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  1. Very good episode, one of the better ones this season. That Dr Wolcott played his part very well, IMO, better than a lot of guest actors.
  2. Sorry for bringing up the old topic, but I think in this new episode, Amy's line - "With minimal power comes minimal responsibility." shows us that she IS capable of liking some comic books, albeit not the accurate quote from Spider Man, but of course for the sake of comedy, I think they changed the line very well to fit in with the situation. I think this is a nice touch, I hope we can see it more often.
  3. Oh, you are right. So in the TBBT world, they've already got the sad Hawking news, I'm thinking most likely they will give the tribute at the wedding. Next episode, introduce Sheldon's brother, I think. Still hope to see Amy's Dad, though.
  4. Ha, I'm happy I've found some ally who feel the same. If there are Shamy 1.0 or 2.0, (sort of). I prefer 2.0. I think, overall, this show is in its "old" age, it hardly can provide any new and refreshing ideas for the FF writers to use, the whole show is in a stagnant phase.
  5. A bit of advice to you - use the ignore function more wisely.
  6. So...this means MORE Shamy plots in the future? LMAO.
  7. Speaking of FWF, I hope they can somehow include it with the wedding. The other day, I rewatched S.5, then I realized the first FWF episode was 5X14, AFTER Shamy became an official couple. So, in a way, FWF IS their "baby" like Sheldon himself said. Based on the BTS spoilers from Episode 22, I guess we are not getting FWF in this one. And the next episode, I feel like they might want to do a preparedness episode for the wedding, like introducing Sheldon's brother or something, so I hope we can get an FWF mention or whatnot at the wedding.
  8. So what, Penny can't hang out with Raj because what happened 7 years ago??? After one ridiculous drunk night? And the bold part is EXACTLY the reason that I have NO problem with them hanging out doing girl stuff together. LMAO.
  9. I agree with this, I really don't see any change in Penny's job, including this episode, I see it as Penny & Leonard's plot more than Penny herself alone, TBH. I want to see Penny's plot for herself, but this is not.
  10. AMEN. This season, seems to me TPTB likes to put odd pairings more often, and we will get Raj and Penny plot soon, so I'm just gonna wait for some Howard and Penny plots that I've missed so much......
  11. Okay episode, nothing great. AMEN to that, brother!!!
  12. Thanks for the info. Very interested to see Penny and Raj's plot.
  13. I took this as Sheldon's meant to say "Amy has read a lot of books, and she is full of all kinds of knowledge, so she smells like books..." NOT literally smells like books......
  14. Thanks for the title info, @nusspot, I hope it's a tribute to Stephen Hawking.
  15. My feeling exactly. I've always seen them already married since 10X4, so to me, they've been "married" for almost 18 months now, they've had their ups and downs, but nothing ugly, and most of the time they've been really sweet and kind to each other. And, I really like their city hall wedding last year, so I'm satisfied on the Shamy front.
  16. Simple, they could do a "Friends twist" at the wedding. So to the Lenny fans, Penny would be pregnant. And......bonus would be Lenny interrupting Shamy's big day. To the Shamy fans, drama would involve other people than Sheldon and Amy themselves. Everybody is gonna be happy, no?
  17. After reading your post, I had to look up which episode is the "viewing party combustion", and... yikes! Really? I know my friends called the "viewing party" one kinda a Shenny one, but I don't recall anything Shenny in this one. (Not to bother you, just curious...)
  18. I thought they already used this joke in that episode which Sheldon said Penny was drinking water instead of wine so he thought she was pregnant, and at that very scene, Penny was drinking wine......
  19. In fact, this season, they DID have something to tell other than wedding and babies, they would rather bring new girlfriends for Raj than write something for Penny, that's saying something.
  20. I thought they dealed with the seating charts problem in that bestman/maid of honor episode, so I think this is the most plausible: and a toast to Stephen Hawking made by Sheldon at the wedding.
  21. OK, I thought this thread only allows "positive" posts about Shamy, so when I posted here, I was always being careful about my posts. If I want to see negative posts about Shamy, (or Lenny for that matter), I'd go to the discussion thread. Am I wrong or something???
  22. I think this season's Lenny is the best Lenny since...I don't know...S.6 E.24, Leonard went to the North Sea. They are both in love, totally in sync, teaming against the world (well, mostly Sheldon and Shamy, LMAO) ...When they are facing problems, they talk it out and solve them together. They talk about the baby topic several times, Leonard helps Penny study the new drugs, they have nice dinner outside and they entertain friends with dinner at 4A. They talk about the future...Even Beverly made good friends with Penny and was warming up to Leonard through Penny... I don't know about others, but I'm happy with the Lenny we got this season.
  23. Hmm...I'm not sure that Sheldon's "condescending self" had much impact on that episode, I remembered them using science to solve silly problems, singing "We will rock you", and then ending up burning Feynman's van, that was classic, LMAO. Yep, to each their own.
  24. I agree with everything you said here. My point is, the show changed its dynamic a LONG time ago, so if people hate it to the point that they can't bear it, then they would quit watching it, of course. I used the "Shenny fans still watch it" as an extreme example to say people who still watch the show must find something enjoyable to them, like you said in your post. Guess I should've made my post clear.
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