they did with Dr. Wolcott last week, and what they did with Denise this week. These two characters really had some fleshed out storylines and their interactions with the main characters were also great, too. Which, got me really worried about the wedding episode with all of these guest characters...ummmm.
  13. But I still doubt Denise could be Raj's date at the wedding, maybe she attends the wedding because she is Sheldon's friend. I guess.
  14. Oh, you are right!! I forgot about her. Glad to see her again!!
  15. I thought the writers were very clever about writing Amy this episode - "open-minded Amy" and "jealous Amy". I liked her way of suggesting Sheldon to have an open-minded attitude towards Denise. He had a problem, she tried to give him advices. And then she didn't go to comic book store to have a show down or something with Denise, but she wanted to learn "how to speak with Sheldon using the comic book language", pretend or not, I appreciated her effort here. In the end, I laughed out loud when Amy threw away her comic book. BTW, one of my friends guessed right that Amy wouldn't have a show down with Denise, because of what happened with her and Ramona before. LMAO. That Denise girl, like last week's Dr. Wolcott, played her part very well. I read that the media thought Denise would be Raj's date at the wedding, I doubt it. I think this Denise girl was just here for this one episode.
  16. Couldn't agree with you more. Especially after they cast Kathy Bates, assuming she will play Amy's Mom. IMO, this season, we had an episode, that Shamy told us they had seen Amy's parents over dinner, at that time, I thought we should've seen them having dinner, NOT heard of it... But that ship has sailed. Here is hoping for some wonderful interaction between Kathy Bates and Shamy.
  17. First of all, thank you for the TR, @brilliantfool!!! Second, I'm not sure Sheldon's general review (so to speak) about George are all inaccurate, based on the bold part. George thought it was funny to sit on Sheldon's head when he was trying to watch the TV show, but to Sheldon, someone sat on his head after all, so George WAS a bully. George thought Sheldon was gonna get beaten up because of the Female costume, so he threw away the costume, but to Sheldon, George did throw away his things. Which reminded me, Penny once said that if one of her classmates didn't want to be beaten up (or something like that) , then he shouldn't show up at school wearing a bow tie. So, maybe to that classmate, Penny IS a bully.
  18. This is great, a good ol' Shelnard episode, I like it! Thank you for sharing this! No wonder they had Leonard with Sheldon for Texas instead of Amy, because Leonard is like Sheldon's brother in California. It's a parallel between Leonard and George.Jr.
  19. This is funny. LOL. Thank you for the spoilers, @brilliantfool Have a nice day!
  20. Wow, that guest list...... Maybe Amy would have a Star Wars cosplay, ummmmm. Really? I think that makes perfect sense to me. This is not the first time this happens, I kinda lost count here. LMAO.
  21. Why do I have this gut feeling that Amy's "dress" would be a cosplay or something? I really LOVE her Star Trek uniform when they played "Doctor".
  22. To be fair, it was the reporter who brought up the "you'll run" senario, not Jim. And he added, "I don't think that's going to happen." I just thought he REALLY didn't know anything about the finale, but he had to do these interviews, so, what was he gonna do, huh. That being said, I'm not trusting the writers , because all of the "infamous finales" of TBBT... I've learned my lessons not to underestimate them. I mean, who thought they would bring Ramona back after 8 years last year???...ugh.
  23. OMG, please, don't give them ideas, not the Shenny fan uproar again, had it ENOUGH, Thank you very much, UGH.
  24. Yes, agree with you completely. I was happy assuming Amy's Dad was dead or left the family or something, but they had to bring him up, and during the proposal, tied in with Hawking, so people were really interested to see her Dad. I know for a fact, that many people around me have been interested to see him since 11X1. So now, I'm intrigued, too.
  25. I thought that's the point of discussing the show on the forum, because we are very different people, we bond to have different opinions of the show. So, what's your point? And the exclamation mark, ummmmm, really, excited much? And I'm not the only one who thought this episode was funny, why the fire towards me???????
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