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  1. Glad to see it's OK to talk about Shamy's kids in Shamy's thread... I used to be someone who prefer Nobel plot over kids plot, now? Nah. I want to see TWO plots and hopefully TPTB agree with me, thanks. LMAO. I haven't watched this new video, but I remembered in one of Mayim's IG stories, she was cooking something, and one of her kids laughed and said:" They asked if I'm Sheldon's son..." I LOLed so hard...
  2. Yeah...ummmm, but to me, it's more like "setting up a target and shooting at it". Seems more like an "overkill" because Shamy already have a lot to be "critiqued", no? LOL.
  3. Haven't been here for a while...Work has been CRAZY... So, I just read this spoiler here that @vonmar posted (Thank you so much): If I remembered correctly, in 12X05, Amy was working on the sensory study with a subject wired up, so this was Amy's work plot before the Nobel nomination one... I think it's very interesting that TPTB chose to "pick it up" (so to speak) at this late in the final season... Which made me think perhaps this will be Amy's endgame : instead of a Nobel or Nobel nomination, Amy will get tenure because of this project. Again if I remembered correctly, in 12X05, it was "implyed" (to me anyways...) that Amy was on the tenure track by Sheldon's lines... I know, a lot of guessing on my part, maybe it will be just a small science plot for Shamy, nothing major, but I love it anyways, LOL.
  4. I got a few boring hours to kill before my flight, then I remembered this post: I copied my list here to check: 1. One episode and one mention, so...still hoping for another one, haha. 2. Oh...long shot...What was I thinking back then?...LOL. 3. ummmm, no, not with the SA project in sight, I think. 4. Nah. 5. Aha, this is an easy one. LMAO. 6. One down, one to go. I'm confident that TPTB will have Mary back before the end. Yep. 7. Oh, I'm counting on it. 8. This is a fun one, maybe, I think. The additional one I wrote: 9. ummmm, maybe? 10. Still maybe. 11. Aha. LOL. 12. Maybe. 13. The ship has sailed, but they can still get Giuseppe home, haha. OK, back to the waiting. This is fun.
  5. Haha, Blossom and Joey Lawrence, Missy and Sheldon...ummmm, I see a parallel here, LOL. PS: I never watched Blossom myself, but I've seen some TV shows mentioning it, and on Parks and Recreation, one character Ann dressed as Blossom on one episode when they were doing some 1990s costumes.
  6. Yes, the 12X11 tag scene is so funny, and I also LOVE their outfits there, felt so "grown up". Which reminds me of their date nights outfits back in the days, very mature and formal and nice, I love it. Also, I went back to confirm that it was indeed "Dr. Saltzberg at UCLA" who loved and praised Shamy's paper, I just love these kind of Easter Eggs on the show, LOL.
  7. I now have all these Shamy one-shots to help me pass the 15 plane travelling hours, thank you so much! Wish you happy holidays!!!
  8. Happy holidays, everyone!!! And Shamy, too. Wish you all have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. So, S.12 has already aired 10 episodes and taped 12, only 12 episodes to go!!! Wow, so fast, yet I still haven't got much of the "final season" vibe, LOL. PS: Nice to see all those "likes" and other emojis to all these holiday wishes posts, you know what I mean...They warmed my heart, thank you!!!
  9. Thank you so much @GadgetGirl375 for the TR!!! I still don't understand why Zack would want to ask someone he knows in real life - his ex girlfriend's husband no less - to donate sperm for him in the first place. Knowing Zack, if this thing really happens, in the future he might say something like "Hey, kid, this is your Uncle Leonard, but actually he is your real father, how cool is that, right?" Oh, well...
  10. I agree, and I think, Howardette already have got a "kinda spin-off" in S.12, they've got great and funny and sweet plots this season so far. They have great interactions, they have been in sync most of the time, Bernie showed her Russian accent, Howard did his magic tricks, they have had role-plays and perfectly matching Halloween costumes, etc, etc...And I think they both have progressed a lot in their marriage, it's very sweet. Oh, almost forgot they will have "make up sex in the shed" in the upcoming episode. LOL. Honestly, now, all I want for them is to meet Howard's Dad, it's a long shot, yes, but one can hope.
  11. Thanks so much @Tensor and your friend Nicole!!! Appreciated the effort.
  12. Thanks so much, @Silver1984, @Babar, @Kev0821 for all your infos, very appreciate it!!! Very happy about the SA project, and so looking forward to another Howardette plot, a magic and beauty pageant one, no less!!! Thanks, again!
  13. This post is harsh, but I agree. I think they stopped caring that much about Lenny after they got engaged, and TBH, I think S.8, S.9, and S.10 were like "adding oil to the fire", not good... This season so far has been a wonderful Howardette festival to me, I'm very happy and grateful about this. I've never thought we would get more Howardette/Bernie centric episodes in this final season, but apparently, we already got TWO Bernie centric plots out of 9 episodes, LMAO... Not "starting", but "continuing". According to Tensor's Character Screen Time thread, up until 11X18 last season, Raj had more screen time than both Penny and Amy. Last season, Raj got the planetarium job, new love interest, this season, he got a fiance and apparently there will be a wedding next February, so there will be more of Raj's plots, I think.
  14. There are infos elsewhere from the fans, and sometimes, people just casually spoil in their posts or comments or replies on someone else's social media. I've been spoiled like this a lot of times, it's interesting. But I agree with you about Mayim's info sharing, and I appreciate it too. Whether I share her views on the show is another issue, people disagree with each other on the final version of the episodes all the time, let alone before editing. So, that's nothing, it's her effort of sharing infos that counts, and I appreciate it.
  15. Just read the first chapter, very great, I love your style of writing. Also, the idea of Amy being the owner of a comic book store is so COOL, thank you for this story!!!
  16. The 4B bedroom scene is very great in this episode, very touching. I especially love Amy's tenderness as in "I'm upset too but I'm trying to hold it together for you", and her outburst later, very real to me; I also love Sheldon's expression when he looks at Amy after Amy's outburst, I could see he has tears in his eyes, at that moment, I really felt for these two. Sigh. I'm glad to see another outstanding "Shamy's 4B bedroom scene", there are a lot of these scenes from S.10 and S.11, and I love them all. The couch scene is funnier than I thought, I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but I really think they are adorable in their PJs, eating, drinking, and depressing for this whole mess... I'm sad about this SA project, this was my biggest expectation of Shamy's plots from the final season...Now, maybe cross my fingers about the flag convention plot... 15 episodes till the end, how episode flies!
  17. The Bernie plot is a lighthearted one, and I'm very glad to see Denise again. But the Shamy plot, sigh, I'm very sad to see TPTB killed Super Asymmetry like this. This is the 9th episode, so based on that "assumption" some of us came up with earlier this season, this episode was written after they knew this would be the final season... After watching this one, I have to say I lost my hope on the rest of the final season to end with a "big bang". I hope I'm wrong, of course.
  18. Sweet as usual, but Howard can't get Bernie's bra off??? Nah, not buying it, he has "magical hands", come on. LOL.
  19. This one is very good, LOVE both plots. The "Sheldon VS Howard (father-in-law edition)" parallel is interesting, "revenge is a dish best served...five years later", right? LOL. Sheldon and Mrs. Fowler, Amy and Larry...Love this parallel, too. Anu is very good in this one, and it's very great that she and Raj spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other more, love it. I like Anu, here is hoping TPTB will give her and Raj more interesting plots.
  20. That's because TPTB wasted their second appearance on some boring Lenny's "they have nothing in common" plot. Come on, as if we need to be told of this again and again and again. LMAO.
  21. Forgot to mention: When Bernie was finding the key to open the door, she heard Howard's and the babies' "conversation". It really brought me back when all those times that Mrs. Wolowitz and Howard were talking shouting through the door. I really miss Mrs. Wolowitz...
  22. This one is very good, very lighthearted. (Although no LOL moments, but never mind.) I like this Leonard's plot a lot more than the novel one last season. The girls are really cute together, laughing and hanging out in the tiny house. Wish it could be longer, though. Very glad to see the "friendship side" gets refueled in this one, love all the Shelnard scenes. Lenny are good in this one, Howardette have always been great to me, and those little details about Shamy is cute too. AND, Kripke shows up in this one, with his "ass kissing ability"... Yeah, miss you, buddy. LOL. A very good one episode, indeed.
  23. Every week, this couple give me something to love and watch again. Thank you, writers, for writing the wonderful marriage life for these two. Now, how about letting us meet Howard's Dad? And, let us meet Halley and Michael? In the finale, of course.
  24. I thought Penny's "street smart" "died" when she didn't know that when people get married in Las Vegas, they are married for real. LMAO.
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