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  1. Why do you mention cheating? But good point. LMAO. I never said Sheldon and Leonard's friendship is not important to the show, I merely pointed out that recently, the friendship was not as good as before, so I'd like to see Raj being the best man. And, based on some episodes, I really don't think they even like each other. LOL.
  2. Actually, I'd like to see Raj and/or Howard being the best man/men. It's not because they were the ones who set up the Shamy, just I don't think Leonard and Sheldon's friendship are that good, or not as good as before, anyway. Great points, I agree.
  3. This one was great and funny. Loved Raj's storyline, Shamy's city hall scene was nice, too.
  4. This one is funny, more than usual, I laughed several times. Liked it.
  5. I don't disagree with your post, but I don't think you will win this argument.
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